Winter Scissor Skills Craft: Build a Snowman!

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Little Sis has been wanting to make a snowman outside, but it's been so gosh darn cold and windy, that we haven't ventured out long enough to make one {and hey, I am not complaining!}.   So, I made up a very simple snowman craft involving plenty of fine motor skills practice.  The snowman craft included gluing, manipulating small googly eyes, and involved plenty of scissor skills practice.
To prep the activity, grab a few pieces of construction paper, scissors, black buttons, glue, pen, and googly eyes.  On each piece of paper, I drew a different part of the snowman.

On a white sheet of paper, I drew three circles of different sizes.  
orange paper = triangular nose
red paper = scarf {two long rectangles}
black paper = hat {square, rectangle}
First I had little Sis cut out the shapes from each piece of paper. 
Next, we began building our snowman.

We worked on differentiating the sizes of he circles and put the largest on the bottom and smallest on the top.

Once our snowman was built, we added three black buttons, two googly eyes, a carrot nose, red scarf, black hat, and Little Sis drew in a smile!
I think it turned out pretty cute!  

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