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Caterpillar Color Sort for Toddlers

With our Insect I SPY printable last week, we are going "buggy" again with this Caterpillar Pom Pom Push activity for toddlers.  Use this activity to talk about colors, count, and work on strengthening fine motor skills!

You also might love our popular Very Hungry Caterpillar Sequencing Stick that is also great for working on fine motor skills!  Or if you are a fan of Hungry Hungry Hippo Game, you might like our much quieter caterpillar version

fine motor skills toddler idea

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I've been so focused on working with Big Sis and Big Brother that the two little ones (2 and 4 years) often are running around the house playing nicely with whatever toys they can get their hands on... or making a mess of everything.  

Usually, it is the latter...  

So I decided to make a little something for them in mind! It sneaks in learning concepts and is cute to boot!

Toddler Fine Motor Activity

What you need:

  • empty shoebox
  • markers
  • colored pom poms
  • sharp knife (adult use only)
  • pencil
And adult will first need to prep the activity by drawing out a caterpillar on the shoe box.  I drew out six circles for the caterpillar body-- each circle will be a different color.  Add more or less if you'd like.

Caterpillar Toddler Idea

Using a set of markers, color in each circle.  Crayola markers worked really on the brown shoe box, however you could also use paint

I left a little circle uncolored-- that would be the part for me to cut out with a knife.  I added two eyes and two antennae to the face of the caterpillar.

easy toddler color sort activity

Once the caterpillar is all colored, use a knife to cut a small hole in the middle of each caterpillar.  My circles were less than perfect, and that's okay if yours are, too.  The holes just need to be big enough to push a pom pom through.

Easy Color Sort Activity for Kids

My 4 year old got a chance to play with it first and had a great time pushing the pom poms into each hole.

At first I presented the activity by placing a colored pom pom on top of each hole and he pushed them in.  Then he began to pick up colors and push them in himself.

We talked about colors, counted, and more importantly he worked on strengthening his fine motor skills!

It did take a little bit of prep from me, but nothing too involved!  And the end result turned out super cute!

Pom poms are a so fun to play and work with!  After playing with this caterpillar activity for a few minutes, we had an explosion of pom poms all over the floor.  I'm not sure what happened! Ha!

More fun pom pom inspired activities:

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Insects I SPY and Graph Free Printable

Not a big fan of real insects, but I'm totally okay with cute insect crafts and activities.  In fact our popular Sequencing Stick was inspired by the popular Very Hungry Caterpillar.  

I've used my kiddos finger and hand prints to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly... 

and I recently shared a fun math game using mini eraser butterflies-- a great way to help your kiddo count to 10 and/or 20!

insect themed preschool I spy graph printable

Today I am sharing another insect themed learning activity: I SPY & Graph Insects printable!

So moral of the story, fake bugs good-- real bugs, bad! Ha!
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 I will say that although I am no fan of bugs, we have "grown" butterflies before and that was such a cool experience!  It is a must in my book if you haven't done it!

Fun Preschool I SPY Printable

Anyways, today's Insects I SPY & Graph printable is a fun, hands-on way to work on visual discrimination, counting skills, and introduce your child to making and reading a graph!

preschool i spy graphing printable

Along with the printable, you will need some type of manipulative like a do a dot marker or regular old crayons work, too, to mark the graph.

On the I SPY and Graph printable, your child will be searching and counting the number of purple butterflies, ladybugs, fireflies, blue butterflies, and dragonflies.

Choose an insect to count first.  Once you have found and counted the number of images for that insect, fill out the graph below.

For example, there are 5 purple butterflies.  Using a do a dot marker, fill in five squares in the row of the purple butterfly.

I spy graph preschool insects printable

When all is said and done your child should find:

  • 5 purple butterflies
  • 6 ladybugs
  • 10 fireflies
  • 3 blue butterflies
  • 7 dragonflies
If your child is interested, it's a great way to then introduce the concept of more/ less than!

My 4 year old son just loves these I Spy and Graph printables!  If you are looking for a fun twist to this classic game, check out our other I SPY & Graph Printables:

However if your child isn't ready for the graphing element yet, these I SPY themed printable games might interest your child.  Simply count and write the number of each image you find.

>> Click to download Insects I SPY & Graph Printable <<

  • Graphics by Heidi Babin – The Doodle Oven
  • Do not alter, re-sell, copy, or claim printable activity as your own
  • For personal use only.
  • Please do not link directly to PDF; please link the blog post if you wish to share.
  • Enjoy!

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Feed the Dog Sight Word Game

I love creating fun, hands-on games for my kiddos.  Here's our latest, Feed the Dog Reading Game.

It is always a good idea to make learning to read FUN for your beginning reader.  Whether focusing on sight words or simple CVC words,  your animal lover will love this Feed the Dog reading game.

It is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade children-- and easily adaptable to any word list.

fun sight words game for kids

Big Brother LOVED reinforcing reading concepts through games, and now that it is Little Sis's turn to start reading, I came up with a fun game for her to practice her reading skills.

Interested in more hands-on reading games?  Check these out!

Fun Sight Words Game for Kids

Feed the Dog reading game  can be adapted to your preschooler just learning the letters of the alphabet,

or for your kindergarten kiddo learning his/her sight words

or for your kiddo needing some practice with CVC or CVCC words.

Fun reading game for kids


To read how to put the paper cup dog together and how to set up this adorable and oh so fun reading game, head on over to 123Homeschool4Me!

Hope your kiddo has fun learning to read with this fun game!

>> Read more about our Feed the Dog Sight Word Game now <<

Counting Butterflies Roll and Cover Preschool Math Game

Roll and cover math games are a fun way to practice counting on, simple addition, and comparing sets.  Add some fun mini eraser manipulatives, and you have yourself a fun hands-on math game.  

post contains affiliate links.

roll and cover free math game printable

Recently I shared my love for Target's Dollar Spot by using some mini eraser rabbits in a math inspired sensory bin.  We've played Stack the Erasers-- perfect for fine motor skills, and with our most recent mini eraser set, I've created a cute spring themed Roll and Cover Math Game.

Fun Free Math Game

I used some clipart you may have noticed from our popular What's Hiding in the Grass Scissor Skills Activity and created a simple math game using mini eraser manipulatives and a die.

You could set up this activity for one or more players.  

roll and cover preschool math game


To play, have your child roll the die and place that many butterflies on the printable.  I've included 20 little blue dots on the printable to help keep track of counting.

free math printable

As I mentioned this can be a one or two player game.  

If playing with two players, either:
1. print out two sheets and each player tries to be the first to fill up their gameboard with mini eraser butterlies.
2. Use one sheet, but have each player choose a color of a butterfly.  Once the gameboard is full, count each color to see who has the most.

Another option to play is by practicing subtraction and filling up the gameboard with 20 butterflies and then taking butterflies out of the garden with each roll of the die.

However you choose to play, I think (and hope) this game will be a big hit with your kiddos, too!!

counting to 20 free math game printable

Download and print your Bugs in the Garden Roll and Cover Game.

  • do not alter, copy, distribute, or sell printable.
  • flower garden clipart licensed to

Do you love Roll and Cover and/or Race To... Math Games, too?  If so, check out these other fun activities we have shared:

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Race and Trace Alphabet Printable

We have a fun new alphabet printable to share with you!

Have a child working on learning to write the letters of the alphabet?  Play this fun Race and Trace Alphabet game!  It's perfect for your preschool or kindergarten-aged kiddo!

Alphabet Game Printable

Use this printable to play with two people, and make it a race or simply roll and trace the letters by yourself.  Either way it is a great way to practice writing the letters of the alphabet.

Simple Alphabet Game for Kids

Along with the printable to play you'll need:
  • markers
  • die

The game is simple, roll the die and trace the letters!

Love simple, no-prep alphabet games!

Head on over to 123Homeschool4Me to find out different ways to play and download the printable!

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