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Alphabet Tulips Match and Color Preschool Printable

Practice uppercase and lowercase letters with your preschooler with this adorable spring matching printable!

Your preschooler will match the letters of the alphabet while creating a colorful garden of tulips.

uppercase and lowercase alphabet matching printable

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This "spring-y" printable is a fun, hands-on way to help your preschooler recognize lowercase and uppercase letters.

Preschool Alphabet Printable


After the printables have been printed, do a few quick things to prep them for your preschooler to use.

Tape the back of the black and white alphabet tulip printable so that it is one long sheet.

Laminate and cut out the lowercase tulip matching cards for durability.

Preschool Alphabet Printable

Provide your preschooler with blue, red, purple, yellow, and pink crayons {green, too if your preschooler would like to color in the stems}.

How to Play:

Put the colored tulip cards in a pile and have your child grab one and identify the letter.

Then have your child find the matching uppercase letter on the black and white sheet and color the tulip the coordinating color.

Preschool Alphabet Lowercase and Uppercase Matching Printable

For instance, your child will color the uppercase letter A blue, the uppercase letter D, pink.... and so on.

Continue matching and coloring the tulips until your child creates a colorful alphabet tulip garden!

Uppercase and Lowercase Matching Alphabet Printable

If your child chooses, provide a green crayon so that he/she can color the stems and leaves.

As your child is working on matching the uppercase and lowercase alphabet tulips, it is the perfect time to also reinforce letter sounds, too.

Once the alphabet tulip garden has been colored in, you can use the alphabet tulip cards a few more ways to keep on learning:

  • line the alphabet tulips in alphabetical order
  • play a game of "What letter is Missing?"
  • use the cards to spell words
  • encourage your child to find an object that begins with that letter
  • print two colored alphabet tulip matching cards to play a game of memory

>>B/W Alphabet Tulip Match & Color Sheet<<

>>Colored Alphabet Tulips Matching Cards<<

  • do not alter, sell, distribute, or host printables on another site.
  • Tulip clipart licensed to The TLC Shop
  • for personal use only

If you have another way to use this printable alphabet activity, please share!

Enjoy learning the letters of the alphabet with this match and color printable!

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Process Art Painting with Tools

A fun new way I've been extending storytime with Little Brother is by setting up various process art activities.

Our latest process art creation went along with the storybook, Katy-No Pocket.

Katy No-Pocket Process Art Go Along with Tools
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Katy-No Pocket is a story about a mother kangaroo who has no pocket and is desperately trying to figure out a way to carry her little joey.  She ends up in the city and meets a man "covered in pockets."  He gladly gives her his apron full of pockets, but before that dumps out all his tools.

Thus I thought creating with our toolbox was quite fitting for this story!

Preschool Process Art Painting

Katy No-Pocket is a longer book targeted for the preschool crowd, but is part of Before Five in a Row's manual-- and one we've read quite a few times with the two older kiddos.  Definitely check it out!

With our supplies, I simply encouraged Little Brother to create using the paint and toy tools.

paint with tools preschool process art

Process art allows the child to create with no "finished" product to be modeled after; your child simply creates!

Encourage your child to paint using the tools-- what happens when you "paint" with a saw? or hammer?

What kind of designs can the tools make?

Preschool process art with tools

Big Sis got in on the action, too.  She enjoyed using making prints with the nuts and bolts.

Little Brother opted for a "smear" style art!

However, it was neat to watch each of them use this play tool box in a new way.

Process Art Painting with Tools

Encourage your kiddos to try all the different types of tools to make prints, marks, and designs.

Experiment with colors.

Most importantly, enjoy creating a unique piece of art!

Afterwards, allow it to dry and hang the masterpiece(s) on the fridge or wall.  Or even upcycle the artwork into something else!  .... That happens a lot around here with so many little artists ; )

preschool process art painting with tools

Process art allows the adult to step back and simply encourage and study the little ones creating.

It allows the kids to explore materials in a new and unhurried way.

I love that each piece of art was unique-- just like my kiddos!

We've done quite a few other process art activities.  You might also like to read about:

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Simile Mobile Craftivity

In Big brother's Language Arts curriculum, he recently learned about similes in a Poetry Unit.  Along with reading through different poems, the book suggested making a Simile Mobile... and that is just what we did!

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fun simile lesson idea: make a mobile

This simple simile craft can be used with a great many objects, but is a fun activity that will get your child thinking and writing creatively!

  • Construction Paper
  • Markers
  • Yarn
  • Tape
  • Scissors
After introducing similes and how they contain the words like or as when making comparisons, begin brainstorming different objects that can be used in this simple craft-- a dog, fish, rainbow, house, etc...  

Next, write out your sentences comparing your object to something else on small pieces of paper.

Big Brother chose a fish, so his sentences were, The fish is.... 
 as slimy as.... 
 as big as...
 as wet as...

If you choose to use a car, you could finish these similes:
The car is as colorful as...
The car is as clean as...
The car is as fast as.... 

Once the writing portion is complete, have child draw out the object on a piece of paper.  Have the child color the picture and cut it out.

Next, cut three pieces of yarn-- one for each sentence.  Tape one end of the yarn to the back of your object.  

Attach the completed similes to the other end of the yarn with tape. 

Big brother adored this fun simile craftivity!  I think you should try it out, too!

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Counting Syllables Tic Tac Toe Game

Understanding how to break a work up into syllables will help your child's reading and spelling skills.  So make learning syllables FUN with a game!

Make a Syllable Tic Tac Toe game!

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syllable counting reading game

I find teaching and understanding syllables to be a tricky concept-- one best learned through reinforcement.  I introduce syllables by calling them "chunks."  Sometimes it is easy to break a word into syllables, other times you may need to clap out the rhythm or count how many times your jaw drops open to find and count the syllables.

Counting Syllables Reading Activity

We set up our Syllable Tic Tac Toe Game to work on breaking up words into 1, 2, or 3 syllables, but you could adapt the game as you see fit.


How to play Syllable Tic Tac Toe

Begin by making your Tic Tac Toe game boards.

Split a piece of card stock into two pieces, and draw out Tic Tac Toe board.  Next fill the board with stickers that represent words of 1, 2, or 3 syllables.

counting syllables reading game

Once each player has a game board, mark a blank six-sided die with the numbers 1, 2, and 3.  I used a small foam block.

Give each player several bingo chips {or some other type of manipulative} and decide on a player to roll the die first.

counting syllables reading game

Player 1 rolls the die, and then EACH player finds a word that has that many syllables and places a bingo chip on the sticker.

For instance, if a number two is rolled, each player will find a sticker that represents a word with two syllables.

If both players have a word with two syllables, both of them can place a Bingo chip on that sticker.  If only one person does, the other waits until the next roll.

Have the players take turns rolling the die.

Continue rolling until someone has three squares in a row covered to call Tic Tac Toe!

Understanding how to break a work up into syllables will help your child's reading and spelling skills.  So make learning fun with a game!

Just a like the original Tic Tac Toe with X's and O's, the winner can get three in a row across, down, or diagonally.

If your child needs more reinforcement counting syllables, try these other fun activities:

This Syllable Tic Tac Toe game is the perfect way to LEARN and PLAY today!!

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Days of Creation Paper Chain Craft

Markers, pens, and paper fill one of our kitchen drawers; I like having those materials easily accessible to my kiddos as they will often have periods of "needing to draw."  I don't even want to know how many pieces of paper are used during these phases-- they come and go quite frequently!

I do enjoy their creative spirits as I have one, too!  I try to add in some sort of craft or art project into our learning.  My right-sided brain needs that! 

After reading a short snippet of the Creation Story, Little Sis and I created a simple Days of Creation Paper Chain craft. 

days of creation bible craft for kids
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Little Sis is quite the artist.  Nevermind our craft supplies, she is often raiding my kitchen cupboards to use for her art creations.  Just the other day she comes waving a jellyfish made of aluminum foil!   Another creation was using plastic wrap for hair.... I gotta say, I love her creativity--- most of the time!

I do love that she is so creative, but I enjoy giving her guidance in her art so that she isn't using up all of my supplies!  

I pulled out Bede's History of US that I had purchased a while back but never used; the book is a very gentle introduction to history.  It begins with Creation and then gives a page to some person, or time in history.  

Bible Craft for Kids

She's heard the Creation story from our bible readings and at Church, so this activity was simply a chance to let her creativity flow and allow her to create her own images of the days of creation.


days of creation bible craft

I took two pieces of paper and folded them into fourths-- the long way.  I cut each strip along the fold.

On each strip I wrote a day of creation- Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc.

I read through the short Creation story that was included in Bede's History of Us and then had Little Sis create pictures describing what was created each day.

Day 4 of the creation story

Day 1: Light and Dark
Day 2: God created the sky to separate the waters.
Day 3: God created dry land and plants.
Day 4: God Created the sun, moon, and stars.
Day 5: God created the ocean animals and birds of the air.
Day 6: God created land animals, and Adam and Eve.
Day 7: He declared it was good; he rested.

After creating our paper chain, I noticed quite a large error!  The book mentions that the 'land beasts' were created on Day 5, but they in fact were created on Day 6 along with man.  Totally didn't catch that one!

Loved watching Little Sis create her pictures for each day of creation!

days of creation craft for kids

After completing the Days of Creation paper chain, you can use this activity to re-tell the creation story to someone else.

This activity is a great way to reinforce comprehension, and add a little creative arts to learning about the bible.  

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