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Tissue Paper Pot of Gold Rainbow Craft

A couple of days of random spring like weather, put me in a mood to set up some rainbow crafts with the kids.

Think spring with me!

Maybe if we all craft enough rainbows and flowers and other spring-y things, warmer weather will come....  now.

tissue paper rainbow craft
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This Pot of Gold Tissue Paper Rainbow craft is an easy way to add some color to your refrigerator or wherever you choose to display your child's artwork. 

Gather the kiddos and work on fine motor skills as you create a colorful tissue paper rainbow.

  • Pot of Gold Template
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Rainbow Craft for Kids

Prep the activity by cutting small squares of colored tissue paper to make the rainbow.

Lay out the tissue paper squares, glue, and Pot of Gold printable template and invite your kiddos over to create a rainbow.

Easy tissue paper rainbow craft for kids 

The rainbow has rays for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple-- however, most likely you won't have those colors in a pack of tissue paper.  So!  You'll need to figure out what colors you would like to double up.

We did two rays of red and a light blue and a dark blue ray.

Tissue Paper Fine Motor Skills Rainbow Craft

Once you have figured out the colors you will use for your rainbow and how many streaks of each color, add some glue to the printable.

Then begin pinching and scrunching the tissue paper and place it on the glue.

Continue until the rainbow is complete with scrunched tissue paper.

easy rainbow tissue paper rainbow craft

After your Pot of Gold Rainbow craft is finished, you could cut it out and glue it on another piece of construction paper.

Or, it would be cute to add your child's name by writing, "____'s Pot of Gold" in the top corner.

Hope you have fun scrunching away with this colorful rainbow craft!

Think spring with some of our favorite rainbow activities:

>> Printable Pot of Gold Template<<

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Syllable Punch Cards Literacy Activity

Syllables can be a tricky concept to teach.  I think this is one concept that is better understood through hands-on practice and exposure. When introducing syllables, I teach my children to listen for sound "chunks" within a word.   

Once the concept has been introduced, help your child learn to recognize syllables with this hands-on syllable counting activity. 

how to teach syllable counting to kids

Every word have one or more "chunks;" sometimes hearing and breaking the word up into syllables is easy, but for finding the rhythm in other words, you may need to resort to clapping and/or putting your hand under your chin and counting how many times your mouth drops down {opens}.

 Learning how to count syllables will help your child improve his/her reading and spelling skills.  It is a fun activity that will also sneak in strengthening those fine motor skills!

Hands-on Reading Activity for Kids

To reinforce the teaching of syllables, I made these DIY syllable punch cards using a few materials from our craft/ school room closet.

Head on over to 123Homeschool4Me to read more about these Syllable Punch Cards

If your child is struggling to understand syllables, here are a couple more ways to practice:

5 Awesome Snowflake Projects

If the kiddos are stuck inside because of the snow and/or cold, have fun with one or all of these awesome snowflake activities!

They will surely keep your kiddos minds off being stuck inside and put their hands to work in creative ways.

Enjoy a messy craft, STEM challenge, or fine motor skills activity.... or do them all!
snowflake crafts for kids
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Snowflake Projects for Kids

Tie Dye Coffee Filter Snowflakes- Give this classic winter craft a colorful twist by adding some color!  My kiddos adored getting a little messy and creating these colorful snowflakes!

Printable Build a Snowflake Task Cards - These printable task cards will give your kiddos a fun and challenging brain break from their studies and work on strengthening fine motor skills at the same time!  This fun activity was part of our Fine Motor Fridays Series.

Sparkly Tape Resist Snowflake- I love the reaction when the final product of a tape resist project is revealed!  Our tape resist snowflakes make an appearance on the wall every winter!  This is an easy and messy project to do when you are stuck inside.

DIY Puffy Paint Window Clings- Enjoy making this craft after reading Snowflake Bentley.  Did you know that no two snowflakes are the same?! This activity allows you to enjoy the beauty of snowflakes from inside!

Geoboard Snowflake- Challenge your older kiddos by having them create their own snowflake using push pins and the zillions of loom bands stashed away in the closet!  This activity reinforces the concept of symmetry and is a great winter STEM activity.

You might also enjoy adding these books to your book basket to read aloud and/or let the kiddos look at when the mood strikes!

Which snowflake activity will you try first?

Something messy and creative or a task that challenges you to think a little?

Stuffed Hearts Fine Motor Skills Craft

Hubby usually does the grocery shopping around here-- I think it is because I spend too much money, but that is a story for another day. On his last trip, I requested he ask for some paper bags at the check out line.  

....I had a craft to do!

With the paper bags, my kids and I crafted these oh so pretty Stuffed Hearts--  a perfect Valentines craft that worked on fine motor skills, too!

fine motor skills heart lacing craft

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You can do all kinds of things with paper bags.  You can make Native American Vests.
Learn the parts of an apple.
Or, set up a number line!

Valentines Heart Craft for Kids


How to Make a Stuffed Heart

Begin by cutting a heart from the paper bag.  I left the bottom of the bag folded up while cutting out a heart shape and cut off the extra paper bag that was attached at the bottom.

If your paper bag has writing on the outside of the bag, you may want to flip one side over.  Make sure both hearts are the same size.

Use a hole punch to punch holes around the paper bag heart.

Next, have your kiddos make designs on their paper bag heart with Kwik Sticks.
We often welcome mess, but sometimes it's nice to have something that dries quickly--  such as in the case of this project.  We LOVE these paint sticks!!  The colors show up great, too.

paper bag heart craft for kids

Once your child has colored his heart, provide a long piece of ribbon for him/her to lace through the holes.

Thread the ribbon into one hole and then take the other end of the ribbon to begin lacing it up and down through the holes.

When you have gone almost all the way around, stuff the heart with two or three plastic grocery bags.  Continue lacing and tie both ends.

heart lacing craft for valentine's day

Weaving the ribbon in and out of the holes is great for fine motor skills, but they also turned out to be such a sweet Valentine's craft for the kids!

fine motor skills Valentines heart craft

Valentine's Words within Words Spelling Challenge

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I've got a new spelling activity, 
just for you!

Oh, look at that!  I am a poet and didn't even know it!!  
spelling activities
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Okay, okay-- I'll spare you from any more of my poetic skills, but in the meantime here's a fun spelling challenge for your kiddos.

Valentine's Spelling Activity

Adding holiday themed learning activities is fairly easy when they are younger, but it is more of a challenge for my oldest.  I set this simple spelling activity up to break up our normal homeschool activities.  

spelling activity

It was good to get our brains thinking outside the box!  I joined Big Brother in this activity first setting a timer for a minute to see who could come up with the most words, and then we just tried to find more words.

valentines spelling activity

We did in fact come up with twenty words within the word Valentine, I'm sure there may have been more!

We came with with the words vine, line, in, ten, and lane to name a few.

I used heart manipulatives and wrote a letter from the word Valentine on each heart.  With the heart manipulatives, we were able to re-arrange letters to make new words-- great for tactile learners!
spelling activity for kids

This simple Valentine brain break could be used with many other different words, too!

It was an easy way to add in a little holiday flair to our homeschool!

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