Upper and Lowercase Letter Matching with a Box!


Set up this simple matching upper and lowercase letters activity using a recycled box!  This fun, hands-on letter recognition activity is a great way to also work on fine motor skills with toddlers and/or preschoolers!

letter matching activity
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Working on letter recognition and matching with your little one?  Get rid of the flashcards, worksheets, and other nonsense and grab an empty box!!  Ha!

Random, but haven't you ever noticed that kids can have plenty of "toys" all around them, but bring in a box from the garage and they simply cannot stop playing with it?!  The box then becomes a car or space ship, a bed for a stuffed animal, or a fun "toy" to push around the house?!

Have you had the same experience?  Well anyways, this simple, hands-on matching letters activity can be re-used over and over again.

Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters

This letter recognition activity also works on those important fine motor skills.  It can be set up various ways depending on your child's skill level: alphabetical order, uppercase/ lowercase letter recognition, sequencing, etc!  With just a few minutes of prep you'll have a great activity focusing on the alphabet and fine motor skills!

  • empty box
  • craft sticks
  • foam letters {ours supplied by CraftProjectIdeas}
  • knife {caution, adult only!!}
  • sharpie pen

How to Work on Letter Recognition

Take a few minutes to prep this activity away from the kids as you'll be using a knife to puncture slits in the empty box; grab that empty shoebox or Amazon box from the trash pile and upcycle it for this fun matching letters activity.

On one side of the box, puncture 26 holes-- large enough for your child to insert a craft stick.  

Above each slit, write a letter of the alphabet.

Go in alphabetical order... or choose to write the letters in random order.

upper and lowercase matching letters

Next, have your children help adhere the foam letter stickers to the top of each craft stick.  

If you do not have foam letters, just write the letter on the craft stick with a marker.

I made up this fine motor alphabet activity to work on upper and lowercase letter recognition and matching for my 3 and 5 year old.  However, you could easily make this activity to work on just lowercase letters or uppercase letters.  Set this activity up to meet the skill ability of your child.

On the box above each slit, I wrote a lowercase letter.  Your letter matching box is all done!   Now it is time to learn and play!

How to Use This Upper and Lowercase Letters Matching Activity

Once the box and craft sticks are ready to go, have your child match the letter on the craft stick to the letter on the box by pushing the craft stick into the slit.

letter recognition idea using a box

Continue until all the letters have been matched!

After your child has used this as a simple letter recognition activity, spice it up by turning it into a fun game:

  • Put the letters sticks in a simple rice sensory bin...  
  • Set the timer and see how fast your child can match all the letters...
  • Hide the letter stickers around the house for your child to find first, and then match the letters to the box....

My littles just LOVED this matching upper and lowercase letters activity!  Such a great and simple fine motor activity for little hands!

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We love simple ways to learn and play!  If you try this activity today, I'd love to hear from you!  Leave a comment or post a picture on our Facebook page! 

This letter recognition activity is:

  • Fun!
  • Simple!
  • Works on Fine Motor Skills!
  • Works on Visual Discrimination!
  • Reinforces Letter Matching Skills!
  • Is versatile!  Can be set up for a variety of other concepts, too! In the Fall, we switched this activity up and used pumpkins to work on number recognition >>  Check out our Number Sequencing Pumpkin Patch

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