Homeschooling with Five In A Row: Owl Moon


A sweet story about a little girl's first experience 'owling' with her father.  The images and first-person point of view made me feel as though I was right there with them, walking as a shadow under the Owl Moon."

Owl Moon Activities

Homeschooling with Five in a Row

T really started to enjoy this book after we did a dissected a 'virtual owl pellet.'  In T's words, "this is so cool, mom."  This was  a great week; not only did T enjoy the book, but he enjoyed learning and kept asking me for more!

Social Studies:

  • "Owl Moon shows a relationship between a father and his child," so we talked about special times T has had with his dad-- going to the movies, sports events, and Monster Jam.
  • There are certain rules that the little girl had to follow while owling, so we briefly touched on the "Rules of the House," ie. no hitting, clean your room, put toys away, etc... or, there will be consequences. 
  • I found a fun game on another blog, called "Fly Into the Night" which we used to practice cardinal  directions (N,S,E,W).
Owl Moon Activities
Who's owl will fly into the night first?

Language Arts:   

Along with Hooked On Phonics lessons....
  • The book uses several similes and metaphors in the text, while I didn't use those terms, I did introduce T to the technique of 'comparing things.'  After giving him several examples, I asked if he would like to give an example, and he said, "No, thank you."  After a couple days, I tried again.  This time I began a couple phrases and had him fill in the blank.  T's answer's are underlined below:
She swims like a dolphin.
He walks like a alligator.
He is as tall as a tree.
Be quiet as an owl.
She is as sweet as a flower.

    Owl Moon Language arts

  • Introduced nouns by playing "Who, What, Where, When" Game found at Lapbook Lessons.
  • Owl Moon Language Arts

  • Using a Narration Cube I made, we talked about the Elements of a Story, specifically the setting and Ts favorite part of the story, which he said was, "the owl."  I can already see that he is looking for that right answer, thus I am trying to just get him to tell me what he thinks!


  • Roll & Color Addition worksheet of an owl.
  • Owl Moon Math

  • Worked on T's understanding of hours, half-an-hour, and minutes on a clock.  I am pretty sure he understands an hour, and a half-an-hour, but he didn't quite get how to tell minutes.  We used my cheapie dollar store foam clock and a watched a DVD, "Telling Time," which was very catchy and fun to watch! 


  • Made an Owl Mosaic using cut up paint chips
  • Owl Moon Craft

  • Talked about details in art, specifically applying that to our book, Owl Moon, which was full of details.
  • Watercolor Resist Painting 


  • You cannot read Owl Moon and not talk about Owls, of course!  We read a couple of books, completed an owl chart, listened to Owl Calls, and dissected a virtual owl pellet.  Fun, fun!
  • T sorted animals into two groups: Diurnal vs. Nocturnal after reading "Where are the Night Animals," by Mary Ann Fraser
  • Talked about animal tracks and read, "Forest Tracks" by Dee Dee Duffy.  Also found cute animal track matching puzzle at 2TeachingMommies. 
  • Read "What Makes a Shadow" by Clyde Robert Bulla and tried to make our own!
  • Reviewed the Phases of the Moon with oreos. Yum! 
  • And, we enjoyed the beautiful weather by going on several Nature walks.
I love Fall!

This was probably my favorite unit so far, but then again all the book selections that we have done so far, in the Five In A Row curriculum, have been special in their own way!  I hope you enjoyed our Owl Moon Snippets!

Delightful Learning

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