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Apple Color Words Printable

Apple picking season is in full swing over here, so in keeping with an apple theme I've created a simple way to teach and reinforce color names with a new printable for you! Check out this apple color words printable you can use with your preschool or Kindergarten kiddo(s)!

apple color words printable
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We have many fun apple picking memories from picking alongside some mom friends, with grandparents, and our co-op.  Around here several farms do not charge an entrance fee, but if you want to go into the fields EVERYONE in the party has to pay for a bag of apples.  Once loaded into the car and brought home it never ceases to amaze me how FAST we go through 5+ bags of apples in a matter of weeks.... and that is simply by eating them! 

The apples never turn themselves into a freshly baked pie or applesauce.  It is straight up eating around here and/or apples dipped into a glob of peanut butter-- nothing fancy! 

But all that to say that this apple color words printable is perfect for this apple picking season! 

Teach your child color words with this color and trace printable.  One version includes the color word IN color and I've also included a regular black and white version.  With this color words printable, your child will work on recognizing colors, reading the color word, and practicing letter formation by tracing the word.  

Enjoy adding this activity to your apple themed activities! 

Apple Color Words Printable 

Just print the worksheet and provide your child with some type of material to color and trace the words with:

color words printable worksheet

Apple Extension Ideas

"Apples" are a fun fall theme to plan your learning activities around.  If you are familiar with Five in a Row, check out the fun we had with How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. 

Along with this apple color words printable, you might enjoy these fun apple activities:

apple color words printable

Color Names Worksheet

As I mentioned above, this apple color words worksheet includes a version with colored words and one for older students that has plain black text.  

Both versions allow your child to color in the apple and trace the color word.

Enjoy this simple learning activity today!  Just print, color, & trace! 

teaching color words to Kindergarten

For a more hands-on, tactile learner here is another way to teach color words using clothespins

Grab this freebie here >> Apple Color Words Printable 

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And if you are looking for more fun fall themed activities that promote play based learning to do with your preschooler, check out our FALL PRESCHOOL LESSON PLANS!  

Like all our individual units, our Fall Unit includes a variety of
activities in literacy, math, sensory exploration, craft, science,
social studies, gross motor and social / emotional well being. Developed
by a team of teachers and parents, these activities have been carefully
crafted and kid tested! From applesauce oobleck to leafy names to pumpkin hopping.... your preschooler will have fun learning and playing!!

fall preschool lesson plans

Bumblebee Fingerprint Art & Math Activity

I won't lie. With a lot more kiddos in the house, I am not as eager to bring out the paint supplies as I once was.  BUT I'm not ready to throw out the baby with the bath water and get rid of all my supplies... just yet.  Although after I heard my toddler yell, "Mom! Mom!" from the top of the stairs only to see that she was covered in her older brother's neon yellow paint for fishing lures, I might have officially called it DONE, except even with the mess, I just can't.... not yet. 

Because in the middle of the chaos, I know there will be a day that I will NEED that paint (or whatever supply) and I'll kick myself because I got rid of it in one fell swoop.

So here I am, sharing the silver-lining.  Yes, there is one.  

Read on to learn more about our Bumblebee Fingerprint Art and Math Activity-- a fun way to learn and play today!

bumblebee fingerprint art

Back to School Cut and Paste Math Worksheets

Kids will practice making patterns and strengthen fine motor skills by using scissors and glue with these free cut and paste math worksheets-- perfect for back to school time!

cut and paste math worksheets

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Scissors and glue.

Two materials ALL kids love.  Seriously. 

From my toddler to preschooler to my too cool tweenager... I can never have enough scissors and glue!

If my older kiddos need to use scissors and glue, my littles "need" to as well.  Thus I've put together a way for young preschoolers and kindergartners to use those materials in an appropriate way (versus cutting hair, their clothes, etc.... not that I would have any experience with this! LOL!) while practicing making patterns-- an important early math skill!  

Cut and Paste Math Worksheets

Scissors and glue are great materials to use to strengthen fine motor skills.  In this collection of cut and paste worksheets, your preschool and/or Kindgergarten child will practice making ABAB, ABB, and AAB patterns.  

The colorful school themed clipart is perfect for back to school season!

  • cut and paste worksheets
  • scissors
  • glue
practice scissor skills

The colorful clipart is perfect for this Back to School season-- whatever that looks like for your child.  


If your child loves scissors and glue like mine, also check out this cut and paste activity:

For more hands-on fun teaching math patterns, check these ideas out:

Grab your Back to School themed cut and paste math worksheets here!

Summer Reading Challenge Printables

School is out. Summer is in!

Well actually at the time of this post, summer is almost over and school is just around the corner... say what?@$%!!

I'm not sure exactly how that happened! I suppose the saying is right, "time flies when you are having fun"  (or because you're cooped up in the house because of the "Rona").  Irregardless, this'll be a summer many of us will remember for a long time to come whether we want to or not!

With all that said and many of us hanging out at home, reading books can be a great way to escape to a far off place without leaving your couch.

Do your kids wonder what it was like in medieval times?  Have them read The Knight at Dawn.

Do they love science and magical creatures?  Check out Zoey and Sassafrass.

Want to know more about a famous person?  Look into the Who Was Series?

Summer is the perfect time to allow the kids to reinforce reading skills, get lost in a story, and cultivate a love for reading.

summer reading challenge printables

To keep the kids reading this summer use one or all of these fun summer reading challenge printables.

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As it has happened many times in the past, I began with one idea and almost like magic the summer reading challenge printable I had in mind turned into multiple reading challenges!  I hope you are able to enjoy one or all of them with your children/ students!

In this summer reading challenge pack you'll find:
  • Summer Reading Bingo
  • Read & Color 10 Book Challenge
  • Read & Color 5 Books Bookmark
  • Stackable Ice Cream Reading Chart
  • Summer Reading Log 

Summer Reading Challenge Bingo Printable

Who doesn't love a good game of BINGO?!  This colorful printable makes reading fun by challenging your child to read in various places, to various people, and to explore different genres.

For an added incentive, once your child has 5 in a row, make a special treat! Or check out a new book from the library!

Summer Reading BINGO Printable

Read & Color 10 Books Summer Reading Challenge

This printable includes 10 black and white ice cream cones that your child can color upon reading a book.

Turn this into a reading log by adding the title of the book to the ice cream cone and then color the cone to complete!

Again, add in the incentive of a treat or special day out once all 10 ice cream cones have been colored in!

Read & Color Summer Reading Challenge Printable

Read & Color 5 Books Summer Reading Challenge Bookmark

This printable includes 4 bookmarks.  Print on sturdy cardstock and/or print on copy paper and then cut and glue the bookmark to a colorful piece of cardstock for extra color.  

Hole punch the top to add a colorful tassel to keep your place in your book.  

This bookmark challenge is set up to read 5 different books over the summer.  Upon finishing a book, your child can color in an ice cream scoop.  

Stackable Ice Cream Reading Chart

How many ice cream scoops can you add before the summer is over?  Add a scoop of ice cream for every book your child reads.  Hang it on the wall and see how high/ how many books your child can read this summer.  

On each ice cream scoop, your child will write the name of the book he/she completed and if they choose, he/she can color it, too!  

ice  cream reading chart for summer reading challenge

Summer Reading Log Printable

Finally, included in our summer reading challenge printable pack is a basic but colorful summer reading log.

Using this reading log, your child will log the title and author and then rate the book using the smiley faces.

1 smiley face means your child wan't a fan of the book.

5 smiley faces means this book was an awesome read.

Hope you can enjoy one or all of these fun ice cream themed reading challenge printables, which are perfect for encouraging your child to read this summer!

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summer reading challenge printable pack

15 Fun and Free Printable Matching Games to Keep Toddlers Busy

Matching activities and games are a fun first activity for your 2 or 3 year old.  Toddlers will especially love having a game and/or activity all their own.  Foster this early learning skill with your toddler using these printable matching games.  Free, low-prep printables for you... endless fun for them! 

printable matching games for toddlers

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I'm not sure exactly when the fascination started, but my 2 year old has been all about pointing out things that match lately-- in books, clothing, outside in nature... everywhere!

Recognizing things that are the same is an important early learning skill as it develops visual discrimination which will come in handy when learning letters, numbers, etc.  Parents and adults around a little one can foster matching skills through a variety of ways.

One is helping your child make the connection by pointing and voicing that two objects are the same color, shape, size... whatever.

Another way is through play!

Printable Matching Games Free

I love providing hands-on activities and games to help my kiddos learn a certain topic, but heading to the store might not be feasible at the moment (ya know, life happens!) and so I am going to share some matching games that you can print right at home. 

The printable matching games to share and play alongside your toddler are plentiful; from superheroes to letters of the alphabet to matching animals-- enjoy this collection of free matching games to print and play geared towards toddlers.

Superhero Matching Puzzles | School Time Snippets
Calling all superhero fans!  This unique 3 piece matching printable allows your kiddo to create their favorite superhero OR mix and match to create his/her own!

Camp Matching Game Printable | The Crazy Outdoor Mama
Use this adorable camping printable set as a matching activity or sensory activity!

Dinosaur Theme Matching Game | Simple Everyday Mom
This colorful dinosaur matching set also teaches your child dinosaur names.

ABC Letter Find | 123Homeschool4Me
This matching game is a great way to introduce your toddler to letters of the alphabet without overwhelming him/her.

Fruit Matching Games | Life Over C's
Three different matching games- classic memory, clip cards, and cover-up with a colorful fruit theme.

Ice Cream Shape Matching | Totschooling
Your toddler will love matching these friendly faced shapes to complete an ice cream cone-- a great way to introduce colors, too!

Monster Match Printable | Artsy Fartsy Mama
Play a classic game of memory with these not-so-scary, but oh so cute monster printables!

Fossil Sensory Bin | ABC's of Literacy
This unique matching activity develops visual discrimination while adding a fun sensory component!

Fish Count & Match Printable | Preschool Play & Learn
Not yo' mamas classic matching activity!  This fun matching game works on 1:1 number recognition with delicious goldfish crackers.

Simple Matching Worksheets | Planes and Balloons
These cute workbook-like pages would be a great dinner time distraction!

Alphabet Matching Puzzles | Childhood 101
An older toddler or preschool sibling can work on letter and sound recognition with these simple alphabet puzzles.

Vehicle Shadow Matching | Free Printable Worksheets for Kids
Match colorful construction vehicles to its shadow-- a simple matching printable for little ones.

Pineapple Emotions Matching Game | Simple Fun for Kids
Oh these pineapple emotions cards are too cute!  Here is a great way to develop social emotional skills with toddlers.

Dinosaur Matching Game Printable | Homeschool Preschool
Dinosaur lovers will enjoy these playful visual discrimination printables.

Mickey Colors Memory Game | Momorails & Magic
Introduce color matching with this simple memory game.

free matching game printables for toddlers

These matching game printables can be used one-on-one with a family member, or used solo.  They may also make a great portable game to take on a picnic or while waiting somewhere.

However you choose to use any of these printable matching games, have fun and recognize your child is developing an important skill.

Looking for some hands-on matching activities?!!  Check these out:

  • Teach little ones to recognize the letters in his/her name with this clothespin name activity.  Your toddler will match a letter on a clothespin to one on a popsicle stick.  Great for fine motor skills, too!