My Family 3-Part Montessori Cards


One big component of Montessori is the use of 3 Part Cards.  Three Part Cards can be use in a variety of ways, and I decided to make a  set of cards for Little Sis during our All About Me Preschool themed week, which happened a couple months ago.  They were actually pretty fun to make; my first try at 3 Part Cards was when I made some 3 Part French Animal Name Cards for Big Brother.

all about me preschool theme
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To make the "My Family" 3 Part Montessori Cards, I found a very easy template to use from Titus2Homemaker.

Simply save the template to your computer and work in the picture and words using Microsoft Word.

All About Me Preschool Theme

Family 3 Part Montessori Cards

I made up a 3 part card for our immediate family: mom, dad, Big Brother, Little Sis, Baby Brother, and Baby.

I placed the 3 Part Card components and some alphabet stickers in a tray for easy access {Random Blurb: I just LOVE Melissa & Doug toy containers!  Save them-- they make great trays for sorting activities, etc!}

Matching, Spelling, and Literacy were all wrapped up in this very personal activity.

Once Little Sis matched up the cards, I encouraged her to spell out the words using the puzzle stickers.

all about me montessori activity

Along with our 3 Part "My Family" cards, our plans the week consisted of:
  • Math: Body part counting 
  • Fine Motor: Duplo Block Puzzle   
  • For Fun: I had a blank body template printed so that she could draw a self portrait of herself, but that was left untouched.  I also had a tray of emotion faces and a mirror, but that was not played with either.... well, the mirror was, but the original intent of the activity didn't happen!
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