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Roll, Stomp, & Read Sight Word Game

Get moving and reading with our latest sight word game!

You may remember these colorful foam feet from our Stomp & Read phonics game, and I set them out again to work on several sight words with Big Sis.

Roll, Stomp, & Read is a fun gross motor game as your child will roll the die, move that many spaces, and read the word.  This takes simple sit down board games up a notch!

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fun kindergarten sight word reading game

After playing a couple of times, my daughter joyfully explained, "I love this game!"

Yes!  Educational win for mom!

The game can be set up with construction paper or even outside with chalk, too.  I just think it is so important to get kiddos moving and having fun while they are learning.  That is why I love these other activities we have shared:

Fun Sight Word Reading Game


  • foam feet (chalk, construction paper, etc.)
  • marker
  • math die

Fun Sight Word Reading Game

On each foam foot write out various sight words your child has been working on.  This activity could also be used for CVC or CVCC words, too. 

Grab a numbered die or you could use a wooden block and color each side a color that matches a foam foot.   It just so happened that our colored die from our Clothespin Color Game worked perfectly for this as our numbered die was MIA.  The colored die made gave this game a similar feel to our beloved CandyLand board game.

fun sight words reading game

To play is simple:  roll the die, move and/or stomp that many spaces, and read the word.  

If you read the word correctly, you may stay in that spot.  If you read the word incorrectly, you must move back to where you were.

Continue until you reach the word "Finish!"

fun sight word reading game

As I mentioned above, my daughter loved this simple reading game! She worked on her reading skills and had fun, too!!  Woo-hoo!

Here are some more of our favorite hands-on reading games:

Cotton Ball Clouds Process Art for Preschoolers

Often times when I take a step back from having to "do" things, my kiddos own curiosity shines through.  Thus their curiosity then leads me to create an activity! ha! Recently my 4 year old took notice of the clouds in the sky: the various shapes and sizes, etc.

So on our most recent trip to the library I grabbed a few books and in a rare toddler free moment, I brought out some cotton balls for my 4 year old to create a cloudy sky with cotton balls.

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preschool process art activity weather

The books introduced some "cloudy" vocabulary and a chance to further invite my little one to satisfy his recent curiosity about clouds.  I picked up two non-fiction books and one fun fiction read:

Preschool Weather Process Art

The two non-fiction books talked about how clouds formed and gave us some specific names of the clouds we may see in the sky.

After reading the books, my 4 year old set to work on making his own cloudy sky.

Preschool Weather Process Art Activity


The book, Clouds, had a beautifully illustrated page showing the various types of clouds and where they are found in the earth's atmosphere.

I kept that page open for a little cloudy inspiration and encouraged my little one to create various clouds with cotton balls.

Cotton Ball Preschool Process Art

Using cotton balls for this process art activity also provided some fine motor work by either pulling the cotton balls apart to make "feather-like" cirrus clouds or by applying glue to the puffy "cumulus" clouds.

To do this activity with your little one(s), grab a few books, observe the sky, and encourage your child to create his/her own cloudy sky with cotton balls!

cotton ball clouds preschool process art

Process art activities are a great way to encourage your little one to get messy and creative.  I love that there's no perfect end result in mind; thus it allows the child to create to their liking... whether that is to use a lot or a few cotton balls to create their own cloudy sky.

Beach Fun I SPY & Graph Printable

We are sharing a new I SPY & Graph Printable with you today!  Our latest beach theme I SPY printable is perfect for summer.  Add it to a math notebook and/or print it out to take along on long car rides, or for a quick learning activity before lunch/ dinner.  It is a fun way to sneak in math skills for your preschool or kindergarten kiddo!

This free Beach Fun I SPY & Graph activity is our latest printable that teaches/ reinforces simple graphing skills. Along with working on counting to 10, your child will improve visual scanning abilities!

Beach I SPY and Graph Free Printable

Cool Math Printable for Kids

My kiddos are always up for a good game of I SPY so I created several I SPY and Graph Printables.  

You might also like to check out our Insects I SPY & Graph Printable or our Farm Animals I SPY & Graph Printable  .

This printable activity simply takes I SPY to a new level by adding a simple graphing component; the graphing portion adds a simple and fun math twist to the classic I SPY games.  

Just print, count, and color in the graph.  

Head on over to 123Homeschool4Me for a few extension questions and to print the Beach Fun I SPY & Graph activity!

26 Preschool Alphabet Crafts: Letters A-Z

One of my favorite memories when Big Brother was 3 and 4 years old was creating a craft to go along with each letter of the alphabet; that was in my pre-blogging days when I scoured the Internet looking for cute, original, yet simple things to do with my one and only.

Fast forward to Little Sis's (who is now an awesome Big Sis to her little siblings) preschool years, and I decided to craft through the alphabet once more.  We created a few similar crafts as Big Brother, but having this blog as an outlet to share our learning activities with YOU, I tried to create some letters that were cute, original, yet simple, too!

26 preschool letter crafts

What was ideally supposed to take only a year to complete... let's just say took a little bit longer.  Ya know, life happens!  However, so excited to share with your our preschool alphabet collection all in one place.  

Each one is fun, original, and simple to do; some may be a bit messier than others, but if you are doing some sort of Letter of the Week program with your preschooler or just looking for fun way to introduce each letter of the alphabet to your kiddo... grab some supplies and get a little crafty!

Preschool Letter Crafts

As I take a look at each of our crafts all in one place, it is so hard to choose a favorite.  I think they are all unique and some carry a special memory along with it.  

To find a list of supplies and a little how-to for each craft, click the links to be taken to the blog post. Enjoy crafting with your little one(s), too!

To round-out your preschool week, take a look at our 27 Playful Preschool Themes and put together some fun book baskets and other hands-on activities.

A is for Ant
B is for Bear
C is for Cat
D is for Dalmatian

E is for Elmo
F is for Flower
G is for Gumball
H is for Hearts
I is for Indian Corn
J is for Jewels
K is Kite

L is for Ladybugs
M is for Monster
N is for Nest
O is for Octopus

P is for Pineapple
Q is for Quilt
R is for Rainbow
S is for Sun
T is for Triangles
U is for Unicorn

V is for Vase
W is for Web
X is for X-ray
Y is for Yarn
Z is for Zebra

As you glanced through our alphabet crafts, do you have a favorite?  Is there one or more you'd like to craft up with your little one?

Make learning the letters of the alphabet fun and unique with one of these 26 alphabet crafts!

preschool alphabet letter crafts a-z

Q is for Quilt Preschool Alphabet Craft

Our journey through the alphabet that began when Big Sis was in preschool has come to an end with our final letter-- the letter Q.  

Crafting through the alphabet is a fun, hands-on way to introduce your preschoolers to the letters of the alphabet.  Each letter makes a neat little keepsake that you can hang around your schoolroom and/or take photos of to place in a memory book. 

This last letter has been a loooooooooong time coming!  Our alphabet wall is now complete!

preschool alphabet craft- letter q for quilt
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The letter Q didn't lend us too many crafting options-- queen, quail, quarter.  It was the last letter on our list and the trickiest letter to create a craft for.  Then I realized that the word quilt obviously begins with the letter q, and I had a whole stash of fabric scraps in the basement just waiting to be used up!

Preschool Letter Craft

  • fabric scraps
  • scissors
  • Letter Q template
  • glue

To make Letter Q is for Quilt

First begin by free-handing a letter Q on a piece of paper, or print a template from online.

Provide your child with fabric scraps cut into small squares.

Have your child glue the fabric squares all over the letter Q.

letter q preschool alphabet craft

The letter Q may not have been as exciting to create as it is just glue and fabric scraps, but it is one of the easiest we have done!

Let it dry and if desired, cut it out and glue to another piece of paper or hand as is!

If your child seems interested, you could also create a fun book basket with some books starting with the Letter Q and/or show your child some actual images of quilts and how they are made!

Crafting through the alphabet, too???  Here's a few of our favorites!

M is for Monster Alphabet Craft
P is for Pineapple Alphabet Craft
Z is for Zebra Alphabet Craft