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Fractions BINGO Game: {Free Printable Gameboards}

You could teach fractions by making a mess in the kitchen, but sometimes mama just doesn't want to deal with that.  Next best option-- play a game!  Games make learning a new concept way more fun!

I decided to reinforce what he knows by creating a fun Fractions Bingo Game! Fractions Bingo is the perfect way to add in a STEM themed activity to your daily homeschool learning tasks for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade!

hands on fractions printable

Cool Math Game for Kids

My son LOVES playing games and this isn't just a put a chip on the square type Bingo game, you will actually be filling in the fractions to get a Bingo!  Take a peek at over 30 more math inspired activities we have shared over the past few years!

printable fractions game

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To play you'll need:

  1. printable game board for each player
  2. dice
  3. Pencils {we used Crayola's Erasable Colored Pencils}

{To save on printing or using more than once, I suggest using a laminator and dry erase markers}.

To play roll the dice; reinforce words such as numerator and denominator.

If a 2 and 4 are rolled, color in 2/4's of the circle cut in fourths OR an older child might realize that it is also the same as 1/2.  Similar conversions can be made with a whole circle.

For instance, if a two 6's were rolled, one might realize that that equals a whole circle.  

First to get five in a row, wins!  Have fun playing!

printable fractions game

**Click to Download the Fractions Bingo Game**

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hands on fractions printable

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