A blog full of fun educational activities and printables has evolved into putting some of our most favorite topics into BOOK form!!  One dream of mine from my "Bucket List" oh so long ago was to write a children's book.  Well, that hasn't actually happened... YET!  However, until then I've collaborated with several others to create these amazing products:

Preschool Unit Lesson Plans Ebook(s):

Preschool Unit Lesson Plans

  • 20 Preschool Unit Lesson Plans
  • Each Unit includes 24 lessons
  • Buy each unit individually or buy them all

99 Fine Motor Ideas

Fine Motor Ebook

100 Fine Motor Ideas Book
  • Purchase Soft Cover or Kindle Version via Amazon
  • 100 Fine Motor Ideas Ebook  |  Special Launch discount: $2 off with the code "100fm" till 7 March!

Learn with Play Book
Products We Support:

Learning with LEGO

Learning with LEGO

  • 100+ LEGO Based Ideas for Kids learning skills such as colors, STEM, and more!  
  • Purchase as Ebook
  • Purchase as Softcover Book on Amazon