6 Playful Learning Monster Activities Kids Will Love!


If you are planning on some having some monster-themed fun with your preschooler soon, my Creative Preschool friends and I have 6 great learn and play monster themed activities for you!  

Do one or do them all! 

 Hope you have some monster fun!
playful preschool monster activities

Creative Preschool Monster Theme

After reading the WhatIf Monster, your preschooler will love creating their own painted monster | Jonathan James and the WhatIf Monster

preschool monster craft

Have fun turning your family members into monsters with this fun and creative idea! | Spooky Monster Family Portraits

preschool monster craft

Grab your Do A Dot markers {a must have art supply} and stickers for this simple and creative invitation to create a monster! | Monstrous Creative Drawing Challenge for Kids

creative preschool monster activity

Learning with googly eyes is so much fun! Practice simple addition with this monster themed printable | Monster Eyes Counting Game

preschool monster math printable

Practice making real and non-sense monster words with this cute Monster Mumbles printable | Monster Mumbles Phonics Game

preschool phonics monster printable

These fun monster printable, make a creative play activity great for quiet time and/or a busy bag | Mix and Match Magnetic Monsters

preschool monster printable

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