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Marbled Outer Space Art for Preschoolers

This outer space art activity is sure to delight your little ones!  BUT, not just your preschoolers... I think kids of all ages will have fun with this outer space craft.  I mean, what could be better than marbles and paint?  Grab a few simple supplies and create some fun and unique outer space art!  It'll truly be outta' this world!

outer space art for space theme
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When planning our preschool year a couple years ago, we couldn't not have fun learning math concepts, art, sensory play, and literacy through a SPACE THEME.  Little ones love all things outer space... I do, too!   The sun, moon, and stars show the grandeur of life.... but all that "stuff" is just really cool, too. 

I planned our preschool space theme activities for February, but outer space is fun to explore ALL throughout the year!  And we loved our space theme activities so much we collaborated with some other amazing early childhood mamas and teachers and created SPACE PRESCHOOL LESSON PLANS that contain a collection of 24 kid-approved and fun interactive learning activities perfect for preschool kiddos, aged 3-5.  Go learn more out our Outer Space Preschool Lesson Plans

outer space preschool lesson plans

In addition to our lesson plans, which include two outer space crafts, here is another FUN outer space art activity for your preschooler!

Outer Space Art for Preschoolers

This fun outer space art activity involves paint, but there really isn't any mess involved-- gotta' love that right?!  

Outer Space Supply List :

outer space art supplies

With the supplies listed, get ready to make some fun outer space art that is truly outta this world!!

First, tape the black construction paper to the bottom of your baking pan; this is optional, but may help keep the paper in place.  Our paper was a bit larger than our pan, so we just kinda pressed it around to conform to the sides of the pan... or you can cut the paper smaller.

Next, let your kiddos choose some paint to create "shooting stars."  We went with purple and red.... (I did mention that this space craft is unique! ha!)  Drop the marbles into the pan and if you have a cover, place the lid on.

Here's where it may get crazy, but ask your child to tilt the pan side to side and to shake it front to back and to get the marbles rolling.  

Once your child is done, take the lid off to see all the "stars."  

To finish off the space craft, assemble the moon with the cardboard and tin foil.  This creates more of a 3D effect.  Be watchful of little fingers, and glue the moon onto the marbled construction paper.  ** If you would rather not mess with a glue gun, cut a circle from the foil and glue it down with a glue stick.

Finish this fun marbled outer space art project by gluing confetti stars and/or star stickers.

My preschooler LOVED this outer space craft!


Pair this outer space art with a few books and other activities OR let us do the "work" for you with our SPACE PRESCHOOL LESSON PLANS I mentioned above!  We have a book list of easy to find space theme books and activities for math, literacy, science, gross motor, sensory, and MORE!  

Either way exploring a preschool space theme is a win-win!  


Easy Op Art for Kids

Have fun exploring abstract art with this easy OP ART for kids activity!  Kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens, can have their hand in creating their own one-of-a-kind optical illusion art piece.  Enjoy this easy art activity and may you enjoy a little rabbit trail learning all kinds of things about OP ART.

easy op art for kids
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In a recent newsletter I sent out to all my lovely readers entitled "Do More Art,"  I wanted to simply share that art truly makes the world go round.  Not wanting to be long-winded again, but before sharing links to some easy and fun art activities they [my readers] could find here at Scbool Time Snippets, I said this about art:

'' has been one of the things that magically lifts moods, encourages creativity, and 
brings my kiddos of all ages... TOGETHER!''

Do you find the same to be true in your house?  

Yes, there is mess... but when I embrace it and just roll with it, it has been a sanity saver in this hot mess of a year!  And with all that being said, today I've got a new art activity to share with you that I think you and your kiddos will love.

  • It's easy.
  • It's mess-free.
  • All ages can particpate!
  • It involves optical illusions!!

What is OP ART?

OP ART is short for optical illusion. Typically it involves a black and white image, but sometimes you'll find op art using a play on colors.  In OP ART, artists have used shape, lines, and patterns to create an image with an illusion of movement; it looks like it is moving, twisting, blinking, etc, but it is NOT.  OP ART is an illusion- a trick- on the eyes. 

I think many of us shy away from wanting to learn about art, perhaps because what we were taught long ago never interested us, or we think of "art" as only the masters from long long ago.  Truly, I think there is a form of art that will speak to everyone.

OP ART started in the 1960s spear-headed by artists, Briget Riley and Victor Vasarely.  Do a simple internet search to explore this type of art.  

I think most kids will love the "tricks" this type of art creates.  

All right, ready to create your own?!

Easy OP ART for Kids

Seriously, this easy OP ART for kids activity is for everyone!  Anyone can do this and create a fun and unique piece of art.  Not to single you out, but it's especially for the moms/ teacher that are art newbies and hate messes...  you know who you are. 


  • OP ART printable
  • pencil
  • various shapes

how to make easy op art for kids

Make Your Own Easy Op Art

Begin gathering your supplies from around the house.  

Search around the house for different materials to create your shapes-- grab a bowl, cup, puzzle piece, magnatile block, etc!  Pick one object or many objects of various sizes.... remember, YOU (or your kiddo) are the artist.  There is no right or wrong.  

Print out TWO OP ART printables for each child.  The colorful cardstock is optional, but I think it will give this easy art project an extra POP!

tracing shapes to create easy op art for kids project

Turn one of the OP ART printables backwards, so that the side with the black and white lines is facing down.  Place the shapes on the paper and trace around the shapes with a pencil.  

After tracing your shapes, cut the out with scissors.  If littles are around, make sure you have a pair of blunt scissors.  And to sneak in fine motor skills, encourage your young child to cut the shapes out. 

easy op art for kids

Now with your shapes cut out, arrange them on the other OP ART printable.  Layer them.. spread them out... tilt them-- again, design your optical illusion piece to YOUR liking! 

Once you're are happy with the arrangement of your shapes, glue them in place.

Don't you just love easy art projects?!!

Just print, cut, and paste!

easy op art for kids printable

As I mentioned above, it's completely optional but I cut around my daughter's OP ART piece and glued it onto a piece of cardstock.  

Doesn't it look great?!  

This easy op art for kids activity is simple enough to add as a "morning basket" activity for all my fellow homeschoolers, an introduction piece to famous artists for an art unit study, or simply just because!

Grab your OP ART printable NOW!

This easy OP ART for kids activity was inspired by Art John.

If you find yourself wanting to "DO MORE ART," too, check out these other easy art ideas you'll find here:

Sequencing Stick Brown Bear Brown Bear Printables

Teach colors and sequencing skills with the story, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?  This sequencing activity quickly became a favorite with my little one!  Just assemble the activity from our brown bear brown bear printables and have fun learning today with your toddler and/or preschooler!

brown bear brown bear printables
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The book Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? just got added to my toddler's must-read-every-time-mom-sits-down book list.  Your toddler have one of those, too?!  

I love books.  

And it makes my heart soooooo happy to see her on the couch flipping through a story pretending to read.  

However, when it's the only thing she wants me to read... I digress.  Although, it was my fault as I was the one that introduced her to this story with these brown bear activities I set up for her! 

Brown Bear Brown Bear Printables 

To add this sequencing activity to your list of brown bear activities, just print and play!

Well, there are a few more steps involved, but I've got you covered with brown bear printables!

brown bear activities - sequencing stick


  • paint stick (preferably painted)

Brown Bear Brown Bear Activities - Story Sequencing

Begin setting up one of our brown bear activities by printing and laminating our sequencing worksheet. 

** Even though the white dog is set against a grayish background, it may still be hard to see at first glance.  So you may wish to add a red collar to its neck with a marker preferably before laminating-- although if with a sharpie, after works too!

Cut out the brown bear and the circles below.  

Attach the brown bear to the paint stick and the circles to the clothespins with a glue gun. *Be watchful of little hands (and your own!) while using the glue gun-- hot glue hurts!

brown bear sequencing activity

To add an element of self-correction, you can also color a small dot along the paint stick where each clothespin should go with a marker.  

Once the activity is set up, call over your little one for storytime.  Whether you use this as a time to snuggle your little one(s) on the couch or for circle time amongst several littles, get your reading voice ready to perhaps read the book several times over. 

Either present the activity before or after reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See 

toddler fine motor activity

My little one was eager to clip the clothespins AS we read the story, however in its simplicity, Brown Bear, Brown Bear's text can easily memorized to be used without the book.  In fact, have your toddler or preschooler re-tell the story as he/ she takes the clothespins OFF the paintstick! 

This brown bear activity is a fun way to work on: 

color recognition

sequencing skills

fine motor skills

Brown Bear Activities - Ways to Further Skills: Ask....

  • What color is the bird?
  • What comes after the purple cat?
  • What did the bear see first?
  • What/ Who did the bear see last? 
Enjoy a simple way to learn and play with your kiddo(s) TODAY! 

brown bear printables pdf

Thanks for stopping by!  Want to add this to your favorite brown bear activities?  

Grab the printable here >>  Brown Bear Sequencing Printable 

Also if you and/or your little one LOVED this type of activity.... I've got You!   Head over to our sequencing activity for The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

More Bear Activities to do with your Toddler and/or Preschooler:

If you've made it to the end of this post, bless your heart!! I'd love for you to stick with me & become a subscriber! To say THANK YOU, I've created three more brown bear printables to go along with today's activity!  

brown bear printables

If you love literature based learning activities, check out our Preschool Lesson Plans!  We collaborated with a few other amazing early childhood teachers and homeschool moms to create a bundle of 20 different preschool themes!   Our brown bear activity would be a fun addition to our Animals Preschool Lesson Plans .  

  • Literature based
  • hands-on activities
  • digital downloads included
  • activities covering math, gross motor, literacy, & more!

Learn more HERE

Animals Preschool Lesson Plans

Tracing Shapes Pumpkin Worksheet

Practice drawing different shapes with the help of these hands-on and simple pumpkin worksheets!  Your preschool or Kindergarten age student will trace around each shape and then doodle a face, which makes for a FUN way to practice shape recognition! These tracing worksheets are great for a pumpkin theme this October or November-- just print and learn! 

shapes tracing pumpkin worksheets
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Pumpkin Worksheet

I wanted to create a simple, hands-on activity for my kiddos to practice tracing shapes.  And with pumpkin season around the corner... this pumpkin worksheet was created! Your student will learn shape recognition with this FUN pumpkin printable activity-- a great way to sneak in math! 

This pumpkin worksheet will have your child tracing your basic shapes- circle, square, rectangle, etc.  and a a few shapes that require more fine motor control like an star, pentagon, and diamond.  

Pumpkin Math Worksheets

There are two worksheets included in this printable set.  Choose to print one or both and trace away.  

I put our pumpkin worksheets in a page protector and had my kiddos use a dry erase pen so that we could re-use the activity throughout the week.  

  • dry erase marker
  • page protector
tracing shapes math worksheets

To extend this activity, once your child has traced around each shape, have fun creating pumpkin faces!  

Add more shapes and designs to create your own silly jack-o-lantern faces.  Make them mad, sad, happy, or a combination of them all! 

This is such a simple way to make shape recognition FUN and hands-on! 

pumpkin worksheets

For more pumpkin theme ideas to share with your preschool or kindergarten kiddo, add in a book, special treat, and some more FUN activities from hands-on activities to pumpkin worksheets-- we've got something for you!

pumpkin math worksheets tracing shapes

Ready to add these fun pumpkin worksheets to your "school" day?  Just print & learn! 

Grab your FREE printable here >> Tracing Shapes Pumpkin Math Worksheets 

And if you wanna keep in touch and get access to ALL our free printables, sign up below!

Apple Color Words Printable

Apple picking season is in full swing over here, so in keeping with an apple theme I've created a simple way to teach and reinforce color names with a new printable for you! Check out this apple color words printable you can use with your preschool or Kindergarten kiddo(s)!

apple color words printable
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We have many fun apple picking memories from picking alongside some mom friends, with grandparents, and our co-op.  Around here several farms do not charge an entrance fee, but if you want to go into the fields EVERYONE in the party has to pay for a bag of apples.  Once loaded into the car and brought home it never ceases to amaze me how FAST we go through 5+ bags of apples in a matter of weeks.... and that is simply by eating them! 

The apples never turn themselves into a freshly baked pie or applesauce.  It is straight up eating around here and/or apples dipped into a glob of peanut butter-- nothing fancy! 

But all that to say that this apple color words printable is perfect for this apple picking season! 

Teach your child color words with this color and trace printable.  One version includes the color word IN color and I've also included a regular black and white version.  With this color words printable, your child will work on recognizing colors, reading the color word, and practicing letter formation by tracing the word.  

Enjoy adding this activity to your apple themed activities! 

Apple Color Words Printable 

Just print the worksheet and provide your child with some type of material to color and trace the words with:

color words printable worksheet

Apple Extension Ideas

"Apples" are a fun fall theme to plan your learning activities around.  If you are familiar with Five in a Row, check out the fun we had with How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. 

Along with this apple color words printable, you might enjoy these fun apple activities:

apple color words printable

Color Names Worksheet

As I mentioned above, this apple color words worksheet includes a version with colored words and one for older students that has plain black text.  

Both versions allow your child to color in the apple and trace the color word.

Enjoy this simple learning activity today!  Just print, color, & trace! 

teaching color words to Kindergarten

For a more hands-on, tactile learner here is another way to teach color words using clothespins

Grab this freebie here >> Apple Color Words Printable 

  • for personal use only
  • this printable activity cannot be sold, reproduced, copied, altered or hosted on another website retrieval system
  • please read terms of use included in download

And if you are looking for more fun fall themed activities that promote play based learning to do with your preschooler, check out our FALL PRESCHOOL LESSON PLANS!  

Like all our individual units, our Fall Unit includes a variety of
activities in literacy, math, sensory exploration, craft, science,
social studies, gross motor and social / emotional well being. Developed
by a team of teachers and parents, these activities have been carefully
crafted and kid tested! From applesauce oobleck to leafy names to pumpkin hopping.... your preschooler will have fun learning and playing!!

fall preschool lesson plans