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Snowman Mini Eraser Grid Game

Make math fun for your preschooler with this low-prep grid game.  Add some snowman mini eraser manipulatives and you've got a hands-on way to work on math skills this winter.  It's the perfect addition to your math center and/or to reinforce basic math skills in your homeschool!

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mini eraser grid game

My kiddos are always finding ways to challenge each other and turn any sort of activity into a game; they must have gotten their competivite spirits from their dad! ; )  So why not sneak in some learning concepts, too?! 

This winter math game is a great way to work on counting, addition, 1:1 correspondence, fine motor skills, and more!   Add in little snowman mini erasers, and who could resist playing a game or two?

Mini Eraser Math Game


Depending on how the game is set up, it can either be played as a one or multi-plater game.

How to Play:
The game is easy!

To set up the game, I recommend laminating the printable for durability and to be re-used later, or else sticky hands, messy table, or a paper happy toddler could make a mess of it!

If setting this grid game up for one child, give them a bowl of snowman mini erasers and a die.  I picked up our snowman mini erasers last year, but any set of mini erasers would work.  Or you could use buttons, pom poms, or Do A Dot markers.

Have your child roll the die, add that many mini erasers to the board, and continue until the board is all filled up.

preschool grid game

If playing with more than one player, turn this mini eraser math game into a race!  Who can make it to 20, first?

My kids love simple games like this!

Now, fair warning as with more kiddos there is a LOT more excitement over rolling the die, so a good way to combat a runaway die is to place it in a clear container.  Otherwise, you'll have kiddos under the table, on the floor, or even in another room calling out what number he/she just rolled.

...  (not that I have any experience with that sort of thing!!  ha!)

snowman mini eraser math game

Just roll and add mini erasers to the grid, doesn't get any simpler than that!!

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Trace A Snowman Fine Motor Skills Activity


This tracing lines snowman activity is a great way to help your preschooler practice tracing lines and hone those fine motor skills.  And what fun, to create a snowman in the process?!

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tracing lines snowman printable activity

Your preschooler will practice making basic shapes such as circles, rectangles, and squares.  He/she will trace along the dotted lines to create a snowman.  It is a great way to sneak in working on fine motor skills, especially if your little one is still reluctant to drawing letters and numbers.

Make tracing fun with this Trace A Snowman Activity!

Fine Motor Skills for Kids


This tracing lines printable is low-prep, so just print off the worksheet and give your preschooler some markers!  

Thin-tipped markers work the best, and when I let them, my kiddos love to use sharpies.

tracing lines snowman for fine motor skills

With a colorful set of sharpies, our snowman became... well, quite colorful!

Your preschooler will trace a variety of shapes of all different sizes- large and small circles for the snowman's body and buttons, rectangles for the snowman's arms and hat, and more!

Such a fun and easy way to work on learning shapes and tracing lines!

fine motor skills tracing lines printable

Fine Motor Skills.

Hand-Eye Coordination.

Shape Recognition.

Pencil (Marker) Control.

... are just a few skills your preschooler will work on in this simple winter activity!

After your preschooler finishes tracing his/her snowman, try one of these other winter fine motor skills activities:

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Snowball Number Recognition Game


When the first snow falls, a timeless winter story to snuggle up and read together is The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  It's a simple and endearing story of a little boy named Peter and his adventures during what seem to be the first big snow.

One of Peter's adventures was getting caught up in a snowball fight with some older boys.  Thus it inspired me to create a simple number game to share with you all!

I created the game for my little one who was still learning to recognize the numbers 1-5, however you can choose to substitute any other numbers your child is still learning and/or use letters, instead.

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Winter Math Game - Number Recognition

The first snowfall is always magical, don't you agree?!  I love when the snowflakes are so large and pouring down as I watch from the inside because it feels like I am in a snow globe.  I am completely content watching the snow from the inside.  My kids on the other hand....

They LOVE the snow and will beg endlessly for me to let them bundle up to play outside and try to catch a snowflake or two.  And truth be told, I just love their delight in something so simple it is hard to say "no," so I help them layer and bundle and they happily run around and explore in the freezing cold.

Minutes later they come scrambling inside tearing off their jackets, gloves, hats, etc. and request hot cocoa!  Now that I am thinking of it, that is probably the reason they love to go outside... the hot cocoa afterwards!!

Anyways, we joined up with the other members of the Virtual Book Club to bring you all kinds of winter activities and fun inspired by The Snowy Day.

Winter Numbers Game


Again, I set this activity up to work on number recognition, but it can also be adapted to work on letters, shapes, etc.

The Snowy Day Number Game Set-up:

First cut out five circles from white foam to represent the snowball fight in the story.  On each snowball, write a number 1-5 with a sharpie marker.

From red scrapbook or construction paper, free hand and cut out a body shape to look like Peter's.  

Winter Math Game

To work on recognizing the numbers 1-5, I placed the numbered snowballs on the table and my little one and I said each number together while I pointed to each one.

I had my little one close their eyes (no peeking!!) while I hid Peter under one of the snowballs.

My child's job was to say the number of the snowball he thought Peter was hiding under.

Preschool Number Recognition Game

"Oops!  He is not under number 4!!"

Have your child continue guessing which number Peter may be under until you find him.

If your child resorts to pointing to the number, encourage his/her to say the number word.  If they seem to have forgotten the number, count through the snowballs again to help jog their memory of what numeral they pointed to.

Take turns having your child hide Peter under a number and you having to guess where he could be.  My kids love trying to trick me : )

Continue playing until the child is no longer interested, and save the activity for another day!

"Number 5..."
"There he is!"

Winter Numbers Game - The Snowy Day

This simple game is a fun and playful way to get your child recognizing numbers!  Enjoy!!

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FREE Penguin Ten Frame Counting Mats

Build number sense with these adorable Penguin Ten Frame Counting Mats.  These printable counting mats will help work on number recognition, counting, 1:1 correspondence, fine motor skills, and number word recognition.

Use them with your child to work on numbers 1-10.

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Penguin Ten Frames Counting Mats

I think penguins are one of the cutest and most fun animals to watch.  A few years ago, we were able to see a real penguin at our local shopping mall when SeaWorld did a tour promoting their new Arctic exhibit.  I had Big Brother doing all kinds of fun penguin themed learning activities that week!

These Penguin Ten Frames would have been a great addition to our week reinforcing counting, 1:1 correspondence, fine motor skills, number recognition, and more!

Preschool Ten Frames Counting Mats


I love love love my laminating machine; it was a Christmas present to myself several years ago and it's still going strong.  It saved many printables to re-use with my younger kiddos and also kept messy hands and/or tables from ruining the printable.  However, it is totally optional... but just in case you weren't sure, I love love love my laminator ; ) It's a great and much-used tool in our homeschool!!

Anyways, laminate and cut out each counting mat. 

Provide some type of manipulative for your child to use with the ten frame printable:

Using small manipulatives are a great way to also sneak in fine motor skills!

ten frame counting mats

Set the ten frame counting cards and manipulatives out at your math center or school table.  Have your child work in numerical order or pick a random number to begin with.

Have your child then place that many manipulatives onto the ten frame.

For instance, with the number 4, have the child say the number /4/, spell out the word /f-o-u-r/, and then count out four squares on the ten frame.

Then have the child make four balls of playdough and lay one ball in each square to represent four.

ten frame counting printable activity

Printable ten frame counting cards are great for visual and tactile learners.  They will be able to see and touch what each number represents.

You could also provide the child with a dry eraser marker and have him/her spell the word.

counting with ten frame printables

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And these Penguin Poppers will surely add some fun to your week!

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Penguin Roll & Cover Numbers Game


Tis the season for "winter-y" learning themes-- snow, polar bears, mittens, and... penguins!  Your child will love playing this simple Penguin Roll & Cover Math Game this winter.  It's a fun, hands-on way for your child to build number sense such as number recognition and counting!

And bonus that it is LOW PREP for you- the teacher and/or parent!

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Penguin Roll & Cover Numbers Game

Roll & Cover Math Game

An easy way to make learning fun is to turn activities into games, and we have created a number of games for various learning concepts.  Some of my favorites include:
This BINGO game to teach and reinforce reading word families.
Our Hungry Caterpillar Clothespin Game to work on fine motor skills.
Going on a Name Hunt Game to work on name recognition.
Alphabet Basketball was a super fun way to learn the letters of the alphabet.

And, if teaching your child the numbers through 12, play this Roll & Cover Math Game!


Penguin Number Sense Game

Young children will love learning and reinforcing the numbers 1-6 or 7-12 with these penguin themed math games.  I mean, goldfish are involved... what kiddo doesn't like goldfish ; )

How to Play:

This low-prep game is super easy.  To work on numbers 1-6, simply roll a die, find the matching numeral on the printable and place a goldfish in the circle.  

If playing with numbers 7-12, grab two dice.  Roll the dice, add the numbers together, and cover the matching number with a goldfish.

Continue until all the numbers are covered with goldfish.

During this game, your child will be working on building number sense-- one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, counting (if using a dotted die), and addition (if working on numbers 7-12).

Penguin Theme Math Worksheet

I've included two Penguin Roll and Cover Games for each set so that it can either be played as a one or two player game.

If playing a two player game, the first person to cover their gameboard with goldfish wins!

Another way to play:

Play the Penguin Roll & Cover game as a traditional "BUMP" game with multi-colored goldfish and use one gameboard.  Each player uses a certain colored goldfish.

Player one rolls the die/dice and placed a goldfish on the matching number.  Player 2 takes a turn.  Now, you must put two goldfish on each number to "claim" the spot.

Thus, if Player 1 rolls a 3 and places a goldfish there, but Player 2 rolls a 3.  Player 2 can take Player 1's goldfish off the number and cover it with their goldfish.

Continue playing until all the numbers have been claimed by two same colored fish.  Whoever has the most circles covered, wins!

I hope your children enjoy this simple winter math game!  These adorable Penguin Roll & Cover game and goldfish "manipulatives" are sure to be a big hit!

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