Our 4K Year


Our school year has started (kinda)....  We started the second week of August and it went great, then came a last minute invite to go Up North for about a week and we accepted.  I was almost going to say, "No" to the invite because, hello we have school!  BUT, that is the beauty of homeschooling!  We didn't exactly take our school Up North ( I tried, but it did not go well), but we followed up with a second week of school afterwards.  Then we took another "break" because we had new windows being put in, and sawdust and busting out windows did not seem like a good atmosphere to do schoolwork in! So... we are on our third week of school and it's pretty dry-- not too exciting, but I am SO thankful for the "breaks" we did have because we pretty much did some type of schoolwork all summer.  Our "breaks" were much needed!

Anyways... our year has slowly begun and this is what we are getting into this year:
FIAR (language arts, math, science, geography, social studies, art-- it's all covered!)
Math-- Math U See Primer
Phonics-- a variety of things!  Hooked On Phonics, Sight Word work, Kumon books, and dipping into All About Spelling (we'll see how this goes, I realize he is still quite young).
50 State Fridays-- learning the location and a fact about one of our 50 Nifty States

And I think that is it!


  1. Love it, Kristina! I'm so glad you started a blog. I really enjoy seeing what others are doing with their pre-schoolers.

  2. Exciting :) What a lucky little guy (and girl) to have a dedicated Momma!


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