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Easy Gift Kids Can Make: Colored Golf Balls


Have a golf lover in the family?  We do and it is not me;  I don't know a thing about golf!  

But my kids "Papa" does.  He is swinging his golf clubs any chance he gets, and now he'll be sportin' the fanciest, most colorful balls out on the golf course thanks to my kiddos.

If you need an easy kid-made gift for the golfer in your family, grab some markers and have your children get creative!  
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kid made gift idea

I took my kiddos love of drawing and instead of creating on paper, I had them make designs on papa's Christmas present-- a box of golf balls!!

Easy Kid Made Gift Idea

This easy and simple kid-made gift is great for kiddos of all ages!  My 9, 5, and 4 year old drew these lovely, colorful designs, and even dug out some golf balls from daddy's golf bag to color, too!!

Turn those boring white balls into pieces of art!


kid made gift idea

I can't wait to see the look of surprise on Papa's face!  Not just because of the amazingly colorful golf balls that will be his, but because I boxed them up in an empty egg carton!  

Anyone want a dozen eggs, I mean golf balls for Christmas?!  Ha!

kid made gift

Create some lovely designs or have your kiddos color without rhyme or reason.

I simply set the golf balls and a can of sharpies on the table and had my kiddos draw and color however they wanted to.

kid made gift

We have a mix of swirls, a few monochromatic golf balls, stripes, etc!

I hope Papa enjoys the golf balls as much as my kiddos enjoyed coloring them!

Next time your are at the golf course, watch out for one of these colorful balls flying your way!

Or maybe I should've also bought this golf ball display for his office?!  We wouldn't want to make the other golfers playing the course to feel a bit left out because they are stuck swinging boring white golf balls!  Know what I mean?!!!!

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Winter Writing Tray & Printable Alphabet Cards


Try this fun snowy day inspired writing tray with your little ones today!

Many times when I am out and about and see something that I could use for our homeschool learning crafts and/or activities, I typically end up buying it because when I don't is when I am soon filled with regret that I wished I had bought it...  know what I mean?!  

It's like that cool find at an antique store or a place like, HomeGoods.  When you see something that catches your eye, buy it.... because it may not be there when you go back, IF you make it back.  And with four kiddos, making daily trips to the store is just not something I want to do. 

Snowy Day winter activity for kids

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So with that backstory in your mind, I picked up this snow-like "fluff'' at a craft store back at the end of September, and stored it high up in our school room closet.  I almost forgot about it if it had not been for the Virtual Book Club's Winter theme inspired by the book, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.

Winter Pre-Writing Activity

It is a book I had read to my oldest several times, but Little Sis and Little Brother had yet to hear it.

After reading The Snowy Day, I made a simple snow day inspired writing tray with the snow-like fluff I picked up months ago.

prewriting activity for kids

With cute snowflake clipart from Chirp Graphics, I created alphabet cards so that Little Brother could practice recognizing and writing the letters of the alphabet.

On each card is an uppercase and lowercase letter.

writing tray for kids

I poured the snow like fluff in a deep tray {kept from a Melissa & Doug toy} and laminated and printed the alphabet cards.  I cut them all out and presented them along with the snow filled tray.

Little Brother went right to work practicing making the uppercase letters in the "snow."

Another way to use these printable alphabet cards is to present them to your child with a dry erase marker.  The font used leaves room that your child may trace the inside of each letter for more practice!

You could also use these printable alphabet cards to practice alphabetical order, a hide-n-seek game, etc. etc!

If you find another way to use these cards, please share!  I'd love to hear your creative ideas, too!

Enjoy some snowy day alphabet fun!

Print your Snowy Day Alphabet Cards Now!
*for personal use only.
*do not attempt to alter, re-sell, mass distribute, copy, and/or claim work as your own.
*clipart licensed to Chirp Graphics.
*font licensed to Robyn Hyndman.

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Preschool Turkey Busy Bag with Printable Task Cards


Today I am excited to share our latest busy bag activity with you; it is a great activity to also work on your little one's fine motor skills.  Keep reading to learn more about our Beaded Turkey Patterns Busy Bag.  

I've included some printable task cards below to make this activity re-useable, so check those out, too!
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preschool turkey busy bag idea

This activity was fitting for our Playful Preschool Turkey Theme!  To make this activity yourself, you'll need to first assemble your turkey, so gather:

Preschool Turkey Busy Bag Activity

With the items listed above, paint the stryrofoam ball brown.  

Once dried, add googly eyes, triangular shaped beak, and red yarn.  To keep the stryrofoam ball from rolling around, I cut off a bit at the bottom so that the turkey would sit flat on the table.  

Next add your toothpicks.  If assembling the turkey isn't do-able, just use play dough instead!

Along with the styrofoam turkey, provide a small cup of pony beads and the task cards for your child to complete the turkey patterns.  

Encourage them to build the patterns. 

 For an older child, see if he/she can build the next sequence!
preschool patterns printable task cards
And I highly recommend you laminate the task cards for future use; this activity can be thrown in a resealable bag and it makes for a great busy bag activity to pull out when you need your child to do something on his/her own!  

Click through for the printable Turkey Patterns Task Cards {and please follow proper downloading etiquette.  

Do not share the link, but encourage others to stop over here! Thanks!!}

For more Turkey Fun....
preschool patterning activity

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Transportation I SPY & Graph Printable

Have a kiddo who is all about planes, trains, and automobiles?  He or she will love our latest I SPY & Graph printable worksheet!!  It's filled with fun, bright transportation images-- cars, boats, and planes!

How many of each picture can you find?  Just count and graph!

transportation counting worksheet
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Silly me! Although our printable doesn't include trains, grab the book Freight Train to read before or after this activity!  We just picked up a copy for ourselves at a local book sale and it has quickly become a favorite!  It's the book of the week for the Virtual 'Book Club, too!

And since we are talking about all things that go, did you know along with 11 other talented teachers and homeschooling mamas, I've created a bundle of 20 Preschool Unit Lesson Plans?!  If you have a transportation loving preschooler, we have a unit JUST on transportation!

Preschool Unit Lesson Plans

"Get ready for fun and learning with preschool unit lesson plans for Transportation. This thematic unit is packed with literature based activities that are easy to prepare and fun to implement.

- Explore a variety of themed hands-on activities!

- Build vocabulary and early literacy skills with songs and games!

- Get learners ready for school with printable pages!"

Inside the Transporation  Preschool Unit Lesson Plan are 24 interactive lesson plans for young children.  Activities cover literacy, math, art, sensory, science exploration, and more!!  

Transportation Preschool Unit Lesson Plans

Add this Transportation I SPY & Graph Worksheet to our Transporation Preschool Unit Lesson Plans for a good time learning with planes, trains, and automobiles!!

Preschool Transportation Worksheet

Our Transportation I SPY & Graph worksheet follows the same outline of our other popular graphing worksheets:

Just count each item you find and mark each one on the graph.

Grab a Do A Dot marker or writing utensil to mark the graph.

After the child has counted and graphed each picture, talk about the results:
  • Ask the child about what transportation image he/she found the most of/ the least of...  
  • How many more of X would you need to make 10?
  • Do any images have the same number? 
  • If the child is ready for simple addition questions, ask "How many boats and airplanes did you find?" etc... 
I did not make a printable answer key, so here you go.  Your child should find:
5 red cars
4 green boats
7 yellow cars
2 orange boats
1 airplane


This cute, colorful transportation clipart is licensed to ReviDevi.
Please do not alter, copy, sell, distribute this printable worksheet.
For personal use only.

Click to Download & Print our Transportation I SPY & Graph Printable

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Clothespin Patterns: An Easy Preschool Busy Bag Idea


Help little ones understand patterning with these easy to make Pattern Sticks.

This Clothespins Patterns Activity is a wonderful way to sneak in fine motor and patterning skills.  It's perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners.

making patterns busy bag for kids

Preschool Busy Bag Idea

This activity turns into a great busy bag, so after you are done using it for the day, zip it up in a small bag or box to be stored away until another day.  It'll make a great activity to bring along on long car rides, times you know you be waiting around, etc. 

hands-on preschool patterns idea

To make your own clothespin pattern sticks, head on over to 123Homeschool4Me to learn more!

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