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15+ Transportation Books and Activities for Preschoolers

Have a trains, planes, and automobiles obsessed kiddo?!

I do!  And long time ago, Big Brother was fancied with all things cars, monster trucks, airplanes, and trains.  Goodness the child could.not.get.enough of pointing to the sky at an airplane, make truck noises while playing cars, or spotting ever train track asking if a train was coming while driving!  We would even go and sit by an airport and watch the planes come in (and we may or may not have had some pizza and/or ice cream with us- Ha!).  Oh, simple pleasures.

It is so humorous to me that our 2 year old is the same way!

So, I dug through some of our books to bring you our favorite books about planes, trains, and automobiles!!  And of course since we love bringing the story to life with go-along book activities, I've linked a few we have shared before, plus a few more of our favorites from others!
Best Transportation Activities and Books for Kids

We love bringing the story to life with go-along book activities!

There are so many great books to choose from, here's a list to get you started!! 

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Transportation Books for Kids

Plane Activities & Books

Plane Activities to Do:

Train Activities & Books

Train Activities to Do:

Automobile Activities & Books

Automobile Activities:

Automobile Books to Read:

    What are your favorite transportation activities and books for kids?! Did your favorite books make it on our list?

    Transportation Books for Kids

    Watermelon Garland Craft | DIY Summer Decoration

    Feeling a bit crafty and need to spice up your walls with some fun summer decor?  You need to make this adorable Watermelon Garland!

    Because, why not?! 

    This DIY summer craft is easy for the kids to make and perfect for that BBQ with friends and family or summer birthday party!


    There are certain things that are meant for summer, know what I mean?  Like what is summer without fireworks?  Lazy days by the beach?  Fresh fruit?  And summer is simply not summer without watermelon-something!  Whether your sinking your teeth into the juicy fruit or having a watermelon themed party--- watermelon is a must!  So next time you are at the store, pick up a package of paper doilies to make this fun fruit garland! 

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    Watermelon Craft



    On the paper doily you will make two or three rings of color.  Beginning on the outside of the doily, paint the edges green.

    Moving in from the edges, choose another shade of green.  

    Now it's time to paint the juicy watermelon flesh using red, pink, or mix the colors together to create various shades.

    Paint the middle of the paper doily.

    To create the seeds, dip the tip of the paint brush into black paint and press it onto the pink flesh of the watermelon.  If you'd like more sparkle, instead of black paint, glue black sequins on instead!!

    Allow the watermelon doilies to dry fully and then carefully peel the doilies away from the mat when you are ready to make your garland.


    How to Make Watermelon Garland

    To turn the watermelon paper doilies into a strand of garland for a party decoration or home decor bunting, you can do this two different ways.


    Watermelon Garland Option #1

    Lay out a long piece of string and fold the paper doily watermelons in half over the sting.  Either use glue or a stapler to hold the watermelons in place.  

    Watermelon Garland Option #2

    Another option is to cut the paper watermelons in half and thread the string into the holes of the doily to make this festive summer fruit garland.  Just be careful as the paper doily is fragile and will rip the holes in the doily if the string is pulled to hard.  You could also use a hole punch and thread the string that way.  


    We chose to cut our watermelon paper doilies in half and thread them together with string to make our fruit garland.  Thus we were able to make a longer strand of garland.

    Whether you are hosting a watermelon themed party or just need to brighten your walls with this perfect summer fruit, have fun making this DIY Watermelon Garland! 


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    Shark I SPY Game {FREE Printable}

    We are adding a new I SPY printable to our growing collection today.  My 5 year old loves to play I SPY and this Shark themed printable was a hit!  Just print and play!  It's a fun and simple activity for when kiddos are complaining they are bored and a sneaky way to practice counting skills with your little one(s)!

    I SPY Printable for Kids

    Why We Love I SPY Games

    • I SPY games are great for visual discrimination and scanning skills
    • counting skills
    • they are fun to play while out and about 
    • simple way to entertain the kiddos when need be!

    This Shark I SPY Game is perfect for summer and a great printable to use during Shark Week, which begins July 22 this year.

    Shark I SPY Printable

    This printable consists of 8 different images from PrettygrafikThe images are fun, colorful, and engaging!  I mean, what kid wouldn't want to find how many sharks they can find wearing sunglasses or sharks riding a surf board?! Can your child find the correct number of each image?

    Just print this I SPY game for your preschool or Kindergarten kiddo to do on his/her own, or use this activity alongside your child.


    If using this printable with more than one child, use a page pritector to save on printing!

    Grab a writing itensil to record how many of each image your child finds.

    Invite your child over and start counting!  Enjoy!

    I SPY Game Printable shark theme

    This printable I SPY Game is a great way to keep the kiddos occupied for at least a minute! ha!  Grab a few of our other I SPY printables and use them on a road-trip or if you have a couple of competitive kiddos, print them out each an I SPY game and see who can find all the images first!

    While you are here, check out more of our I SPY Games!

    Get your copy of our latest I SPY Printable!

    Northern Lights Recycled CD Art Project

    Learning about Alaska and/or Arctic region?  Make this fun art project creating the Northern Lights using a recycled CD.

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    Northern Lights Art Project for Kids

    Over the past school year, my 1st grader and I have traveled around to each of the 50 States.  Along with finding each state on the map and coloring the state's symbols, I tried doing a craft or activity for more hands-on fun.  When we learnned about Arizona, my 1st grader made a cactus art project.  When we learned about Nebraska, we made a tornado in a jar.  And when we happened upon Alaska, we learned about the Northern Lights and made a cool art project using a recycled CD.

    The Northern Lights are also called, " Aurora Borealis " and it is quite a fascinating phenomenon that can be seen in Arctic region. 

    Northern Lights Art

    Using a recycled CD, we created our own version of the Northern Lights!


    For this art project make sure you are using a blank CD that is new and has nothing on it, or a CD that is scratched and can no longer be used!

    how to make Northern Lights using a CD

     You know how you tilt a CD upside down you can see all the pretty rays of color?!  Well, THOSE rays are going to become your Northern Lights!

    With a blue marker to represent water, draw a line in the middle of the CD.  Color half of the CD blue.  To make the blue less streak-y, color over the blue water with another shade of blue.

    Once your water has been colored in, we will draw a silhouette of a mountain range.

    Northern Lights Arctic Art Project

    Using a black or silver sharpie, draw in your mountains on the other half of the CD.  Make sure to leave room for the Northern Lights to show!

    With a green sharpie, draw in trees.  If interested, draw a cabin with a brown sharpie.

    Arctic Art Project - The Northern Lights

    With your mountain scene drawn in, you can move the CD back and forth and create your own Northern Lights light show! 

    Northern Lights Arctic Art Project for Kids using a CD

    My 1st grader just thought this was the coolest art project!  It was a fun way to explore the amazing phenomenon called The Northern Lights!

    This activity was inspired by an idea in: Hands-On Crafts for Kids: Crafting in the U.S.A

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