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10 Playful Apple Activities Your Toddler Will Love

It's {almost} apple picking season!  We definitely plan on heading out to an apple orchard soon, but until then explore the upcoming apple season with your toddlers with these 10 Playful Apple Activities!  I know my 2 year old would love every single one!

Playful Apple Activities for Toddlers

Engage your toddler in playful apple crafts and learning activities with these 10 fun and creative ideas!

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Which playful apple activity is your favorite?  

Check out more Top 10 Apple & Fall Ideas for Kids below!

Easy No-Mess Fireworks Craft for Kids

Here's another craft perfect for summer-- Sparkly Tape Fireworks!  Watching fireworks has always been a favorite summer "bucket list" activity. This year we saw them in town for the Fourth of July and had a pretty good view compared to last year {that's another story for another day}.  Have you seen any firework shows this summer?

easy preschool fireworks craft

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A larger city not too far from us has firework shows all summer long; maybe we'll take a little road trip mid-week to see the sky light up in bright colors again.  

My littlest one isn't too fond of them yet; this Fourth of July he covered his little ears the whole time.  He wasn't impressed.  My middle two LOVED the show and it was so fun to look at the twinkle in their eyes as the sky lit up.  The excitedly exclaimed, "WHOA!" every. single. time!

Fireworks Craft for Kids

To make this no-mess (yay!) fireworks craft you'll need:
With various colors of sparkly tape, have your kiddos create criss-cross patterns.  I created criss-cross patterns with four pieces of tape about 2-3 inches long.  Arrange the tape all over the paper.

fireworks craft project preschoolers

Another option is to cut several pieces of tape about 1 inch long and then have them all connect in the middle, and then arrange them at different angles around that center; makes for a "fuller" firework.

Either way, you can't go wrong!

Just cut, peel, and press!  No-mess! {Well, the glitter did shed a little bit, but not too bad!}.  A super simple craft that sneaks in fine motor skills!

fireworks craft for preschoolers

I love how the glittery tape "pops" against the black background-- just like real fireworks against the night time sky. 

Add a few snips of sparkly tape to fill in some of the black space, and this easy fireworks craft is complete!

fireworks craft for kids

More Activities You Might Enjoy:

Fun Apple Seeds Fine Motor Skills Activity

Using the same adorable red platter turned apple from our applesauce writing tray, you can set up a simple and fun fine motor activity for your child.

It is the perfect way to add some apple themed fun into your learning activities!

apple fine motor activity
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Little Sis loved this simple fine motor skills activity.  If you are searching for more browse over 100+ activities or think about adding our books to your home library!

Fine Motor Apple Activity

If you have yet to do our applesauce writing tray activity, first tape a brown stem and green leaf to the platter so that it resembles an apple.

apple fine motor activity

Next, add a couple of small pre-packaged containers of applesauce to the platter.

Dump several dried black beans into the applesauce.

Provide your child the tweezers and encourage him/her to use the tweezers to pick up the "apple seeds."

apple fine motor activity

As your child picks up the seeds with the tweezers, count the number of seeds.  This is a great way to sneak in some math skills, too!

Have fun adding this fun and simple fine motor skills activity to your learning activities!  Don't forget to add a couple of apple books to your reading basket, too:

Apple Tree Number Matching Preschool Printable

Does your family have a favorite fall activity?  We love making the drive to our local apple orchard!  Out to the country we go to tromps through the rows of apple trees to pick several bags of bright red apples.  Truth be told, we love buying their apple cider donuts, too!

Apple Math Printable for Preschoolers
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I always have grand plans to use the apples in various recipes, but we end up grabbing them from the fridge just to snack on!

To help get you in the apple mood, I've created an Apple Tree Number Matching Printable to use with your preschool and/or Kindergarten kiddo.

Apple Math Printable

We've created a few other printables similar to this but with letters: see our Alphabet Tulips Match and Color Printable and our Alphabet Raindrops Matching Printable.  We changed the idea of the activity up a bit to work on number recognition for numbers 1-30.

Small manipulatives, like glass gems, encourage plenty of fine motor skills development within this activity.  You could also use Do A Dot Markers, mini apple erasers, or dot stickers.  Using such manipulatives are great ways to sneak in working on fine motor control and finger dexterity.

The Apple Tree Number Matching Printable consists of an Apple Tree Number board and two sheets of small apple cards with matching numbers.

Most likely, it would be a good idea to at least laminate the apple cards so they do not get ripped or crumbled...  and then you could do this activity again throughout the fall to continue working on number recognition.

apple preschool number matching printable

Once the cards are printed and laminated, cut each apple card out.  Either leave them in numerical order, or mix them up!

Have the child grab an apple card and find the number on the apple tree.  The apple cards consist of red, green, and yellow apples.  You could have the child place the same color glass gem on the apple tree as on the apple card.  For instance, the child draws a number 4 red apple and then places a red gem on the apple tree where he/ she finds the number 4.  

Continue until all the numbers in the apple tree are covered.

Another way to use this playful apple math printable is for calendar time the month of September!  For each day, have the child find the number and use a Do A Dot to color it in and then place the apple card in a pocket chart!

Or you could use this Apple Tree Number Matching Printable as an assessment tool; a fun way to sneak in testing your kiddo to find out what numbers he/she to work on by simply calling out a number and having your child find the matching number in the tree.

So many ways to use this versatile Apple Tree Math Printable!  Hope you enjoy!

>> Click to print the Apple tree Number Matching Printable <<

Counting Apples Preschool Printable

My 4 year old loved the Counting Fish  Bubbles Math Activity we shared several weeks ago, so I decided to make another counting activity involving her fingerprints for the upcoming apple season!

preschool counting book
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  • counting printable
  • red paint

This activity could be used several ways.  

We chose to make it into a keepsake counting book, but you could instead laminate the printable to re-use this activity in the future by using pom poms, buttons, or some other small kind of math manipulative instead.

Whichever suits your fancy!

Preschool Counting Activity

We first began this activity working on number recognition and sequencing by putting the apple trees in order from 1-10.

Next we pulled out the red paint and Little Sis dipped her finger in and made fingerprint apples on each apple tree counting card.

So on the apple tree that said "1," she made one fingerprint apple... and so on!

preschool counting printable

Such a great hands-on way to reinforce counting skills and 1:1 correspondence!

Once the apples dried, we stapled the counting cards together to make a little keepsake booklet!

Enjoy this preschool math activity with your preschooler! Thanks to MyCuteGraphics for providing the tree clipart!
Apple Tree Counting Mats
Apple Tree Booklet Cover Page

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