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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Alphabet Tree

Create your own Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree with letter stamps!  Preschool & Kindergartners will love making their own alphabet tree!

I love being able to provide my children with plenty of manipulatives to use in our homeschool activities, that's why I shamelessly have a closet full of containers and bags of all sorts of Dollar Store finds, educational "tools," and more!   

We have pouch caps, paint chips, and popsicle sticks! 

LEGOs, glass gems, playdough, and letter stamps!

Such items are great for learning math or the alphabet.  Pair such items with a wonderful children's book, and you've made a fun learning activity like this Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree Art Activity!

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chicka chicka boom boom tree

With the help of our alphabet stamp set and one of our favorite alphabet books, we made our own Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Alphabet Tree.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree

After reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, gather these materials: 

On a white sheet of cardstock, encourage your child to paint a palm tree using brown paint for the trunk and green paint for the leaves {we are loving Crayola's Glitter Paint!!  Adds sparkle without the glittery mess!}.

Add a few brown coconuts if you wish, too!

chicka chicka boom boom tree materials

When the trees are nearly dry, set out the alphabet stamps.

We have read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom plenty of times, so we have the story line memorized by now!

With your preschooler, recite {or try} or read the story again and stamp the alphabet as you go along!

If you have younger ones, let them pick and choose the letter stamps at random.  They will have fun working with the stamp pad and watching the letter appear after they dab it in ink! 

chicka chicka boom boom tree preschool project

 It turned out to be a super cute craft to practice letter recognition using stamps!

Later on, you could always use the craft as an assessment or have child stamp the lowercase letters by the uppercase {or vice versa}.

Alternatively, you could write your child's name somewhere on their Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree and have your child use the just the letter stamps that make up their own name.

And here are our Chick Chicka Boom Boom Tree creations!  

Little Sis (4) top Left, Big Brother (8) top Right, Little Brother (3) bottom right, and mine is bottom left.  Never planned on having four stamp crafts, but everyone else always wants to join in somebody else's activity around here!

chicka chicka boom boom tree

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    Easy Clothespin Name Learning Activity for Preschoolers

    Work on letter matching with this simple preschool name activity!  Your preschooler will work on fine motor skills and learn the letters in his/her name! 

    Little Sis has been very enthusiastic lately about trying to write and spell her name, mom, dad, and her brother's names.  

    Trying to take advantage of this moment in time to help her recognize the letters in her name, I put together an easy name activity using clothespins.  This preschool name activity can't get much simpler!  It's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers just learning the letters in his/her name and is a great way to work on fine motor skills, too!  

    It's an easy activity to put together; add it to a baggie when all done and bring it out another day-- it's a perfect busy bag activity!

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    preschool name activity using clothespins

    Preschool Name Activity

    Learning one's name is fun for little ones!  They love pointing to letters in random places that are also in their name.  This clothespin name activity is a simple way to introduce your child how to spell their name, well before they are able to write it.  

    To put together your own clothespin name activity, gather:

    This clothespin name activity makes a great busy bag.

    Simply write your child's name onto the popsicle stick with a marker.

    Next attach a letter sticker to each clothespin.  Alternatively, you could forgo the stickers, but I personally love the pop of color they bring to the activity!

    Add all the materials to a ziplock bag or small box, and you have yourself an easy to use busy bag activity for home or while out and about!

    Name Recognition Busy Bag for Preschoolers

    Match the letters by clipping the clothespin.

    Invite your child to match the letters on the clothespin to the letters on the popsicle stick.

    You may find that your child clips the letters upside down, but congratulate them for their effort.

    To prevent upside down letters, encourage your child to clip the clothespin from the top.

    working on fine motor skills

    And this preschool name activity is complete!  

    Preschool Name Activity for Fine Motor Skills

    To further encourage working on fine motor skills, have your child pinch the clothespins off the popsicle stick. 

    I just love that this name activity is easy to put together and will occupy your little one for a few minutes : )  

    This could easily be adaptable to the alphabet, numbers, and/or words!

    preschool name activity

    Uppercase vs. Lowercase Letters for Learning One's Name

    Whether you are in the Do Not teach all uppercase letters camp, or  teach both at the same time, or the "I haven't really thought about it" camp, this easy name learning activity is adaptable to all! 

    Arguments can be made for or against teaching your child their name in all uppercase letters.  I taught my first using all capital letters, but my other's I have introduced both uppercase and lowercase letters at the same time.  I have found that when they begin writing, ALL my kiddos used uppercase letters when first learning how to write their name-- regardless of how I taught them letters.  Uppercase letters are much easier to write for little hands as most letters consist of straight lines.  Many learning manipulatives only show uppercase letters, too.

    All that to say that if you are in the camp of not teaching all capital letters, use lowercase instead!  Or write their name as you would on a piece of paper-- an uppercase first letter and lowercase the rest : )

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    Must Have Superhero Theme School Supplies

    It's back to school time and your either in the "Woop Woop!  My kids need some routine because they are driving me crazy" camp or the "Boo-hoo! Summer can't be over yet camp".

    Which one are you?!  Either way- ready or not- the new school year is about to begin!  With a new school year comes a new grade, new curriculum, new supplies.  And if you have a superhero fan like I do, he/she will want to be decked out in their favorite superhero gear on the first day of school!

    back to school super hero supplies

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    Back to School Supplies

    Growing up, back to school shopping was always a highlight marking the the end of our summer.  My brother and I would go on a little shopping spree getting some new clothes for the new school year, along with new school supplies like pencils, trapper-keepers, and five-star notebooks!

    Present day, we take all of July off from our homeschool studies to enjoy the hot summer days, but with curriculum ordered and sorted out, new school supplies being bought, and feeling the summer brain drain... I am ready for some routine again.

    Since we homeschool, we gradually add in subjects to start off our school year to ease back into a routine of prioritizing school work.  It has worked well for us the past couple of years.  With the slow start, our official fist day is when our co-op begins for the year.  Last year we marked that day with a special breakfast, new outfits, and new school supplies.

    In honor of my superhero fan who was thrilled to show-off his new superhero backpack and lunch tote, I've put together some fun must have back to school basics for your little superhero!

    In addition to basic supplies like these:

    • glue sticks
    • markers
    • pen
    • dry erase marker
    • laminator
    • laminating pouch
    • paint
    • ruler
    • paper
    • scissors
    • ... etc, etc!  Add a fun superhero themed shirt or backpack to kick off the new school year!

    Back to school Superhero Theme Clothing

    Spice up your little ones wardrobe with a fun superhero shirt, socks, or shoes! 

    back to school super hero clothing

    Back to School Superhero Theme Supplies

    Show your superhero pride all year long with your favorite backpack and/or lunch bag!

    super hero school supplies

    • My son might think I am the coolest if I pack some fun superhero party napkins to use instead of paper towel! ha! 

    Back to School Superhero Theme Stationary 

    Fill your lil' superheroes back pack with more superhero goodies from pencils to stationary! 

    back to school super hero supplies

    • If you have a little one at home, he might like "doing school" at his very own superhero desk

    Oh man, your superhero fan is going to be thrilled about a new school year!  Superhero gear and back to reality... I mean routine, back to school time is here!

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    Uppercase & Lowercase Alphabet Hole Puncher Cards

    Use these hole punch alphabet cards to work on matching uppercase and lowercase letters.  It's a great activity for visual discrimination, letter identification, and fine motor skills!

    These letter matching hole punch cards are a fun way to help your preschooler and/or kindergartner work on several skills at the same time.  Add these to your homeschool morning basket, or simply set them in a tray to be used when you need a quiet activity for when you are working with your older kiddos.

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    letter matching hole punch activity

    Hole Punch Activity for Preschool

    Homeschooling kiddos in a wide span of age and skill ability can be tough; it's a balancing act for sure!  I'm always wondering, Am I spending too much time teaching my older ones at the expense of the littles?  Or vice versa?  Is my 5 year old learning what he needs?  My 11, 8, 3 year old?! 

    When there weren't five underfoot, it was easier to create weekly learning themes, but time and babies have gotten the best of me.  And while I believe in learning thru play, I still like to know that we focused on something-- be it letters, numbers, colors. pattering, fine motor skills, etc! And that's why I made these Uppercase & Lowercase ABC Hole Punch cards!

    In one simple activity, my 5 year old is working on:

    Letter Identification

    Visual Discrimination

    Fine Motor Skills

    These uppercase and lowercase letter matching cards make a great addition to your homeschool morning basket or workbox system.  Bonus that this activity involves no-prep!  

    Just print, cut apart the alphabet cards, and hole punch away!  


    Alphabet Hole Punch Cards for Letter Identification

    The printable set includes every letter from A-Z.  On each card is a matching pair of letters in uppercase and lowercase and a picture of an animal that begins with that letter.  

    Around the edges of the alphabet card are various letters of the alphabet.  

    To work on letter matching, your child will find all the uppercase and lowercase letters that match the letter on the card.  

    For instance, on the Letter Z card, your child will search and find all the uppercase and lowercase z's.  

    ABC Hole Punch Cards for Letter Identification

    Letter Hole Punch for Fine Motor Skills

    A hole puncher is a great tool to work on fine motor skills!

    As your child finds the matching letters around the alphabet card, have him/her use a hole puncher to "punch" out the letters.

    We used a very simple hole punch for this activity, but there are so many fun hole punchers in various shapes to use, too!

    If a hole punch is too hard to manipulate for your child, you can still use this letter matching activity!  Instead of a hole punch:

    • have your child color the matching letter with a highlighter
    • use tiny dot stickers
    • dip a q-tip in paint
    • use paperclips

    Letter Hole Punch Cards

    Continue hole punching the letters around the card.

    Letter Hole Punch Cards for Visual Discrimination

    Double-check that you didn't miss any!!  Scan the card again to see if you forgot any letters-- especially important on the cards b and d  and m and w; those letters look similar! This is a great activity for letter matching, which is an important literacy skill!

    Uppercase & Lowercase Hole Punch Letter Activity

    Want to use these A-Z Letter Hole Punch cards in your homeschool or with your preschool or Kindergarten students?  Print this freebie!  I'd love to hear how you will be using this letter matching activity, don't forget to comment below!

    Letter Matching Hole Punch Activity

    Love this letter hole punch activity?  Enter your email below to get your printable! 

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