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Snowman Pom Pom Painting Craft

This preschool snowman craft is perfect to make during the cold winter months.  It's a low-prep snowman arts and crafts idea and is great for little hands!  Just grab 4 materials and you can make this cute snowman craft with your little one, too!

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preschool snowman craft

Sometimes it is just too cold or the snow isn't snowman material, but you have a little one eager to make a snowman right now!!  What are you to do?

The next best thing to making a snowman outside with real snow, is to make snowman arts and crafts inside!

This preschool snowman craft is easy to make.  No major preparations needed!  Just grab a few simple household materials and your little one can make this cute pom pom painted snowman craft, too!

Preschool Snowman Craft


Enjoy making this cute snowman arts and crafts activity! 

To make this simple preschool snowman craft, pinch a pom pom with a clothespin.  

Dip the pom pom into white paint.

On a sheet of construction paper, have your child make pom pom prints.  

Encourage your child to make a large circle on the bottom, a medium circle in the middle and a small circle on top to resemble a snowman shape.

pom pom painted preschool snowman craft

Next, add eyes, nose, smile, and more with a smaller sized pom pom.

Pinch a small pom pom with the clothespin.  

Dip the pom pom in black paint and make eyes, a mouth, arms, hat, and buttons.

Use another pom pom to make a carrot-like nose with orange paint.

Attach another pom pom to make a scarf.

preschool snowman craft

If desired, add some snowflakes around your snowman!  

Isn't this simple snowman craft adorable?  

snowman arts and crafts

Add this preschool snowman craft to your list of winter theme ideas!

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10 Cool Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids

Over the years, we made so many crafts with different mediums, but somehow, we always return to paper crafts! Same thing happens over holidays and we end up making so many Christmas paper crafts! From simple cut and glue, to origami and quilling Christmas themed decorations, we love to make all of them!

Christmas Paper Crafts

Hi friends! Tis the season for all things crafty, right? I'm happy to have Maggy from Red Ted Art sharing with us, again! Knowing my love for children's literature, Maggy once put together an awesome collection of Story Inspired Kid Crafts. She is your gal for easy and fun crafts for the kiddos! With Christmas around the corner, enjoy these Christmas Paper Crafts kids can make! Fill the tree, decorate your house, and keep the kids busy over break with these fun Christmas paper craft ideas!

Christmas Paper Crafts

  • Christmas cards can look amazing but still be pretty simple to make. The best example is pop-up Christmas tree card. Looks complicated? It really isn’t so hard to make as it looks! Give it a try and make some with kids this Christmas!
  • Have you tried quilling before? It’s fun and finished projects look amazing! We used it to make quilled Christmas tree card but you can use same process to recreate a number of Christmas themed items on your card!
  • Hard to believe, but quilling has been used to make these lovely quilled Christmas tree decorations. Make them larger to use on your mantel or smaller to use as centerpieces for your Christmas table!
  • Ahhh, we just love to work with paper! So easy to use and possibilities for projects are practically endless! Grab some of your favorite patterned papers to make loads of paper ornaments for your Christmas decorations!
  • Have you seen this little paper reindeer printable ornament? Super cute! Print, cut, assemble and glue! And little red nose Rudolph is ready to decorate your Christmas tree.
  • For book loving friends and family members, along with new book to read, add a personal touch to y gift with lovely Christmas tree bookmark you created yourself. They will never forget on which page they stopped their reading!
  • Even little ones love to participate in Christmas activities. Let your toddlers and preschoolers to tear paper to scraps and then make adorable little torn paper Christmas wreaths to display on your door.
  • We adore these 3D paper trees! They look amazing displayed as Christmas decoration even when left plain white! But of course, it’s up to you to decide if you want to add decorations on them or make them in different color to match your Christmas decor!
  • When it comes to paper crafts, origami is must try! There are many different ornaments you can make by simply folding paper, did you know? Personally, we love the look of these 3D origami ornaments! Hard to tell they are made from paper, right?
  • A single paper plate, some paint and decorative items and kids are all set to make their own paper plate tree craft. They will also work on their fine motor skills when lacing ribbon to connect all the pieces together.

Paper is amazing as crafting medium, wouldn't you agree?

It’s wonderful how changing paper you use to make your Christmas ornament from plain white to patterned can change to whole feel of the finished item! Or how you can make so many beautiful and decorative items by simply folding piece of paper! Hope you will get inspired by our selection here to make many paper crafts this Christmas with your kids!

Christmas Paper Crafts Kids Can Make

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Whimsical Pom Pom Ornaments for Preschoolers to Make

Create whimsical pom pom ornaments inspired by one of our favorite storybooks, Put Me in the Zoo! These colorful Christmas ornaments will be a playful addition to your Christmas tree and are so fun and easy for preschoolers to make!

pom pom christmas ornaments for preschoolers to make

When you love a children's book so much that it inspires you to make a Christmas tree decoration, you know it must be a good book!!

And indeed, Put Me in the Zoo is a fabulous read with its rhyming text and playful character with magical spots!

We've mentioned this book on the blog before by sharing 3 fun Put Me in the Zoo Activities toddlers and preschoolers would enjoy, and once again we brought this book to life by making Christmas ornaments!

Inspired by the characters magical spots that he can:
 "put [...] on a cat.  And [...] on a hat," 
change from green to violet, 
and even "take [his] spots and make them four", 

I set up an ornament making station with our own colorful spots --- aka pom poms!

Pom Pom Ornaments 


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This was no ordinary fill in the clear ornament bulb with pom poms activity.  Oh no!...  I also added in some dice so that my preschoolers were practicing 1:1 correspondence, counting, and number recognition!!

Yes! That's right...   I turned this pom pom ornament into an educational activity!!

And my kids loved it!!


After reading Put Me in the Zoo, these are the perfect Christmas ornaments for preschoolers to make!!

pom pom ornaments

How to Make these Storybook Inspired Pom Pom Ornaments

Fill a plastic serving tray with 4-6 colored pom poms in various shapes.  

**Be warned that arguing may ensue over small sparkly pom poms, so either have plenty or don't use any..  your welcome ; ) 

**The character's spots changed in the book from a pink-ish red to blue to orange to green to violet.  To fill up our serving tray, we also added yellow.  Which worked perfectly, because he's yellow.

**BTW, I'm not really sure what kind of animal the main character is-- so I'm not sure what to call him!!  Ha!  A dog?  A bear?  


Provide a numbered die and a colored die with the colors of the pom poms that are being used for the ornament making activity to sneak in some learning!

To fill the pom pom ornament, have your child roll both the colored die and numbered die.

Then have your child fill their ornament bulb with that many pom poms of said color.

For instance, in the picture below, my son rolled a purple and the number 6.  Thus, he grabbed 6 purple pom poms of his liking and stuffed them into the opening of the Christmas bulb.  (Yay!  for sneak in some fine motor skills work, too!!)

filling pom pom christmas ornament

Next, have another child roll both dice and fill his/her Christmas ornament accordingly.  Continue until your child is happy with their pom pom ornament!  

Just put the top of the ornament back on to keep the pom poms secured, and tie a ribbon so that you can hand it on the tree.

Such a great Christmas ornament for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kiddos to make!  It's one all will enjoy!  

These colorful and playful storybook inspired pom pom ornaments are to be a great addition to your Christmas tree!!

pom pom ornaments

More Kid-Made Ornaments:

For more storybook inspired ornaments check out the series hosted by Mama Miss! 

Christmas Memory Baubles from WittyBoots

Adorable Olaf Fingerprint Ornaments from Heart of Deborah

DIY Jumbo Stuffed Gingerbread Man Craft

Here is a fun and festive gingerbread man craft to make during the holidays.  This gingerbread craft will delight kids of all ages as they make their very own Jumbo Stuffed Gingerbread Man using household materials. This gingerbread man craft is a great way to sneak in fine motor skills!  

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gingerbread man craft

This Jumbo Stuffed Gingerbread Man is an adorable Christmas craft!  Now if only it were edible ; )  Right?!  

Gingerbread Man Craft


Ready to make a jumbo stuffed gingerbread man?!  

From a paper grocery bag, draw out a gingerbread man outline with a pencil.  With scissors, cut the outline out.  

If your paper bag has writing on the front, the outlines around so that the gingerbread man body is all brown.  

** As noted in our supply list, another option is to trace and cut the gingerbread man's body from brown wrapping paper.  The large roll can then be used for wrapping paper!

jumbo diy gingerbread man craft

Next, we decorated our gingerbread man with dot stickers and added eyes and a smile with a sharpie marker.  

To keep the two outlines together, I placed paper clips around the gingerbread man.  This helped with the next step... using a hole punch!

gingerbread man craft how-to

With a hole punch, start at the top and work your way punch holes around the gingerbread outline.  

Ours were pretty close together, but fair warning that so many holes close together may tire little hands while lacing the yarn through the holes.

Although, bigger gaps might allow for the stuffing to pop out.

** If you choose to space the holes further apart, you may want to have a stapler handy for when you stuff the gingerbread man's body.

gingerbread man lacing craft

Alright, our gingerbread man's face is decorate, the holes are prepped... now it is time to add the icing!  Aka.... white yarn!!

Use a paper clip to hold the yarn in place and from there begin to lace the yarn in and out of the holes-- all the way around the gingerbread man's body.  

stuffed gingerbread man

This gingerbread man craft is a fun, hands-on way to work on fine motor skills for preschoolers - 2nd grade!  Who wouldn't love to have their very own giant gingerbread man?!!  He's the perfect buddy to have this Christmas!

Once you lace the yarn almost all the way around the body, stuff the gingerbread man with Easter grass, tissue paper, paper towel, etc.  

Use a pencil or some other long object to push the stuffing into the gingerbread man's legs and arms.

Finish lacing the gingerbread man and tie the ends of the yarn together.  

Cut any remaining yarn.

And your gingerbread man craft is complete!!

How cute is it?!!

stuffed gingerbread man craft

** If desired, continue to decorate your gingerbread man with glitter glue and/or other festive decorations!  

More Christmas Activities for Kids:

String Christmas Tree Card for Kids to Make

Brighten up the holiday by having the kids make cards to give to family and friends!  Kid-made cards are one of the best gifts to give this Christmas season.  Spread some holiday cheer with these string art for kids Christmas cards! These kid-made cards are fun, colorful, and a great way to keep the kiddos busy over holiday break.  

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christmas cards for kids to make

My kids are big fans of creating, so why not put that creativity to use by having them make Christmas cards to gift to others during this holiday season?  These Christmas cards for kids are fun to make-- you may end up with enough for several family, friends, and/or neighbors.

We are also big fans of yarn and string crafts, thus was our inspiration for these kid made Christmas cards!

Christmas Cards for Kids to Make

Using many materials we had around the house, my kids made several String Christmas Tree Cards!


  • embellishments (optional)
  • pencil 

  • glue

String Tree Christmas Card Instructions

Fold a piece of cardstock in half to form a card.

Open the card and on the inside, draw a triangle shape that will become the string tree.  It may be helpful to create a triangle template from another piece of cardstock.
kid made christmas card supplies

Using an X-acto knife or the tips of the scissors, cut out the triangle shape from the cardstock.

You may have to trace over it with something sharp, and then insert the scissors to cut the rest of the shape.

Christmas Tree Paper Card Craft

Next, take hold punch along the edge of the triangle shape.  Be careful not too get too close to the edge of the triangle.

You may wish to measure out how far apart you want your holes to be, but we did not.

lacing christmas tree card kids can make

Take your chosen color of string and begin lacing it through the holes.

If you wish to add beads, thread a bead onto the sting before lacing the string through a hole.

Choose to lace the string in a zig-zag pattern, horizontal back and forth, or at random!

string art christmas tree card

Tape the ends of the string to the inside of the card.

To add a POP of color, glue another piece of cardstock on the inside of the card- covering the string tree.

christmas tree paper craft for kids

Finally, add embellishments if you wish to decorate around the string tree!

For extra spark, we hold punched stars from glitter contact paper.  You may wish to add:
glitter glue designs
lines drawn with markers
tree trunk

On the inside of the Christmas card, write a special little message.

These string tree Christmas cards for kids to make turned out lovely!!  Here's a picture of 4 of the 5 cards.

christmas cards for kids to make

I LOVE how they turned out!

My kiddos can't wait to gift them to family and friends!

kid made christmas cards

Tip: Make sure to use cardstock for this Christmas card.  The card will be sturdier.  The string tree will hold tighter... it will give a nicer look all around.

string art christmas tree cards for kids to make

Hope enjoyed this Christmas card tutorial for kids!

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