Paint Chip Pumpkin Patch


Somehow I always end up with a stash of paint chips- and currently, I have a box full!  An upside of moving and painting, I guess... And this stash came in handy for a fun and quick art project for my son.  Perfect for the fall season!

I had T make a Pumpkin Patch with paint chips, orange paint, and his heel!

I used red, yellow, and green paint chips for the grass and tree... just snip away!

Not sure why I thought to use his heel, but they truly made the perfect pumpkins!

T added googley- eyes, triangle nose, and a smiley face to make his pumpkins complete.

This would be a great fine motor activity for your young ones too; they would have fun cutting the paint chips any way they pleased!  Take away the pumpkins, and you would have the perfect fall tree, too.

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