Playdough Geometry: Exploring 2D & 3D Shapes

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I love making learning fun in our homeschool...I try anyways! In an effort to do that, I fine myself online alot looking for inspiration.  My search led me to TeachersPayTeachers  where I found some cute printable shapes cards. And decide right then we had to use them!

You just need a few materials and you are ready for some hands-on geometry exploring shapes for your preschooler or elementary aged student!
hands-on geometry fr kids
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Hands-on Geometry Activity 


Using play dough and craft sticks is a great hands-on way to explore geometry-- the study of shapes, lines, and patterns!  Great for fine motor skills, too!  Not to mention that it is just plain FUN!

Print and laminate the Shape Cards

Grab a tub or two of play dough and a stash of craft sticks {ours came from CraftProjectIdeas}.

Start with one of the shape cards and manipulate the playdough to make several balls. Next add in the craft sticks and continue until your shape is made!  
hands-on geometry for kids

I worked on some basic shapes with Little Sis-- the triangle, square, and rhombus; this was also a great opportunity to expand her language as we typically call a rhombus a diamond.

Big Brother went to work building a hexagon and then kept building off of it!
hands-on geometry for kids

Here's his completed play dough and craft stick sculpture!  Pretty cool!
hands-on geometry for kids

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