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Insects I SPY and Graph {Free Printable}

Not a big fan of real insects, but I'm totally okay with cute insect crafts and activities.  In fact our popular Sequencing Stick was inspired by the popular Very Hungry Caterpillar.  

I've used my kiddos finger and hand prints to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly... 

and I recently shared a fun math game using mini eraser butterflies-- a great way to help your kiddo count to 10 and/or 20!

Keeping with the insect theme, we are sharing a fun I SPY game!

insect I spy printable

So moral of the story, fake bugs good-- real bugs, bad! Ha!
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 I will say that although I am no fan of bugs, we have "grown" butterflies before and that was such a cool experience!  It is a must in my book if you haven't done it!

I SPY Printable

Today's Insects I SPY & Graph printable is a fun, hands-on way to work on:

  • visual discrimination
  • counting skills
  • introduce your child to making and reading a graph
Add this free printable woksheet to a math notebook or use as a quick boredom buster!

i spy insects printable worksheet


  • I SPY printable
  • writing manipulative like a do a dot marker or regular old crayons work, too, to mark the graph.
  • page protector (optional)

On the I SPY and Graph printable, your child will be searching and counting the number of purple butterflies, ladybugs, fireflies, blue butterflies, and dragonflies.

Choose an insect to count first.  Once you have found and counted the number of images for that insect, fill out the graph below.

For example, there are 5 purple butterflies.  Using a do a dot marker, fill in five squares in the row of the purple butterfly.

I spy insects printable worksheet

When all is said and done your child should find:

  • 5 purple butterflies
  • 6 ladybugs
  • 10 fireflies
  • 3 blue butterflies
  • 7 dragonflies
If your child is interested, it's a great way to then introduce the concept of more/ less than!

My 4 year old son just loves these I Spy and Graph printables!  If you are looking for a fun twist to this classic game, check out our other I SPY & Graph Printables:

However if your child isn't ready for the graphing element yet, these I SPY themed printable games might interest your child.  Simply count and write the number of each image you find.

>> Click to download Insects I SPY & Graph Printable <<

  • Graphics by Heidi Babin – The Doodle Oven
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  • Enjoy!