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Adorable Gingerbread Man Ornament for Little Hands

Decorate your Christmas tree with these adorable, non-edible gingerbread ornaments!  This gingerbread man activity for preschoolers is great for little hands.  Unleash creativity and work on fine motor skills as he/she creates their own gingerbread man ornament!  

gingerbread man activities for preschoolers

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Gingerbread men aren't just for eating!  Make an adorable non-edible gingerbread ornament for the Christmas tree.... although, this craft may make you hungry some cinnamon, brown sugar, and molasses goodness!

Oh, if only I could snap my fingers and a magical Christmas fairy would leave a plate of gingerbread cookies as I write this!!  ... One can wish!

If you really wanna know, I am drooling over these Gingerbread Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting!!

But the next best thing besides eating gingerbread, is filling this holiday season with various gingerbread man crafts!!

This gingerbread man ornament is great for preschoolers!

Gingerbread Man Activities for Preschool

Enjoy these gingerbread man theme preschool activities:

... and this Non-Edible Gingerbread Ornament!


  • empty cereal or cracker box
  • scissors
  • paintbrush

How to Make A Non-Edible Gingerbread Ornament

From a cereal box (or similar), trace and cut out a gingerbread man outline.

Have your child paint the gingerbread outline with brown paint.  Allow to dry.

Once dried, add glitter glue decorations like a bow-tie, rosy red cheeks, and wavy lines.

Add eyes and a mouth with a sharpie marker or regular ball point pen.

gingerbread man activities for preschoolers - gingerbread ornament

Next, with a hole punch, work around the gingerbread man outline creating holes about 1/2-1 inch apart.  

More holes = more lacing, which may mean hands tire quicker.

Less holes = less lacing.

Knowing your child's abilities and limits, space the hole punches accordingly.

Tie an end of the white yarn through one of the holes.

Have your child begin lacing the thread in and out around the gingerbread man's body.

This white yarn gives the gingerbread ornament some "icing!"

gingerbread ornament for preschoolers

Continue lacing the white yarn around the gingerbread man's body til you reach the hole where you started.  

Tie the ends together, and then create a loop and tie again so that you can hang your gingerbread ornament on the tree!  

Isn't this gingerbread ornament so adorable?!  I could just eat it up!!  

non-edible gingerbread ornament

Find more Kid-Made Christmas Gifts, Ornaments, & Cards at Teach Me Mommy! 

This Snowman Money Holderfrom Kimspired DIY is a fun way to gift gift cards! 

These Cocoa Christmas Tubes from KidsMinds would be a fun gift to give neighbors, friends, and/or would make great stocking suffers! 

Have a golfer in the family?  Why not gift them with a colorful set of Golf Balls from your little artist(s)?

Make up some simple kid-made Christmas cards using recycled wrapping paper!

Kid-Made Christmas Ornament

Bubble Wrap Painting Christmas Craft

The Christmas season is a great time to dig in and get crafty with your kids.  Here's a simple and fun Christmas Tree Craft using bubble wrap.  This neat print-making craft is great for kids of all ages-- toddlers will be in awe of making prints, and preschool and older children will enjoy adding sparkles and sequins to decorate the tree.  Afterward, give this bubble wrap craft to family and/or friends!

bubble wrap painting

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I'm not sure who loves bubble wrap packaging more-- me or my kids.  I love to stash it away for craft projects.  My kids love pretending they are lily-pads and jump incessantly on them filling the air with giggles and popping noises!

If you typically throw it away, I say, STOP!  Save some bubble wrap for this simple and fun Christmas tree craft for the kids! 

Bubble Wrap Painting

Bubble wrap provides a creative way to paint.  Who knew bubble wrap could be used for more than packing boxes?!  

I just love these Bubble Wrap Rainbows from I Heart Crafty Things.  

These Bubble Wrap Turkey Feathers from Craft Morning are adorable.  

You can even make sheep like Red Ted Art!

And since the Christmas season is upon us, you can make a Christmas Tree Bubble Wrap Painting-- a simple Christmas craft for kids!  Or make several and turn them into Christmas cards for family and friends!

Christmas Tree Bubble Wrap Painting

  • Sheet of bubble wrap
  • foam brush
  • green craft paint
  • construction paper
  • small decorative items: sequins, glitter, gems
  • glue

Take a foam brush and dip it into a container of green paint.  Paint a thick layer of paint in the shape of a Christmas tree onto the bubble wrap.

simple christmas craft for kids : bubble wrap painting

Carefully pick up the bubble wrap and press the painted side onto another sheet of paper.

Lift up the bubble wrap to reveal your bubble wrap printed Christmas tree!

**Alternatively, you could paint the whole sheet of bubble wrap green, press the bubble wrap onto another sheet of paper, and then cut a Christmas tree shape from the print.  Either way works!

bubble wrap printmaking

If desired, sprinkle a layer of glitter on the wet spots.

Add small decorative items to trim the tree.  

Some ideas are:
  • buttons
  • sequins
  • gems
  • ribbon
  • miniature bows
  • stickers

christmas tree bubble wrap prints

Finally, add a star sticker to the top of your bubble wrap printed Christmas tree.

If several children are involved in this bubble wrap painting craft, make cards and give them to friends and family this holiday season! 

bubble wrap painting christmas tree

This simple Christmas craft doesn't take long to make, but it's a great way to unleash creativity and have fun crafting with your kids!  

Enjoy this fun process!  I foresee my kids asking to do lots more bubble wrap painting in the future!

Christmas Tree Bubble Wrap Painting

More Simple Christmas Crafts for Kids

Easy Color Matching Activity for Little Learners

Here's a low-prep color matching activity for little ones!  Great for fine motor skills and visual discrimination!  Perfect to put together for quiet time, meal prep, or while working with older kids!  Set up this easy matching activity for your toddler, preschooler, or Kindergartner today! 

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color matching activity

Little ones are often eager to learn, do, and explore at the worst of times:

  • trying to prep meal time
  • while giving a spelling test to the older kiddos
  • when mama just needs morethanasecond of quiet time
  • etc.
  • etc.

And that is just how this matching activity came to be!  My littlest was eager to do "school" like his older siblings, and while I have a cupboard of games within reach, none of those ideas were satisfying enough for him at the moment.  

Quickly rummaging through our cluttered school table, I happened upon some dot stickers.  And a simple idea struck! 

I hoped this little activity would keep him content while I finished up working with the older kiddos.  I figured it had to keep him busy for a few minutes at least.  He is in a phase where he LOVES stickers.  And they always end up in the most random places.... his body, my hardwood floor, and sometimes on my backside!  ha!  

Anyways, using the dot stickers I put together a simple color matching activity!

Matching Activity


This matching activity is great for little hands!  It also is a great way to sneak in fine motor skills and visual discrimination!

sticker matching activity

How to Set Up This Color Matching Activity

With just a few minutes before everyone around me lost interest in their school work, I quickly put together this color matching activity.

On a sheet of white paper, I drew small circles roughly the same size as the tiny dot stickers.

I drew several green, red, yellow, and blue circles on the paper matching the colors to the stickers.

Once the circles were drawn, I handed the activity over to my little one!

color matching activity

Color Matching Activity for Little Ones

With an activity prepped for my little one, I then turned my attention back to my older ones.  

Meanwhile, my 3 year old worked on matching the colors of the dot stickers to the circles on the paper.

He peeled off the stickers and worked every so diligently to place the sticker inside the color circle on the paper.

This activity was a win-win!

  • It was easy to put together!  Yay for low-prep activities!
  • Great for fine motor skills!
  • Encouraged independence!
  • It kept him occupied!
  • The task of putting the sticker inside the circle worked on visual skills! 

I chose to use tiny dot stickers as that is what I had at the moment, but if tiny dot stickers would frustrate your little one, use the bigger stickers instead!

Encourage your child to fill up as many circles with stickers as he/she can.

Once your child has matched stickers to circles, if there is interest, have your child connect the colored dots!

I love sharing little ways to learn and play with your kiddos today!  Thankfully, this kept my 3 year old busy for a few minutes.  He didn't finish filling in all of the circles, but I think the task tired him out a bit because when he was done, he was content enough to find something else to do while I finished up with my older ones!

Give this easy matching activity a try with your little(s), too!

If your little is loving stickers, too you also might like making some DIY Sticker Matching Sheets!

sticker matching activity

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Pinch Pot Monsters - Clay Making for Kids

Enjoy creating Pinch Pot Monsters for a fun clay making project for kids!  This clay art and craft is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages!  It's a great way to unleash creativity, sneak in fine motor skills, and explore texture and mark-making! 

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Pinch Pot Monsters

In our sequel to 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Kids Ages 1-5, we shared a fun and simple clay making activity for kids-- pinch pots.  Pinch Pots are GREAT for fine motor skills as you work to manipulate a ball of clay into a bowl.  

Well, after reading a fun book called Miss Turie's Magical Creatures, we upped our Pinch Pot-making game!   

The book inspired us to make Pinch Pot Monsters! 

Pinch Pot Monsters

Go beyond a simple pinch pot bowl and try this creative activity making Pinch Pot Monsters! 


How to Make Clay Pinch Pots

To begin making your pinch pot monsters, you need to form a basic pinch pot.

Grab a handful of clay and work it into a ball by rolling it between your palms.

Next, push your thumb into the middle to create the "bowl."  From the edges, begin pinching around to create a larger opening. 

** Note:  We used Crayola Air Dry Clay, but Polymer Clay should also work just fine.

Making Pinch Pot Monsters

Next, we read through Miss Turie's Magical Creatures again to get some inspiration for our clay monsters.

About Miss Turie's Magical Creatures

We received this fantastic new children's book for free, but it's such a fun read with colorful illustrations that I encourage all ya'll to add it to your book wish-list for the kids or grab a copy from your library.

From Amazon:

"Dragons, Chimeras, and Hydras, oh my!
Come explore Miss Turie's Magic Creatures, the most exotic pet store you've ever seen! Miss Turie guarantees to "have the pet that's right for you," but can she find a match for her toughest customer yet?
Told in an upbeat, fast-paced rhyme, children will laugh as they learn about mythical creatures and contemplate what they might be like as a household pet. Following the story is a catalog of each featured creature with a more detailed history. "

Clay Art & Craft

From Clay Bowl to Pinch Pot Monsters

The pinch pot bowl you just created will become the monster's mouth.  

Now begin creating your monster by adding more clay to form eyes, teeth, and even a tail! 

Grab more clay and begin pinching, rolling, and shaping it into elements to add to your monster. 

pinch pot monsters clay craft idea

My 11 year old created the coolest Pinch Pot Monster- by far!  (see above).   Through our homeschool co-op, he just so happened to finish up a unit working with clay, so he knew how to smooth out the clay with water and how to add marks to create lines and details.

Below is the Pinch Pot Monster my 7 year old created!

I even made a pinch pot monster, too!!  Indeed, this creative clay art and craft is great for all ages!

Tip!!  As noted above, to smooth out fingerprints and cracks, went a small sponge of paper towel with water and rub out the imperfections in the clay.

Also, adding lines and other details need to be made before the clay dries! 

modeling pinch pot monsters

The Crayola Air Dry Clay we used began hardening soon after we left our monsters un-touched to dry.

We waited a couple days to paint them, but they were dry long before that.

Note:  I'm not sure if it was the clay or perhaps we rolled out our pieces too thin, but several pieces did break off through gentle touch and movement of the monsters.  Thus mine went from two- eyes, to a one-eyed monster! 

To finish off our Pinch Pot Monsters, we dazzled them up with color!

Painting Pinch Pot Monsters

Using Crayola's Washable Paint, we created some of the most colorful monsters you have ever seen!!  

They truly belonged in Miss Turie's Pet Shop, too!! ha!!

Pinch Pot Monsters from Clay

My Pinch Pot Monster is quite the beast-- with a polka dot tongue and octopus-like tentacles!

This was such a fun art project!!  Clay making is a super fun and simple activity for the kids!

And whether you decide to get crazy and create monsters or not, pinch pots make wonderful kid-made gifts!!

Enjoy this fun Clay Art & Craft idea!! 

Pinch Pot Monsters Clay Project

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40 Not-So-Spooky Halloween Math Activities

Make learning fun by setting up themed learning activities!  This October, work on various math skills from counting to addition to fractions with this collection of Halloween Math Activities!  These Halloween math ideas are sure to be a hit! 

Halloween Math

I mean, counting googly eyes is wayyy more fun than counting numbers on a wall!  Measuring is more fun when Frankenstein is involved!  And, addition is more fun with flying ghosts!

Enjoy this collection of fun, hands-on Halloween Math Activities!

post contains affiliate links.

Spider Halloween Math 

Spider Counting Book from Fun-A-Day.  Make counting fun this Halloween with a printable spider counting book!

Counting Spider Rings from School Time Snippets.  Use Halloween rings to practice counting to 5 or 10!

Spider Counting Game from School Time Snippets.  This Halloween math game is fun and easy to put together!

Spider Numbers Matching Game from School Time Snippets.  Make a memory game with spiders and googly eyes!

Spider Double Digit Addition Puzzles from Life Over C's.  These puzzles are a fun change from pen and paper!

Spider Pattern Block Mats from ChickaDeLit.  Enjoy these creepy crawly pattern block mats!

Spider Equations from Mr. Elementary Math.  Write a number in the middle and make spider legs showing equations equaling that number.

Pumpkin Halloween Math 

Pumpkin Patch Counting Craft from School Time Snippets.  Here's another fun counting activity using fingerprints to make pumpkins!

Add 10 Pumpkin Patch from Inspiration Laboratories.  This dice game is great for Kindergartners, 1st Grade, or 2nd Grade.

Pumpkin Geoboard from Dayna Bayna. Such a clever and unique way to make shapes!

Pumpkin Shape Puzzles from School Time Snippets.  These printable shape puzzles are great for little hands.

3-D Spookley Pumpkin Math Activity from Buggy and Buddy.  Great way to introduce geometry!

Pumpkin Pick & Solve Addition Game from Creative Family Fun.  Addition facts are always more fun when a game is involved!

Pumpkin Patch Arrays from School Time Snippets.  This festive Halloween math activity is a great way to teach multiplication!

Halloween Math

Halloween Ghost Math 

Pumpkin & Ghost Addition from Gift of Curiosity.  I LOVE these cute pumpkin and ghost rock counters! 

Ghost Toss Math Game from Crafting in the Rain.  Here's a great Halloween math game to play with kids of various skills.

Spooky Sums by Nurture Store.  I LOVE this addition activity! 

Halloween Ghosts Felt Board from Preschool Tool Kit.  So many ways to practice math skills with this Halloween felt board! 

Haunted House Math Activity from No Time for Flashcards. Kids will love learning numbers, number words, and/or solving simple equations with this Halloween math activity!

Halloween Candy Math 

Candy Corn Counting Puzzles from Teach Beside Me.  This printable set is a fun way to practice counting!

Candy Corn Counting from Mess is for Less.  This hands-on counting activity using candy corn is a winner!

Halloween Candy Patterns from Simple Fun for Kids.  Use left-over Halloween candy and work on patterning skills!

Estimating with Halloween Candy from Inner Child Fun.  Using Halloween treats is a great way to make math fun!

Candy Corn More Than/ Less Than from Planning Playtime. Add and determine if the number is more than or less than with candy corn!  How fun!

Candy Corn Fractions from Teach Beside Me.  Don't eat these! But this Halloween craftivity is hands-n way to teach fractions!

Halloween Math

Halloween Monster Math 

Monster Dice Game from Measured Mom.  Use these not so scary monster printables to practice number recognition and more! 

Googly Eye Math Game from School Time Snippets.  Counting googly eyes is a great way to make Halloween math fun! 

Monster Math Worksheets from Living Life and Learning.  Here's a fun not-so-scary monster math printable pack for preschoolers!

Monster Math Cards from The Educators Spin On It. These number cards can be used a variety of ways to learn math skills. 

Draw a Monster Art & Number Game from Adventure in a Box.  Add a little art to your math activities while working on number writing, counting, and more! 

Number Monsters from School Time Snippets.  Fun creative math activity for those learning numbers 1-10! 

More Halloween Math 

Halloween Counting Cards from Kindergarten Connections.  Enjoy these low-prep counting cards for Halloween!

Halloween Math Counting from Mess for Less.  Great math activity that works on fine motor skills, too!

Halloween Roll & Cover from Where Imagination Grows.  My kids love roll and cover math games; they are so simple to play & a great way to sneak in math skills!

Halloween Math Pack from Happiness is Homemade.  Work on number tracing, addition, patterns, and more!

Halloween Tangrams from Little Bins for Little Hands.  Make a pumpkin, cat, haunted house, and more with tangrams! Fun Halloween STEM activity!

Tally Bones Graphing from Miss Giraffe Class.  Did you know q-tips make great "skeleton bone" manipulatives?! Such a fun way to work on tallying math skills!

Q-Tip Shapes from ABCs to ACTs.  Skeleton bone shapes is a great hands-on activity for little ones!

Halloween Measurement Activity from What I have Learned.  Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd graders will love to measure these fun Halloween characters.

Halloween Pattern Sticks from Lalymom.  Love this festive Halloween twist to learning about patterns.

What Halloween Math Activity do you plan to set up for your child this holiday?