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Googly Eye Monster Math

October 31, 2014

Ever since sharing last weeks See & Spray Game with a monster twist, I've been on a monster kick.  So today I am sharing another monster themed activity for you-- Googly Eye Monster Math Game and invitation to play.

Initially I thought that Little Sis would like to simply add an assortment of googly eyes to the monsters.. and she did do that, but it also occurred to me that we could turn it into a game by rolling a die and seeing who could get to ten first.  The game was loved by my 3 year and 7 year old, and my 22 month old loved just adding googly eyes to the monsters!
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For this activity, I pulled out my roll of contact paper, some paint and googly eye mix from CraftProjectIdeas, and a math die.

To prep the activity, I painted three monsters on the contact paper.  I tried using highlighter, but that didn't work.  And as we played and took off googly eyes, the paint did chip away a bit... but it worked for the time being.  {Obviously painting the contact paper isn't/ wasn't necessary, but I liked the colored monsters}.

To play the game with my 7 and 3 year old, we each chose a monster and then took turns rolling the die and added said number of googly eyes.  I had a mix of googly eyes, from large to very tiny-- so each monster had a look of his/her own ; )

It was a fun game with a sneaky fine motor twist!  Manipulating the googly eyes can be a tricky task, especially the tiny ones.  And once the game was over, little brother sprawled himself out on the table and started adding even more googly eyes to each monster!
Hope you enjoy some monster fun!
Looking for more fine motor ideas?  Check out our latest collaborative effort!!

And from the other co-hosts this week:

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Edible Solar System: Hands-on Science Fun

October 28, 2014

This month's Poppins Book Nook theme was "Out of This World."  We have had plenty of fun exploring moon craters, constellations, and the solar system in lessons past-- so last minute, I decided to revisit the planets by making an edible solar system while reading the book, Planets by Ellen Hasbrouck. {post contains affiliate links}.
The kiddos went trick or treating this past weekend, so we have a surplus of candy.  And since learning while eating always makes for a memorable and tasty activity, we used some of that candy to make our solar system.  Nevermind the sugar high we all experienced afterwards!!!  It was a fun experience!
To make our galaxy, we made up a pan of chocolate brownies and as we read our book, my son added candy for the sun and planets.  We flattened a yellow starburst for the sun, used m&m's and skittles for the planets, licorice for the rings, and a gumdrop for Jupiter.  Oh, and sprinkles for the stars : )
Excited to be partaking in this month's giveaway! Best of luck to you!
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The wonderful bloggers that participate in the Poppins Book Nook are: 
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Stay tuned for nex month! 

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99 Fine Motor Ideas: See and Spray Game

October 24, 2014

So excited to share that I have {co} authored a book with my fabulous Fine Motor Fridays co-hosts!  The series, that was supposed to last four weeks, has celebrated its ONE year anniversary! Over the course of the year we have shared activities that we have set up for our little ones-- ages 1+, to help encourage fine motor control and strengthening in the fingers, hands, and wrists.  To put it simply, "the hands have it!"

We are so excited to announce that we have collaborated together again to put our ideas into a BOOK for you to enjoy-- a physical print version, Kindle edition, and ebook.  At your disposal comes 99 of our favorite fine motor activities, in 7 different categories, that your child is sure to love!  It truly is a one stop resource for parents, care-givers, teachers.... any one who works with children ages 1-5!!
To kick off the debut of our book, 99 Fine Motor Ideas, we decided to each share an idea from the book with a spin of our own.  I may be a bit biased, but I had a hard time choosing an activity to do, because they all looked fun and engaging!  In the end, I chose an idea from the Early Learning section-- P is for Preschooler's See and Spray Game.

I especially loved that this idea can be adaptable to many different learning concepts- numbers, letters, math facts, sight words, spelling lists, name recognition, etc!!  And, who doesn't love to use a spray bottle?!?

To add our own spin on this easy set up activity, I drew several silly and playful looking monsters on our driveway with chalk, added a certain number of eyes, and handed my daughter some "Monster Spray."  The idea of this See and Spray Game was for me to call out a number and Little Sis was to find the monster with that many eyes and spray him away!
Big Brother wanted a chance to spray too, so we wrote the numbers 1-20 all over the driveway and I called out math facts.

See how simple it is to adapt to meet your needs?!  Now just think of all the possibilities available to you with 99 of our favorite and most loved fine motor activities?!
To see more ideas and adaptations from 99 Fine Motor Ideas, check out what my fellow co-authors are sharing!
Snack Hunt from Craftulate
Sewing Spider Webs from Still Playing School
Sight Word Crayon Rubbing Plates from P is for Preschooler
Flower Garden from Powerful Mothering
Play Dough Alphabet Search & Sort from Stir the Wonder
Unwrapping Activity from House of Burke
Sight Word And Name Game Activity from Little Bins For Little Hands

Want to know more about the book?! Click below! We have a special on the pricing of our ebook for ONE week only-- until Oct. 31st!

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Paint Chip Fish Craft: Preschool Pet Theme

October 21, 2014

Our Pet Themed Preschool Week was a success!  I'd like to highlight one of the activities we did-- our paint chip fish craft.
Preschool Pet Theme

What you'll need:
paint chip samples
hole punch
fish template

Using the hole punch, show your child how to punch out circles using paint chip samples.  Once you have a stash, begin gluing them all over your fish template.  Once it is dried, cut out the fish to hang!
Preschool Pet Theme
Here's how the rest of our week went!

  • Pet Grid Game
  • Pet Collar Sizing-- I grabbed several stuffed animals of various sizes and cut thin strips of felt to make collars that fit around each animals neck.  Little sis was to match the felt collar to each animal.
  • Dog Bone ABC Match--  I cut out a large dog bone from brown construction paper and wrote the letters of the alphabet all over it.  I then had Little Sis use some alphabet letters we purchased from the Dollar Store to match the letters.
  • Simple Bird Seed Sensory Bin
For Fun:
  • We took a trip to the Pet Store!  We saw birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, and tons of cute dogs!  Such a fun little excursion!

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Invitation to Pour & Scoop: Fine Motor Halloween Soup

October 17, 2014

Today's fine motor activity was inspired by my latest trip to the Dollar Store! I picked up some Halloween colored test tubes and small spiders with the intention of a simple pouring activity for our "All Things Halloween" preschool theme, but quickly the idea morphed into an invitation to make some Halloween Soup!
p.s. If Halloween Soup isn't your thing, mix up some Botle Cap Soup instead!
What you'll need:
Containers for Pouring Elements; we used the Test Tubes
Small Halloween-ish manipulatives: spiders, googly eyes, black & orange colored beads, fake leaves, plastic spiders, glass-like pumpkins.
Large bowl
Spoons, Tweezers, Tongs, etc.
To set up this Invitation to Pour & Scoop, I presented my kiddos with a bowl of water and the test tubes filled with colored water and manipulatives.  I said, "Let's make some soup!" My 3 year old wasn't quite sure what to do or think, but surprisingly my 7 year old jumped in and started pouring, scooping, and mixing up a batch of "yummy" spider and eyeball soup!  Shortly after, my 3 year old started playng, too.

Plenty of opportunities to work on fine motor skills by just letting them play and explore!
Take a moment to check out other great fine motor activities being shared today!

Thanks for joining us today! And stay tuned for NEXT Friday--- we have a BIG announcement to share!!
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