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5 Senses Drawing Prompts Worksheets

Most children certainly aren't shy about weird smells or their disgust over what's for dinner, either verbally or by the look on their faces.  Oh I can just hear some of my children now (ha!).   

Sometimes young children, preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and 1st graders, are simply overwhelmed by what they are experiencing and simply may not have the language to express details describing what they see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.  To help draw out their sensory experiences, we are sharing some simple drawing prompts.

These drawing prompt worksheets are a fun hands-on way to express the 5 senses through art.  And they make a great introduction to 5 sense poetry for little learners!

Scroll to the bottom to get your 5 Senses Drawing Prompt Worksheets!


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The five senses are sight, sound, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.  Through those senses, our body and brain make connections about the world around us.  Just think of how much we absorb through our five senses everyday... every minute!!

Little learners LOVE learning about the human body.  Learning about the 5 senses gives them a "peg" to help them understand the world around them.  

Sight: Our eyes help us make connections to light and dark, shapes and colors that we see.
Taste: Our tongue is the organ that helps us perceive what tastes sweet, salty and sour. 
Hearing: Our ears are the organ that help us to hear volume and pitch.
Touch: Our skin is the organ that helps us distinguish textures and the difference hot and cold.
Smell:  The nose is the organ that helps us smell whether something is pleasing or not!

To help young children share and understand their sensory experiences, I'm sharing these 5 senses worksheets!


These drawing prompts may be especially appealing to children that love to color and/or don't have the language to express their senses through words.

These print & go 5 senses worksheets are an easy activity to use with preschoolers, kindergartners, and 1st graders!

The worksheets encourage your child to share their sensory experiences- what they see, touch, smell, taste, and hear, in different settings:

  • at the park
  • on the farm
  • in their room
  • at the beach
  • and I've included a blank worksheet for you to fill in the topic.  Other ideas might be the grocery store, restaurant, at school, etc! 

Exploring the 5 senses is a popular topic with young children, so if you are looking for more activities-- check these out:

Engage preschoolers in exploring their sense of touch with our TEXTURE ROAD EXPERIENCE or 3 SIMPLE SENSORY BINS USING POM POMS.

Set up this fun GUESS THE SOUND hearing game.

Write your COLOR POEM.

Activate your preschooler's sense of smell with this fun SPICED NAME ACTIVITY.

Treat your taste buds with this HOMEMADE APPLESAUCE RECIPE.

And if you'd continue to make a whole unit on the 5 Senses, specifically tailored to the preschool (3-5yrs) age group, you'll LOVE our 5 SENSES PRESCHOOL UNIT LESSON PLANS.  This is one of our 20 themed unit lesson plans which are:

  • literature based
  • full of hands-on activities and printables
  • easily adaptable to your schedule

Similar to our other units, our 5 Senses Lesson Plans include a materials sheet, booklist, adaptations, and colorful how-tos!

Click the links for more information!

Ready to explore the 5 senses through art?!  Download the worksheets!


  • for personal use only.
  • do not share direct link to download, reproduce, copy, or repackage printable in any way.
  • providing for you, helps provide for us!  Enjoy!


25 Story Sequencing Activities that Make the Story Come Alive

Is there a children's book that you have read and re-read to your child so many times that YOU could re-tell the story without looking?  

Re-reading that story to your child for the hundredth time may be futile to you, but it's developing important sequencing, language, and narration skills in your child.  Here are 25 stories that are PERFECT for re-telling with accompanying activities.  These sequencing activities are great for preschoolers and Kindergarteners.  

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If you think about it, sequencing is an important skill that is used in many disciplines in life-- from getting up in the morning to school work like math, reading, and writing, .... and even in the kitchen.

There's an order to how we do things, and if events happen in a different order.... you may have a different outcome.  In this case, you may have a very different story! 

These story sequencing activities will help you teach your young children the importance of what comes first, second, last and how to re-tell events, which is a great way to encourage narration and develop vocabulary in your preschool or Kinder kiddo(s).

There are SO many fun ways to make a story come alive through re-telling via:  

  • story stones
  • create hands-on props
  • re-telling stick
  • puppets
  • hands-on printables



Dear Zoo Storytelling Basket for Toddlers Imagination Tree

Free Gingerbread Man Sequenicing Activity Kindergarten Worksheets & Games

Wheels on the Bus Story Stones Adventures & Play

The Snowy Day Coding Printable JDaniel's 4's Mom


Old MacDonald Story Stones Messy Little Monster



Q-tip Color Match Activity

I love when packages come in boxes.  Big or small, who knew a simple brown box could hold so much potential!  From large boxes from our COSTCO shopping trip to the small box sporting some new shoes, my kids and I have managed to upcycle them somehow, someway.  Sometimes for play.  Sometimes to learn. 

A small shoebox became the latest learning tool as it was perfect for this Q-tip Color Match Activity.  Created with my 3 year old in mind, this color matching activity is perfect for your older toddlers and preschool kiddos.  

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Recently my kiddos turned our large COSTCO boxes into cars complete with doors, steering wheel, windshield wipers and more!  Construction paper clippings and pipe cleaners all over the floor aside, I LOVE their creativity!

My ideas always gear toward learning something be it colors, letters, shapes, etc!  Sorry kiddos!  The "teacher" in me. ha!  Save that box for your next learning activity: 

Or our color matching with q-tips! 

Color Match Activity

Not only does this color matching activity work on the obvious-- matching colors (!), it also strengthens fine motor skills, and can be used for counting practice, too!

  • q-tips
  • empty box
  • paint
  • screwdriver*
  • paint brush

This activity will require a little prep work from an adult.  **Please use your discretion when putting our ideas before your children- you know them best! Adult supervision is required. Be watchful of materials used as children 3 and under should not be left unsupervised during activities that contain small pieces, or modify as you see fit.

Begin by adding squirts of paint from several different colors.  Brush the paint into small circles.  

Squirt some paint onto a plate or napkin and "swirl" one end of the q-tip into each color.  Make sure you have enough q-tips for each color circle.  

color match activity box for preschool

Be sure to turn the q-tips so that they do not dry to the paper towel; or perhaps dry it on a paper plate or glass plate instead.

Once the circles have dried on the box, take a screwdriver and poke holes into the center of each circle.  

When the painted q-tips have dried, this color matching activity is ready to go!

matching colors

Present your child the activity and invite him/her to match the q-tips to the circle on the box.  

Encourage/ model counting as your child fits each end of a q-tip into a hole.

Practice sorting by having your child sort the q-tips by color.

This color match activity is great to strengthen fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

Once your child is all done, have him/her grab each q-tip and take them out.  The cotton on the opposite end of the q-tip will begin to pull apart, so if storing the activity for another day either pull off the excess cotton or cut the ends off with a pair of strong scissors.

If you made this color match activity with a shoebox, simply store the q-tips inside the box!

This is a great activity to use again during dinner-prep, when working with another child, or when you need little ones quiet but busy during read-alouds.

 Use this color matching activity to learn and play today!


A-MAZE-ING Printable Valentine Cards for Kids

Calling all you last-minute mamas this Valentine's Day!  And no shame, I am right there with you!

Save yourself a trip to the store and hours searching for a printable valentine card your kids can pass out to their friends by printing these oh so cute A-MAZE-ING printable valentine cards for kids!  

These printable valentine cards are great fun for for kids of all ages!

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This is a win-win situation I think. 

These printable valentine cards are:

  • cute
  • practical
  • involve no sugar
  • printable
  • free
Those are things to celebrate!  Happy Valentine's Day! 


Now if you want to jazz up these valentine cards a little more, feel free to do so!  

BUT, it's totally A-ok if you just print, cut these bad boys up into individual cards, and call it a day! 

I didn't designate a lot of space on the front to sign the card, so you can have your kids sign the back of the card to let others know who gave them the card.  

Or for little ones, this would be a great time to have a rubber stamp with their name on it.  Or personalized name stickers!  

Want to jazz them up?  

Include a cute pencil or pen! 

Or have your kids cut out the individual cards and glue them onto some purple, pink, or turquoise cardstock to add an extra POP of color.

Last minute valentine cards to the rescue!  


These A-MAZE-ING printable valentine cards include 4 different mazes.  Print the sheet of mazes however many times you need, but please note this is for personal use!

Print them out and give one to your neighbors. 



.... or tuck this along with a sweet and simple valentine gift for your kids! 



Watercolor Heart Craft for Toddlers

"How about pink?  or yellow...  Oh! or red" I exclaimed to my toddler as she was ready to rub her wet paintbrush into the black watercolor pot....  

My vision for our recent heart craft was colorful, whimsical, and fun.  Instead, she went for the darkest color on our watercolor palette and coated the hearts with a thin layer of black paint. 

Why?  Why do little ones LOVE painting with black?  Needless to say, I joined in the watercolor painting, too, and added the the bright colors to sweeten up our watercolor heart banner.  

Together, we made an easy heart craft to display in our dining room homeschool room.  

watercolor heart craft
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For the record, I have nothing against black paint. ha!  It's just not want I envisioned for our watercolor heart craft.  Regardless, this easy heart craft is great for toddlers and preschoolers.  Bringing out paint- of any kind- is always exciting for all my kids. 

But with toddlers around, you've been warned.  Your banner may not be red, purple, and pink, but it will be created with lots of love!  

Add this to your Valentine's Day activities for toddlers... or preschoolers to-do list! 

Easy Heart Craft for Toddlers

Just grab a few materials around the house and you've got a sweet and simple Valentine's Day decoration that is easy enough for your toddler to make!

watercolor painting for toddlers

Heart Craft for Toddlers How-to

Begin by tracing around a heart shaped object or drawing hearts free-hand on a piece of white watercolor paper or card-stock.  

With a crayon, write phrases similar to the conversation heart candies, such as:
U R Sweet

Provide your toddler or preschooler with the paper of drawn hearts, watercolor palette, paintbrush, and cup of water.   Invite your child to paint the hearts; if keeping with traditional Valentine's Day colors, encourage him/her to use red, pink, and purple.  

watercolor conversation hearts

Allow the watercolor hearts to dry.  

Then cut all of the hearts out.  If you have a preschooler who is working on his/her scissor skills, this is a great time to get them involved!  Preschoolers love cutting!

watercolor heart art and craft

We used our watercolor hearts and made a festive strand of garland.  However, you could simply tape them onto the wall!

To make the garland, it's super easy!  Lay the hearts face down on your table and lay the piece of string across the hearts.  Use two pieces of tape per heart to fix the hearts onto the string.  I found it best to tape the string to the top of the hearts, otherwise the hearts may tilt forward when hung up.  

Tape the ends of your garland to a shelf, your mantel, etc. and you have a sweet keepsake that your toddler and/or preschooler helped put together!  

This easy heart craft is surely a fun way to learn and play today! 

easy heart craft for toddlers and preschoolers