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Name Recognition Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Activity

We love using children's literature to inspire learning.  Here is a fun name recognition activity for your preschooler inspired by the children's book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!  It is also a great way to build fine motor skills.  Enjoy!

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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is an adorable book for the preschool crowd teaching the letters of the alphabet.  It is one of our Favorite ABC Books for Preschoolers.  Its playful rhyming storyline makes it easy for kids to remember and partake in "reading," too!  You also might love this Alphabet Craft inspired by Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Inspired by the fun colors and "every [letter] running to the coconut tree" I created a name recognition activity for my 4 year old.  This fun activity will help aid him in learning the letters in his name and putting the letters in the correct order.

Preschool Name Recognition Activity


How to Make the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Name Tree

Begin the activity by prepping the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Name Tree with your child's name.  

Spray paint or paint the paint stick a dark brown.  When the paint has dried, add dot stickers going vertically down the "tree trunk"-- one sticker for each letter of your child's name.  On each dot sticker, write a letter of your child's name.

Next cut out the greens like a palm tree from green construction paper.  Glue onto the top of the paint stick "tree trunk."

Now assemble the "coconuts."  I colored white dot stickers with a brown marker.  I added a letter sticker to each "coconut."  Next I peeled the dot sticker off and adhered it to the end of the clothespin.  If messed with, the lettered "coconuts" did come off the clothespin; to fix this I would recommend perhaps laminating the coconuts and gluing them to the clothespin.

Once the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Name Tree has been assembled, place the coconut clothespins around the tree.

If you have the book, set it out along with this activity to peek your preschooler's interest.

Place the activity on the tray and your child is ready to work on name recognition and fine motor skills!  I think clothespins are one of my favorite manipulatives to build fine motor skills; here's 12 Favorite Fine Motor Activities Using Clothespins.

Encourage your child to pinch off a coconut letter from the tree and match it to the letter on the tree trunk.  

Have your child clip the letters of his/her name in order or allow your child to choose the coconut letter to match at random.

This is a great activity to help your preschooler learn the letters in his/her name in a playful, hands-on way!

Helping your preschooler learn his/her name is an important skill during the early years.  Enjoy some more fun name recognition activities:

Pumpkin Patch Preschool Math Game

Make learning fun by playing games to reinforce educational concepts.  With a few materials, your preschooler will work on math skills such as counting, 1:1 correspondence, addition and subtraction, and also fine motor skills in our Pumpkin Patch Preschool Math Game.

preschool math game

Preschool Pumpkin Game

To play you'll need:

  • Two empty egg cartons
  • pumpkin manipulatives {our glass pumpkin were purchased from Michael's Craft Store}
  • die

Each player gets an empty egg carton that will be his/her pumpkin patch.

Depending on what skill you choose to work on, the object of the game is to either fill up the pumpkin patch by working on addition or emptying your pumpkin patch thus working on subtraction.

To Play:

Player 1 goes first.  Roll the die and add or take away that many pumpkins in your pumpkin patch.

Continue until the pumpkin patch now has 12 pumpkins or the pumpkin patch has been "picked."

So simple and fun!

This simple preschool math game works on counting, 1:1 correspondence, addition/ subtraction skills, and more!

simple pumpkin patch preschool math game

Click on the pictures below for more Pumpkin Fun from School Time Snippets!

99 fine motor ideas for ages 1 to 5

Fall I SPY & Graph Printable

Have you been searching for some fun fall learning activities?  Today we are sharing an easy fall printable activity that works on math skills in a fun game of I SPY.  We have made a few other themed I SPY & Graph Printables and my preschooler just "eats them up!"  

Fall Counting Preschool Printable

An activity cannot get any simpler than printing it out and counting the items!  In this Fall I SPY & Graph Printable your child will search for bare trees, red apples, orange leaves, corn cobs, sunflowers, and orange pumpkins-- all the things that tell us fall is here.

Fall Counting Printable

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Along with this printable math activity, check out these fun fall activities to add to your week:

Just grab a Do A Dot marker or some other type of manipulative and your child is ready to count and mark the graph.

Preschool Count and Graph Fall Printable

My preschooler loves a good game of I SPY, which is probably why he enjoys these I SPY & Graph printables so much.  He doesn't even think twice that I am sneaking in some counting and graphing skills!

I SPY games are great for visual scanning, too.  Just how many of each item can you find?
Bare Tree: 4
Apple: 7
Leaf: 2
Corn Cob: 5
Sunflower: 3
Pumpkin: 9

So in a nutshell this activity works on:

Visual Scanning


Number Recognition

Graphing Skills

After your child has found all the fall items and marked them on the graph, ask questions such as:

What has more?  The Bare Tree or Orange Leaf?
What fall item did you find the Most Of?
What fall item did you find the Least Of?

And if the child can understand simple equations, ask the child how Many More pumpkins (or choose another item) to Make 10?

So many ways to extend learning beyond just counting and graphing the items!

Click to print this Fall I SPY & Graph Printable

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* for personal use only.
* clipart licensed to Fun Classroom Creations

If your kiddo is a fan of our I SPY & Graph Printables, too.... don't miss these:

Fine Motor Apple Lacing Busy Bag

Work on fine motor skills and the alphabet with this fun apple lacing activity!  Grab a paper plate and a few more simple materials around the house and create your own apple learning busy bag.  Easily adaptable to just more than the alphabet, but perfect for your preschool and/or Kindergarten kiddo!

Paper Plate Alphabet Lacing Apple

Preschool Apple Busy Bag

Strengthening fine motor skills in the little ones becomes very important as they get older and prepare for Kindergarten and beyond where much writing begins to happen.  And, lacing activities are a wonderful and simple way to strengthen fine motor skills!  So work on those fine motor skills.... along with the ABC's with this Alphabet Apple Lacing Activity!

Having collaborated with several others to write not one, but TWO fine motor skills books... just know fine motor skills are a very important to your child's development!  Make sure you check out our books for plenty more great fine motor skills ideas!

To find out more about this Alphabet Apple Lacing Busy Bag, head on over to 123Homeschool4Me!  Enjoy this fun paper plate apple learning activity and don't miss a few more fun ways to learn with paper plates!

Paper Clip Color Matching Tray

I am always in awe how my sweet toddler can be playing so quietly and diligently for a few minutes and then with my attention diverted elsewhere, complete chaos ensues justlikethat.  One minute he's playing so nicely with his train set, the next he's chasing his older brother because he has a toy that he now wants....

Does this kind of chaos happen in your home, too?  Please tell me I'm not alone!

Now as school starts up shortly, I've got to be more intentional with his activities.  This Paper Clip Color Matching Tray is definitely a step up for him {paper clips are tricky little things for little hands!}, but as the older ones are working on something independently, this simple activity can be used to keep him at the table with me.... and away from his older brother ;  )  Or a way to get my toddler and preschooler working together and not against each other.

preschool fine motor color matching

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If you have littles at home while homeschooling older kiddos, here's another list of 10 Ways to Keep Them Busy to check out.  Hopefully some of these ideas will help you be more intentional, too.  The issue usually isn't having toys/ manipulatives.... you know, stuff for them to do... it's laying it out for them and training them to be content with the materials while your attention is elsewhere.  But that is another story for another day.

Color Matching Tray

Gather your cheap party tray to set up this lovely color matching activity that really works those fine motor skills.

Prep the activity by cutting two long paper towel tubes into three pieces.

Paint each piece a different color to match your supply of paper clips.  I used a set of washable paint colors, but because of the brown paper tube, and one layer of paint-- some of the paint colors weren't as vibrant.  Acrylic paint may be best, or invest in some white paper tubes.  

Color Matching Fine Motor Activity

Place the paper clips in the middle of the tray and the painted paper tubes in the compartments around the tray.  Doesn't it look so inviting?!

Encourage your toddler or preschooler to come and match the paper clips to the painted paper tube.

The rounded paper tube gives your child something more to grasp while concentrating on putting the paper clip onto the tube.  

Paper Clip Fine Motor Activity

With lots of determination, my 2.5 year old was able to put on paper clips, too.  Although I think his favorite part was taking off the paper clips.

Paper Clip Fine Motor Activity

This is a great activity to leave out on the shelves all week and pick up when there is interest, and also a great way to keep those little hands occupied while working with older kiddos.

And as I've mentioned, this color matching activity is great for fine motor skills.  Paper clips require hand-eye coordination, and lots of fine motor control and dexterity.

For a festive color matching tray around Christmas time {and also a way to work on patterns}, read about our Paper Clip Candy Canes Activity-- it's another great way to work with paper clips!

Paper Clip Fine Motor Activity

Here's a few more color matching activities with a fine motor twist to keep little hands busy!