Simple Halloween Glue Crafts


Kids love glue!  So why not work on fine motor skills with this simple Halloween Craft! 

This past week we decided to make some simple Halloween designs using a material that is perfect for working on fine motor skills-- glue!  I think my children were in heaven-- they LOVE working with glue.  

Besides me, who doesn't love a good ooey-gooey sticky mess? 

Well, thankfully it wasn't too messy and it was a simple craft preschoolers and older kiddos can work on together.

In the end, we decided to send them in the mail to family members!

Simple Halloween Crafts

If you decide to practice fine motor skills with this activity, I'd love to know what you did with your crafts in the end--  mail them out to family and friends? Frame them?  Get crafty and turn the Halloween designs into a banner?

Simple Halloween Crafts

Halloween Glue Crafts Supplies

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** You could eliminate the glue and just use colored puffy paint, however if you do not have that on hand, you will need to add black paint to your glue to make 'black glue' and add white paint to your glue to make 'white glue.'

If you don't add white paint to your glue, chances are the glue will dry clear!

halloween crafts using glue

Pick a few Halloween-ish items and draw them onto colored card stock with a pencil.

We chose a mummy, Frankenstein, candy corn, a ghost, pumpkin, and bats.

Other options could be:

  • haunted house
  • owl
  • Halloween Words (Trick or Treat!  Boo! etc)

Encourage your child to follow over the image you drew with glue.

This activity is great for patience, hand-eye coordination, and squeezing of the glue bottle!

simple halloween craft

Add some googly eyes, if necessary and wait for it to dry!

simple halloween craft

Here's some more Fine Motor fun!! 


  1. We've never tried glue crafts! This looks like fun!

  2. Wow those are so cute and fun looking!! What a cool idea!

  3. Georgina @ Craftulate10:22 AM, October 10, 2014

    These look great - funny how I would have never thought to add white paint to white glue!!

  4. These come out great - I never thought of glue crafts either! My daughter loves glue! :)

  5. These are cute! They would be perfect for a banner or trunk-or-treat decorations!

  6. I'll be sure to check my mailbox!!!!! Love !!!!


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