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Yarn Wrapped Rainbow | Spring Fine Motor Skills Craft


I must say that I am in love with our Yarn Wrapped Rainbow that I am sharing today.  

I may be a bit biased, but I think it turned out so beautiful.  

It's colorful, festive, and works on strengthening those fine motor muscles.  

A fun spring themed craft for kids that is a great way to sneak in fine motor skills, too!

spring fine motor skills rainbow craft

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Spring showers often bring rainbows! My kids and I are always in awe when we spot the colorful arch up in the sky!  Rainbows are also fun to create with different materials!  Sneak in fine motor skills as you  create this lovely yarn wrapped rainbow! 

Spring Fine Motor Skills Craft

We made little miniature Yarn Wrapped Rainbows with:

Yarn Wrapped Rainbow

To prep for the activity, I cut several pieces of colored yarn and laid them on the table.  

Also on the table was the cardboard shaped rainbows I made from an empty fruit snack box.  

I colored in the colors of the rainbow to work on color recognition with my toddler, and I also think it helped fill in any gaps of yarn.

how to make yarn wrapped rainbow

To keep the yarn from unraveling, I cut slits on the top and bottom of the rainbow.

Start wrapping the red yarn over the red colored section of the rainbow, or start anywhere you like!  It's a very simple craft for you kiddos; start with one color and move onto the next until you are ready for the next color.

Little Sis did need help getting the yarn tucked into the slits, but otherwise, she knew just what to do... and did it well!

Big Brother enjoyed this activity, too.

He even completed my rainbow for me!

Yarn Wrapping is a great fine motor activity

Once you are finished wrapping the colors to make a rainbow, take a cotton ball and glue it to each end of the rainbow.  

For some extra fine motor fun, have your kiddos work at pulling and stretching the cotton ball apart. 

Simple and beautiful!  Hope it adds a little color and Spring thinking wherever you are!  

rainbow fine motor skills craft for spring

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DIY Color Sorting Toy | Awesome Fine Motor Skills Activity


Velcro is one of my favorite materials to work on fine motor skills! If you have some, make this color sorting toy-- your little ones will love pulling the velcro squares off, dropping them in the container, dumping the container out, and sorting the blocks to each color!

color matching velcro tower toddler activity

This Color Sorting Velcro Tower is great for little hands and works on a variety of skills like color recognition, counting, and fine motor skills!

I made this fine motor skills toy with my 1 and 2 year old in mind, but even Big Brother wanted a chance to play with it!

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Fine Motor Skills Toddler Activity

To put together your own DIY Color Sorting Toy, gather your materials:

  •  Tall Container {I used plastic}
  • Package of Velcro Dots (buy a big ol' pack-- you'll find Velcro to be very addictive! ha!)
  • Foam blocks  (similar to these).  I purchased mine from The Dollar Store (or some other type of manipulative)
  •  Paint
  • Mod Podge or some type of sealant that can be used on plastic to protect the paint from chipping.  {I did not do this, and it is definitely a must!}

Note: I used a plastic container because that is what I had an excess of, however, an oatmeal container can be painted on with no chipping and/or use colored duct tape instead.  An oatmeal type container would have been way easier to work with; ah! Live and learn!  Or a sturdy box would work, too!

It is a super simple fine motor activity to put together that engages all the small muscles in the hand.

fine motor skills activity for toddlers

Your baby and/ or toddler will have fun grasping, pinching, and pulling the foam blocks off the container.

I also cut a square in the lid of the container to add in some more hand- eye coordination!  Happy Fine Motor Friday!

color sorting toy for toddlers

Once you have painted and added a protective coating, it is time to add Velcro dots to the container and the foam blocks.

Place the soft-sided set of dots on the container and the scratchy-sided dots on the foam blocks, or vice versa.

The Velcro dots add a fun sensory element to the activity as well.

sorting and pulling velcro blocks

As you can see I set up our Velcro Tower to reinforce color matching skills, but the kiddos just enjoyed pulling them off, putting them in the hole on top of the container, dumping them out, and attaching them back to the container paying no attention to matching the colors. Ha! They showed me, huh?!

This kept the kiddos entertained for quite some time! Yay!

I just wished I hadn't been in my "I must complete this RIGHT now mode" or I would have waited until I had some type of sealant to protect the paint and/or used an oatmeal container.

Being that the kiddos really enjoyed themselves, it'll be put back on my "to-do" list!

color sorting toy

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Spelling List {UN}Scramble for Kids


Often times I feel that a lot of fine motor activities are geared towards the toddler and/or preschool crowd... and rightly so, as that is the time to prep tiny hands for skills needed down the road when they start to write and spell.  

However, it's important to keep big{ger} hands at work, too-- and not just with writing!  Here's a great way to make spelling fun-- practice your spelling list with stickers.  My son just loved this  Dot Sticker Spelling Scramble.  

spelling activity for kids using stickers

It's easy to fall in the trap of introducing spelling words, assign your child to write them over and over again, and then give a test a few days later.  That can get monotonous and redundant after a week, so why not make spelling fun to aid in memorization?!

Adding an extra element such as peeling letter stickers to spell words gets your child interacting with his/ her spelling list, works on fine motor skills, and decoding skills as your child will have to unscramble the letters to spell the word.


Fun Spelling Activity for Kids

We love dot stickers around here and they happen to be a great manipulative for fine motor work.  

So, I used them to create a unique twist on his weekly spelling list.  

This could be also be adapted for letter matching, sight words, name practice, etc. etc!

To prep for this activity I wrote a spelling word on a group of dot stickers, while mixing up the letters.  

Your child's job is to UNscramble the dot stickers to make a word from his/her spelling list.

*Side note, if using transparent dot stickers like we are, use a permanent marker for the letters.... you'll see later that a regular marker with fingers left smudge marks.

spelling list activity for kids

We had worked on these particular words for four days prior, so I originally intended for him to pick out a scrambled spelling word and be able to figure out the word on his own.  However, my son insisted that I tell him the word first and then he would unscramble the word. Whatever works.  

Either way, he practiced his spelling list and worked on strengthening those fine motor muscles!

Another option is to give your child a "fill-in-the-blank" sentence, to see if your child can recall his spelling word.

spelling and fine motor skills

Have fun unscrambling those spelling words!

Extension idea:
If you write the spelling words using a fine point pen or pencil, have your child trace over the letters with a marker to sneak in extra practice spelling!

learn to spell with stickers

Do you have any fun ways to practice spelling words?

 I'd love to hear!
spelling list activity for kids

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Flower Patterning | Spring Math Activity for Preschoolers


 Have your preschooler work on patterning skills with this hands-on spring math activity!  With colorful fake stems and printable pattern cards, your child will learn to recognize and make patterns-- an important preschool math skill for little ones!

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Patterning Activity for Preschool

Spring has sprung!  Or has it??  As I write this, the trees in our yard are covered in ice and snow... in APRIL!! Needless to say, if spring weather wasn't going to manifest itself outside, I knew I had to create some colorful, spring activities to do inside for my 3 and 5 year old. 

Set out this patterning activity along with some of our favorite spring time books; this is a great way to LEARN and PLAY in  your homeschool!

Preschool Patterning Activity

We set this activity up to go along with the storybook, The Tiny Seed-- the Virtual Book Club's book of the week.  I purchased our flowers from our local dollar store, so there were several flowers per "bunch."

To prep the patterning activity using flowers, and adult will need to cut the flowers into individual stems.  I used plain scissors to cut the stems, but wire cutters would have made the job much easier.  ** Be sure to do this away from the littles! **

printable patterning cards

Our flower pattern cards can be used two ways:

1. As a cut and paste activity.  Print our the worksheets and the have your child use the flowers at the bottom of each printable to complete the pattern.

2.  Cut each pattern strip out individually and set this activity up using floral stems like we have done here!

Either activity is a great way to work on patterning skills with your little one!

fun pattern activity using flowers

If setting this activity up with floral stems, also grab an empty egg carton.  Flip the egg carton upside down and poke holes into 6 of the egg cups.

Set out a pattern strip for your child to work on and have your child say the colors of the flowers aloud to help them hear the pattern.

flower patterning activity

Have your child set up the pattern by inserting a flower into each egg cup.  

I always found exaggerating a part of the pattern helped my child understand what comes next in the sequence.  Thus, I would say: "red, PURPLE, PURPLE, red, PURPLE, ????? 

Your child is to finish the patterning sequence.  What comes next?

Hopefully your child will catch on and yell out PURPLE, too! 

patterning with flowers preschool math activity

Our Flower Patterning cards include 10 different flower patterns.  Try this fun, hands-on patterning activity with your toddler and/or preschooler!

  • Flower clipart licensed to Mr. L's Classroom.
  • For personal use only.
  • Please do not alter, upload, sell, or copy our Flower Patterning Printable.

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Flower Patterning Sequencing Cards

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  • sensory exploration
  • crafts and more! 

“Celebrate the beauty of spring flowers, rain showers and sprouting gardens with these playful learning activities.”

Spring Preschool Lesson Plans

Our SPRING Preschool Lesson Plans are just one of 20 other themes!   Learn more about this collaborative effort from certified teachers and seasoned homeschool moms to help you teach your preschooler through a variety of kid-approved, hands-on activities, printables, songs, and games!

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Lilypad Letters | No-Prep Alphabet Game for Preschoolers


Have a little one learning his/her letters?  Print and play this cute and fun frog themed alphabet game!  Your toddler or preschooler will have a "leapin' good time" as they move their frog game piece from lily pad letter to lily pad letter.  Who will win?! Play to find out!

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preschool frog alphabet game

Print and play this no-prep alphabet game during your pond and/or frog themed preschool week!  It can be played many times over and is a great way to help your child learn the letters of the alphabet.  Why not also create an adorable frog life cycle and/or set up a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast frogs and turtles from our Pond Life Homeschool Preschool Theme?!

Add in a few books about frogs and it sounds like you could have lots of froggy fun!!

Frog Alphabet Game for Preschoolers

  • Lilypad Letters Gameboard
  • six-sided die
  • two frog manipulatives

I love simple print and play games!  Just grab a six-sided die or make your own like we did with a foam cube and number it 1-3 or 1-6, and two frog manipulatives; we used the frogs from our Rainforst Toob Set.

preschool letter recognition game

Decide who goes first.  Player 1 rolls the die, jumps that many spaces and reads the name of the letter on the lilypad.

Next player 2 goes.

Continue until one player makes it to the last lilypad first.

Lilypad Letters Preschool Alphabet Game

If you happen upon the letter H, your frog can skip a few letters and hop on over the letter S lilypad.

Or, if your frog lands on letter Y, cross the log to land on letter Z.

hop from lilypad to lilypad learning the alphabet

Extension Ideas:

For an extra challenge, instead of naming the letters you could have your child say the letter sound as he/she jumps from lilypad to lilypad.

Bring out a white board, and have your child write the lowercase letter that matches the letter on the lilypad.

Use this lilypad gameboard as a matching activity with your choice of letter manipulatives.

printable preschool alphabet game for letter recognition

Enjoy this no-prep preschool alphabet game!

Lilypad Letters Alphabet Gameboard

Pond Digital Papers and Dotty Frames licensed to Jennifer Hier Designs.
For personal use only.
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