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40 Not-So-Spooky Halloween Math Activities

Make learning fun by setting up themed learning activities!  This October, work on various math skills from counting to addition to fractions with this collection of Halloween Math Activities!  These Halloween math ideas are sure to be a hit! 

Halloween Math

I mean, counting googly eyes is wayyy more fun than counting numbers on a wall!  Measuring is more fun when Frankenstein is involved!  And, addition is more fun with flying ghosts!

Enjoy this collection of fun, hands-on Halloween Math Activities!

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Spider Halloween Math 

Spider Counting Book from Fun-A-Day.  Make counting fun this Halloween with a printable spider counting book!

Counting Spider Rings from School Time Snippets.  Use Halloween rings to practice counting to 5 or 10!

Spider Counting Game from School Time Snippets.  This Halloween math game is fun and easy to put together!

Spider Numbers Matching Game from School Time Snippets.  Make a memory game with spiders and googly eyes!

Spider Double Digit Addition Puzzles from Life Over C's.  These puzzles are a fun change from pen and paper!

Spider Pattern Block Mats from ChickaDeLit.  Enjoy these creepy crawly pattern block mats!

Spider Equations from Mr. Elementary Math.  Write a number in the middle and make spider legs showing equations equaling that number.

Pumpkin Halloween Math 

Pumpkin Patch Counting Craft from School Time Snippets.  Here's another fun counting activity using fingerprints to make pumpkins!

Add 10 Pumpkin Patch from Inspiration Laboratories.  This dice game is great for Kindergartners, 1st Grade, or 2nd Grade.

Pumpkin Geoboard from Dayna Bayna. Such a clever and unique way to make shapes!

Pumpkin Shape Puzzles from School Time Snippets.  These printable shape puzzles are great for little hands.

3-D Spookley Pumpkin Math Activity from Buggy and Buddy.  Great way to introduce geometry!

Pumpkin Pick & Solve Addition Game from Creative Family Fun.  Addition facts are always more fun when a game is involved!

Pumpkin Patch Arrays from School Time Snippets.  This festive Halloween math activity is a great way to teach multiplication!

Halloween Math

Halloween Ghost Math 

Pumpkin & Ghost Addition from Gift of Curiosity.  I LOVE these cute pumpkin and ghost rock counters! 

Ghost Toss Math Game from Crafting in the Rain.  Here's a great Halloween math game to play with kids of various skills.

Spooky Sums by Nurture Store.  I LOVE this addition activity! 

Halloween Ghosts Felt Board from Preschool Tool Kit.  So many ways to practice math skills with this Halloween felt board! 

Haunted House Math Activity from No Time for Flashcards. Kids will love learning numbers, number words, and/or solving simple equations with this Halloween math activity!

Halloween Candy Math 

Candy Corn Counting Puzzles from Teach Beside Me.  This printable set is a fun way to practice counting!

Candy Corn Counting from Mess is for Less.  This hands-on counting activity using candy corn is a winner!

Halloween Candy Patterns from Simple Fun for Kids.  Use left-over Halloween candy and work on patterning skills!

Estimating with Halloween Candy from Inner Child Fun.  Using Halloween treats is a great way to make math fun!

Candy Corn More Than/ Less Than from Planning Playtime. Add and determine if the number is more than or less than with candy corn!  How fun!

Candy Corn Fractions from Teach Beside Me.  Don't eat these! But this Halloween craftivity is hands-n way to teach fractions!

Halloween Math

Halloween Monster Math 

Monster Dice Game from Measured Mom.  Use these not so scary monster printables to practice number recognition and more! 

Googly Eye Math Game from School Time Snippets.  Counting googly eyes is a great way to make Halloween math fun! 

Monster Math Worksheets from Living Life and Learning.  Here's a fun not-so-scary monster math printable pack for preschoolers!

Monster Math Cards from The Educators Spin On It. These number cards can be used a variety of ways to learn math skills. 

Draw a Monster Art & Number Game from Adventure in a Box.  Add a little art to your math activities while working on number writing, counting, and more! 

Number Monsters from School Time Snippets.  Fun creative math activity for those learning numbers 1-10! 

More Halloween Math 

Halloween Counting Cards from Kindergarten Connections.  Enjoy these low-prep counting cards for Halloween!

Halloween Math Counting from Mess for Less.  Great math activity that works on fine motor skills, too!

Halloween Roll & Cover from Where Imagination Grows.  My kids love roll and cover math games; they are so simple to play & a great way to sneak in math skills!

Halloween Math Pack from Happiness is Homemade.  Work on number tracing, addition, patterns, and more!

Halloween Tangrams from Little Bins for Little Hands.  Make a pumpkin, cat, haunted house, and more with tangrams! Fun Halloween STEM activity!

Tally Bones Graphing from Miss Giraffe Class.  Did you know q-tips make great "skeleton bone" manipulatives?! Such a fun way to work on tallying math skills!

Q-Tip Shapes from ABCs to ACTs.  Skeleton bone shapes is a great hands-on activity for little ones!

Halloween Measurement Activity from What I have Learned.  Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd graders will love to measure these fun Halloween characters.

Halloween Pattern Sticks from Lalymom.  Love this festive Halloween twist to learning about patterns.

What Halloween Math Activity do you plan to set up for your child this holiday?

Number Matching Spiders Activity & Memory Game

Practice counting numbers 1-10 with this fun spider activity turned number matching game!  This hands-on math game is great for toddlers, preschoolers, and Kindergarten-aged kids.  Kids will love matching the written numeral to googly eyes!  Try this playful spider activity to practice counting, 1:1 correspondence, number recognition, and more! 

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spider activity number matching
This not-so-scary spider activity is great for little ones to build number sense! Bigger kids will also enjoy getting to help make this spider activity by gluing the eyes onto each spider.  Once prepped, this spider activity turns into a fun number matching game!  

This spider activity encourages:

counting skills

1:1 correspondence

fine motor skills development

turn-taking skills

number recognition

Spider Activity


  • Foam spiders
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • silver sharpie pen

Prep the Number Matching Spiders

Purchase enough foam spiders so you have a total of 20 spiders  (if working with toddlers, you may only want 10 spiders to work on numbers 1-5). 

Twenty spiders will allow you to set up a numbers matching game to work on numbers 1-10.  

spider activity number matching game

On a set of 10 spiders, write a numeral 1-10 with a silver sharpie.

On the other set of 10 spiders, count and glue googly eyes to match a numeral.  

 ** We used a hot glue gun, but I would imagine a bottle of glue would work, too.  I wanted a glue that was a bit "heavier" and dried quickly.  

** Another option is to use adhesive googly eyes to save time! 

spider number matching activity

Continue gluing googly eyes to match each numeral 1-10.

When completed, you should have a numeral spider and googly eye spider matching pair.

There are plenty of ways to use these number spiders.  We used this spider activity to play a number matching game.

spider number matching 1-10

Spider Number Matching Game

How to Play

The game is simple!  It is played just like memory.

Turn each spider over so that the numbers and googly eyes are face down.

Mix up the spiders across the playing table.  

Choose the youngest player to go first by having him/her flip over two spiders.

spider number matching game

If they find a matching pair-- for example: a number 7 and a spider with 7 googly eyes -- the player gets to keep the match.  If not, flip the spiders face down on the table again.  

Player 2 gets a turn!  

Continue playing until all the matches have been found.  

spider activity number matching game

Try this fun hands-on number matching game to work on number sense with your kiddos!  This spider activity is sure to be a hit!!  Counting googly eyes makes math much more fun!!

More Ways to Play:

  • Spider Number Line-- Have your child put the numeral spiders and/or the googly eyed spiders in order.  
  • Spider Seek and Find -- Hide the spiders around the room and have your child find them!  
  • Spider Addition -- Pick two googly eye spiders and have your child add the numbers together.  
  • Spider More Than/ Less Than -- Pick two numbers and have your child determine which number is greater/ less than.  

Can you think of another way to play?  Tell me how you will use/ did use these spiders for your own playful spider activity

More Spider Activities You'll Love

Remembrance Day Tear Art Poppies Craft

Teach little ones the meaning of Remembrance (Veteran's) Day with this simple tear art poppies craft.

Remembrance Day Poppy Craft
Create a field of poppies to honor those that have served in the armed forces with this simple torn paper technique.  Each poppy will be as unique as the individuals who have fought for freedom.

November 11th marks the anniversary of Remembrance/ Veteran's Day.  The day first honored those who fought in World War I, but has since been broadened to honor all those that have served.  

Have you taught you children about Veteran's Day?  

Is there something special that you and your children do in remembrance of those who have served?

We made a field of poppies with paper.

Remembrance Day Craft

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How to Make This Remembrance Day Poppy Craft

Grab a sheet of green, red, and black construction paper.

From the red piece of construction paper, rip an oval-like shape.  Try as you might to get a perfect circle, but this technique doesn't allow that! (Ask how I know!!)

Next, rip a small circle from black construction paper and glue it to the middle of your tear art red flower.

Finally, tear a stem from green construction paper.

Glue the flower onto a piece of white paper.

Remembrance Day Poppy Craft

Continue tearing the colored sheets of paper to make more poppies until you have created a "field of poppies."

** If you have more than one child, making this Remembrance Day Poppy Craft a collaborative effort may be best.  Or, make several and find a neighbor, family member, or a Veteran from church and gift this lovely craft to him/her as a way to say, "Thank You."

Veteran's Day Poppies

Our field of poppies was truly unique.

I loved that it was a simple way to introduce a very complicated and sad part of history to my children.  Bonus that it also was a way to sneak in fine motor skills, too!!  Creating tear art was  a great way to keep little hands busy all while honoring those who have fought for us.

Free Trace & Color Alphabet Printables

Practice tracing letters A-Z with these free printable alphabet worksheets! Your child will trace a letter and a word beginning with the letter, and color an object and the letter with these abc pages!

Here are some fun and free (!) printable alphabet worksheets to use with your preschooler!  Your child will learn the letters A-Z by tracing the letter and a name of an animal that begins with that letter.  Each page also has the uppercase and lowercase letter and an animal beginning with the letter to color.

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Free Tracing Alphabet Worksheets A-Z

Free Printable Alphabet Worksheets

I definitely advocate for hands-on learning activities for the little ones-- age 3 to 6, but I do believe there is a place for worksheets as well.  I definitely use a mix of hands-on activities and worksheets for my young kiddos in our homeschool.  Worksheets aren't all bad; they have gotten a bad rap, I think, because it takes the relational aspect out of teaching.... 

Here child, sit here and do your worksheet..  I'm going to work over here.  

Instead, use this worksheet to sit with your child and work through it together!  Sing the ABC song.  Introduce the letter sound.  Trace the letters.  Color the pictures.  Have fun!

Free Alphabet Tracing Book

Tracing Worksheets A-Z

These printable alphabet pages include a worksheet for every letter of the alphabet.

Your preschooler will trace and color each letter A-Z.  

Each worksheet includes a row of uppercase letters on the top and a row of the lowercase letters on the bottom of the worksheet.  Your child can find and circle or place a manipulative when they find the letter that is on the worksheet.  

There is also an uppercase and lowercase letter that your child can color, or add in some hands-on learning by having your child fill the letter with play dough, buttons, or another small manipulative.  

Your child can color an animal that begins with that letter.

Next are two lines focusing on tracing the letter.  A row of uppercase letters, and a row of lowercase letters.

Then, your child can practice writing the name of the animal that begins with that letter.  

This isn't just a simple, plain ol' boring worksheet...  Nope! This is tracing, coloring, matching the correct letter, and more!  

Free Alphabet Worksheets


  • Printable Alphabet Worksheets

Three Ways to Use these Trace & Color Alphabet Worksheets

Use these printable alphabet pages as consumable coloring/ tracing worksheets.   

Or, if you have a combing system, you could print the letters A-Z and make an alphabet book.  This would be a great option if you follow some type of Letter A Week program.

Or, you can place each worksheet in a dry erase pocket sleeves and use with dry eraser markers or dry erase crayons to re-use this activity another time.  Using a laminating sheet will also protect the pages if you decide to use with play dough or other small manipulatives.

A-Z Alphabet Tracing Pages

Are you ready to teach your child the letters of the alphabet?  I love this mix of tracing and coloring for little learners!

More Hands-on Alphabet Activities and Printables

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Letter Matching Spider Web Activity for Preschoolers

Work on letter matching with this fun spider web activity. Your preschooler will LOVE this sticky wall spider web activity to practice their letter matching skills! 

spider web activity

To learn the letters of the alphabet, young kids need a lot of exposure of the letters through hands-on activities. A fun way to learn the alphabet is with this Letter Matching Spider Web! It's a creative way to make learning the ABC's fun for toddlers and preschoolers!

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But wait! you might say... spiders?!

Yes, spiders!  But fear not, they are felt spiders you can buy at your local craft store.  Spiders are not my jam, but this letter matching activity was a hit with my preschooler!  Look for these orange, black, and purple spiders in the Fall and/or Halloween decor at your local craft store.

This spider learning activity is perfect for the fall months, or when you are compiling activities for a preschool spider theme!

Spider Web Activity


To prep the activity, set aside 26 spiders-- one for each letter of the alphabet.

On a dot sticker, write a letter of the alphabet.  Place a dot sticker on each of the spiders.  Alternatively, you could try to write the letter on the spider.

spider web letter matching

Spider Web Sticky Wall

Spider Web Sticky Wall How-to:

To prepare the sticky spider web, unroll a large piece of contact paper.  Pull the paper backing off carefully and tape the corners of the contact paper onto the wall.  Make sure the sticky side is facing OUT.

With a sharpie marker, draw out a spider web.  I started with a vertical line and then drew a horizontal line through the center.  So now you have a plus sign (+).  Next, draw an two diagonal lines through the center making an X.  In a way you have what reminds me to be a very simple "snowflake" design.

To finish the spider web, connect the lines by making u-like lines.

Are you still with me?!  I apologize in advance, I am no art teacher ; )   Thus now you should have a very simple spider web drawn onto the contact paper.

Finally, write a letter of the alphabet all over and around the spider web.

Spider Web Sticky Wall activity

Letter Matching Spider Web Activity

Alphabet Activity for Preschoolers

With the letter spiders in hand, have your preschooler match the spider to the letter on the spider web!

It's simple and fun.

It's creative and hands-on!

It's a great way to make learning the alphabet fun!

And, who doesn't love to play with contact paper?!  Move over worksheets and flashcards!  Your preschooler will love this Letter Matching Spider Web Activity!

More Contact Paper Activities:

spider web activity

I had my preschooler match uppercase letters to uppercase letters, but you could also work on lowercase letters or uppercase/ lowercase matching.

You might also switch this up to work on shapes, numbers, or even sight words! 

matching spiders to spider web sticky wall

Are you planning on some spider fun with your preschooler?  Add this letter matching activity to your preschool lessons!  And check out more not-so-scary spider activities below:

More Spider Activities: