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Easy, Kid-Made Wrapping Paper Christmas Cards


Rip, tear, design, and glue.  Wrapping paper isn't just for presents, it makes a great material to make Christmas cards with, too!

My kiddos and I made a stack of Christmas cards using some of last year's Christmas wrapping paper to give out to the residents of a nursing home.  Each card was filled with creativity and love.  

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christmas cards kids can make

With several different wrapping paper designs, construction paper, and glue sticks-- my 9, 5, and 4 year old went to town creating several Christmas cards.

Paper was flying, glue sticks were rolling, and kids were shouting, "Hey! I need that...."  It was a beautiful mess.

Kid-Made Christmas Cards


I made a candy cane and wreath on a couple cards I made.  Little Sis worked on designing a Christmas tree.  Little Brother glued wrapping paper all over his card; it looked and was sealed like a present!  And Big Brother added some lovely marker designs to his cards.

Christmas Cards Kids Can Make

The idea is simple-- create Christmas cards using wrapping paper.  You could use scissors to create designs, but I encouraged my kids to just rip the paper into pieces to make their designs to sneak in some fine motor skills--- and who doesn't like to rip a little paper every now and then! Ha!

Christmas Cards Kids Can Make

Add some dot stickers, drawings, etc. etc.  The sky is the limit!

Just present the materials to your kiddos and see what they create!

Christmas Cards Kids Can Make

Before you know it you will have a stack of easy, kid-made Christmas cards to pass out to friends, family, and/or neighbors!

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Christmas Lights Button Snake Busy Bag Activity


Baby Brother was still a wee-bit too young for our Christmas Lights Button Snake when I made it last Christmas, but the idea struck and I just had to make it.  It'll be perfect for him to work on this Christmas.

My 5 and 4 year old looked so old doing this activity, and truth is... they were pros!  They had no issues stringing the felt Christmas lights on the button snake.  

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christmas busy bag for toddlers

Yay for fine motor skills!  If your child needs a bit more practice strengthening dexterity, coordination, finger movement, etc.-- this button snake is easy to put together and can be stored away to be played with over and over again.

Christmas Fine Motor Skills Busy Bag 

Supplies Needed:

To make the felt Christmas lights I free-handed a Christmas bulb onto a piece of felt and drew it out.  

I then used that piece as a template and drew on the other pieces of colored felt.

Cut out each Christmas light with a good set of scissors!  A good pair of adult scissors really makes a difference when cutting the felt.

Next I took some glitter glue and went back and forth at the top of the Christmas light.  Let it dry.

I folded the felt Christmas lights in half {top to bottom} and cut a small slit in the middle of the felt.  

This will be where the button is pushed through; make sure it is big enough for the buttons, but not too large so that the button just slides through without much effort.
christmas fine motor skills busy bag

To make the button snake, cut a piece of ribbon long enough to fit the felt Christmas lights.  

You could use a needle and thread and sew a button onto each end of the ribbon, OR you could simplify the project if your attempt at putting the thread thought the eye of the needle failed miserably, by using a hot glue gun. 

Yep, that is what I did folks--- and it works!

christmas fine motor skills busy bag

Once the Christmas Lights Button Snake is assembled, it is time for your little one to work on those fine motor skills!

Have your child thread the Christmas lights onto the button snake in any random order, or call out a color for you child to thread onto the button snake.

You could also add letters or numbers to the felt lights to work on more early learning concepts.

christmas fine motor skills  busy bag

My 5 and 4 year old managed to work through this activity pretty quickly, but this will be the perfect fine motor activity for Baby Brother this year!

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I SPY Name Ornament for Kids


Putting the ornaments on the tree with little ones is always challenging.  My favorite part of a rather stressful event is remembering where we bought or who gave us each ornament.  We have ornaments from past vacations, ornaments celebrating each of our babies 1st Christmas', and then we have a slew of hand-made ornaments that I have kept over the years.

Another ornament to add to the tree is a fun way to help your child learn and recognize the letters in his/her name.

Here's a fun way to work on name recognition with your child this Christmas season!  Create a one-of -a- kind I SPY Name Ornament!  Toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary kids will all love this special ornament.

name recognition idea for kids

Kid-Made Christmas Ornament 

Enjoy this festive way to learn the letters in one's name and have some Christmas fun, too!  Head over to 123homeschool4me to learn more!!

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Gingerbread Baby Scissor Skills Activity


Keep little hands busy with this simple gingerbread fine motor skills activity.  Bring out the gingerbread men and work on scissor skills!  Add some kid-safe scissors, and you've set up a cutting tray that is perfect for preschoolers!

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preschool gingerbread scissor skills

Right around 2 to 3 years old, each of my kiddos became very interested in using scissors.  Thankfully, more often than not, they practiced this new skill with paper!  

With the Christmas season upon us, I've joined the Virtual Book Club this week in creating an activity to go along with the book, Gingerbread Baby.

It's simple to put together!

It's a festive way to work on scissor skills!


Gingerbread Fine Motor Skills

I picked up a couple packages of foam gingerbread men last year, but you can also create your own gingerbread men with brown construction paper.

With a black marker, draw a vertical line down each gingerbread man; draw various types of lines- straight, wavy, zig-zag, etc.

preschool gingerbread fine motor skills idea

If your child needs help, model for you child how to properly hold scissors.

Encourage your child to cut down the black line of the gingerbread man.

You can re-use this activity another day as a matching game, too!

Christmas Scissor Skills

If you have a scissor obsessed kiddo who loves cutting things, try these other activities to keep those little hands busy:

More ways to Learn and Play: Gingerbread!

Christmas Bulb Transfer Activity for Toddlers

If you leave a glass of water on the table, leave it to the toddler in the family to find another cup to go with it.

When the toddler finds a cup, he gets on the table and pours water from cup to cup.

But, he needs work on his transferring skills, so water ends up all over the table and floor.

So that is why I decided to give a certain toddler plastic Christmas bulbs to pour instead-- I figured there would be a little less mess that way.  
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christmas toddler activity

I was kinda right, but at least the mess wasn't wet!

My 20 month old is fascinated with pouring whatever from one cup to another, so being that it is Christmas time, I brought out some shiny Christmas bulbs from our school room closet and set up a simple transfer activity.

christmas toddler activity


Quick Christmas Toddler Activity

I placed the Christmas bulbs in one container and called my 20 month over to come explore the contents of the container by pouring and dumping.

I provided a spoon so he could practice scooping and work on hand-eye coordination by transferring them to the other container.

easy toddler activity

In the end he much preferred pouring the whole container of bulbs into the empty one!  That takes a lot of skill!

So back and forth the bulbs went!

Christmas Toddler Activity

Until he realized it was fun to roll them all over the floor instead! Ha!

He showed me who was in charge of this activity!!

toddler christmas activity

This activity would work with a number or other materials, too-- just as always, be watchful with little hands working with little materials.  Adult supervision is recommended.

I also encourage you to document these types of activities with your little one via camera.  You can get some great expressions of concentration, joy, and/ or smiles over a job well done... or a mess well-made!

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