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Beautiful Yarn Wrapped Spring Flowers Craft

Make a lovely spring flower bouquet using yarn!  Our Yarn Wrapped Tulips craft is great for fine motor skills, easy to do, and is fun to make!  Kiddos of all ages can do this yarn wrapping craft.

yarn wrapped spring flower craft for kids

I loved our yarn wrapped rainbows so much that I am sharing another activity involving yarn today for Fine Motor Friday: Yarn Wrapped Tulips.

I love that this series allows me to share my crafty ideas that are not necessarily home school related; partaking in this series has been so fun for my kiddos and we hope you have been inspired by all the fine motor activities from us and fellow co-hosts!

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Anyways, it seems like our yarn wrapped rainbow was a big hit with many of you, too.

The other day we pulled out our stash of yarn and used it to wrap cardboard shaped tulips; a wonderful fine motor skills craft for Spring AND.....

would make a lovely, lasting bouquet for a loved one {Ahem! Mother's Day is coming up!}

Spring Fine Motor Skills Craft


Set up was simple; I free handed some tulips on a piece of cardboard and had the kiddos wrap them up with yarn.

I cut slits along the edges of the tulips to make it easier to wrap the yarn.

The tulips seemed to be a bit trickier than the rainbows, so be ready to help out, if needed.  With little ones, tuck one end of the yarn into a slit or tape it down to the back of your tulip.

Then, wrap away to your hearts content!  Wrap the yarn side-ways, diagonally... any which way- the point is to strengthen fine motor skills while covering the flower with yarn.

how to make yarn wrapped spring flowers

We started wrapping them over the brown cardboard, but once we had made several, I realized I didn't like the brown showing. 

So, after they were wrapped, I quickly colored in the brown spots.  

However, that is personal preference-- not something you have to do.

yarn wrapping flower craft for kids

To make the stem, Big Brother and I colored some craft sticks green and slid them onto the back of the tulip.

Finally, add them to a jar and you have a beautiful handmade bouquet that sneaks in plenty of fine motor practice!  Enjoy this spring flower craft all year long!

If you are gifting this sweet bouquet to someone you love, you might also like our Photo Flowers-- another lovely keepsake!

mother's day flower craft for kids

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