One of my favorite things about fall is how the leaves change colors. Our yard transforms from a blanket of green to bright yellows, oranges, and reds!  Ironically though, the leaves are taking their time and many remain green, however, in anticipation of what is to come a wonderful book to read is, Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.  {post contains affiliate links.}
preschool leaves theme

I loved that the Leaf Man's illustrations are actually photocopied leaves that the author found while traveling!  What a wonderful way to capture the beauty of fall!

We love creating literature based extension activities and are pleased to say we'll be participating in the Virtual Book Club each month here forward.   Leaf Man is the chosen book of the week for the Virtual Book Club, here's a simple science activity to do after reading the book.

preschool leaf activity


  • Leaves
  • Tray
  • Bowl

Prior to reading the book with my kiddos, I walked around our yard gathering two leaves from various trees, plants, and bushes in our yard.

I placed one of each pair of leaves on a tray and the matching leaf in a bowl.

After reading Leaf Man, I showed my 3 year old this simple science exploration tray: a leaf matching game.

My 3 year old grabbed a leaf from the bowl and searched the tray for the matching leaf.

leaf identification

Explore the way each leaf looks, feels, and smells.  Each leaf has it's own unique shape.

If your child wants to know more, check out this booklist all about trees.  Tell your child what kind of leaf it is.  Or perhaps, see if your child can find the tree or plant in your yard that the leaf came from!

leaf identification game

This simple activity provides many more opportunities for learning.  Have fun exploring the leaves in your own backyard!

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There's something magical about doing an activity that sneaks in important math skills like,  1:1 correspondence , counting, and number recognition!  It takes the 'pressure' off the kiddos to perform and allows for plenty of fun at the same time.  
We've shared plenty of activities that sneak in some sort of educational concept, and this Number Monsters Printable is no different.

fun math printable

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The most well loved activities around here have been games and activities that allow for lots of creativity.  

While reinforcing numbers, 1-10, your child will have a blast creating their own not-so-scary number monsters!

Fun Counting Printable for Kids

Begin by gathering all your supplies.  With your child, count out the numbers on the printable.

Using the googly eyes and markers, transform your number into a monster. 

fun math printable

Once you glue the correct amount of googly eyes to a number, get creative!   Use your imagination to create a unique and one-of-a-kind monster.  Add hair, tail, spikes, horns, mouth, legs, etc. etc!

Our Number Monsters was a collaborative effort between me and my 3 1/2 year old.  I loved how he started doodling on number 9 and his marks reminded me of robot arms!

fun math printable

Number Monsters makes it so that monsters nor math have to be anything to be afraid of!

Click the link to download and print the Monster Number Printable to begin creating your own number monsters!
*personal use only
* do not copy, distribute, alter, or sell this printable in any form.

More Monster Fun:
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99 fine motor ideas for ages 1 to 5
Baby Brother is pulling books off the shelves.  Little Sis is grabbing yet another Disney princess book to add to her pile.  Little Brother is telling me repeatedly that he wants a ResueBots book.  Big Brother escaped the madness to play a computer game.

Ahhh, library day

Somehow I round up the kiddos and we finally leave with yet another 50-some books and a mile long check-out receipt.  Are your library days as exciting as ours?!
tracing lines printable

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The kids know where to find books that interest them, but that leaves rows and rows of books untouched, so I like to walk through and grab a couple, too.  We ended up with The Watermelon Seed on our latest trip, and it quickly became Little Brother's favorite!

 Have you read it before?  There is a page where the alligator burps out a watermelon seed and it inspired me to create our latest prewriting printable-- which is a great way to work on fine motor skills.

FREE Pre-Writing Printable

What you need:

We laminated the printable for durability and to use over again, however, you could have your child write on it with a marker or pencil, instead.

I cut out the prewriting printable into strips and provided Little Brother with a dry erase marker.

Beginning at the alligator's mouth, I encouraged him to trace the line to the watermelon seed.
tracing lines printable

Another way to present this activity could be to have your child trace the lines with a small black pom pom-- which kinda reminds me of the watermelon seed.

tracing lines printable

We love extending a children's book through some type of learning activity or craft.  This prewriting printable is great for fine motor skills.  I think your kiddo will love tracing the burped seed as much as my little one did!

And now it is almost time to gear up for another trip to the library.  I wonder what storybooks we will pick next!

Click the link to download and print our Prewriting Printable inspired by The Watermelon Seed!

  • for personal use only
  • do not alter, sell, distribute, copy any part of this printable

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99 fine motor ideas for ages 1 to 5
Our homeschool studies this year will cover Ancient Egypt and this was a perfect way to start up our year-long study.  We began reading some books we gathered from the library  {post contains affiliate links }:

Once my 4th grader and I looked through several books, we set out to make our own ancient Egyptian mummy!

ancient egypt craft

Ancient Egypt Craft for Kids

 Make history come alive as your child makes his/her own Egyptian mummy.

Add a little bit of Ancient Egypt into your homeschool room or kitchen table with this simple, but fun craft for kids. 

Head on over to 123Homeschool4Me to see how we made our own Egyptian Mummy!

Have fun learning about Ancient Egypt in your homeschool!

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