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Do you know the story behind the Candy Cane?  Did you know that it is more than just a candy treat enjoyed during the Christmas season?  After reading, I'll just say it means way more than I would've ever fathomed!  You'll never look at the Candy Cane in the same way again!

"The red reminds us of his (Jesus') suffering and his blood.
"But then, " Mr. Sonnemann continued, "the candy is white as well.
When we give our lives to Jesus, his blood washes away our sins, making uswhite and pure as snow."
(parentheses mine; excerpt from "The Legend of the Candy Cane.")

We read several Christmas themed books this past week, but the book our unit was centered around was, "The Legend of the Candy Cane" by Lori Walburg. 

Our unit study this week was more on the casual side with Social Studies being conversational-- we talked about what a Shepard was and what they did, and we didn't do any science.  I had planned to do more....  oh well.   Instead of breaking everything down by subject, I'll just share our week in pictures.  Enjoy!

T made marbled candy cane cards-- but the marble effect looks more like a red blob attacked it!
We made Candy Cane Biscotti-- our first time making such a treat!  To crush the candy canes, I had Tuse a hammer!  As he was pounding, he goes, "this is hard work!"  haha.

T worked on patterns, which I later turned them into name tags.  I love re-purposing his schoolwork!  Otherwise it goes in a folder for me to do something with at another time...  oh the joys of that project!  When T put together an ABCC pattern with red, white, and green, he remembered that those were the colors of the Italian flag : )

Worked on More/ Less than-- I laminated a sheet that had two candy canes on it and colored in stripes with a dry erase marker.  We also used our candy cane sheet for addition problems.

Candy Graphing worksheet-- T rigged the "game" so the Lollipop would win!

Lollipop Compound Words-- free activity found on TpT:  We had fun making some interesting words!  After we matched them all, T wrote four compound words on a recording sheet.

Candy Cane Glyph--free activity on TpT:

We made Peppermint Play-dough; I had wanted to make candy cane colored play-dough, but T insisted we try to make purple... well, we ended up with a grayish-blue!

After being visited by the sick bugs last week, I think we had a hard time getting back to our "routine"-- and I use that term lightly, because I don't have a set time for everything, but our days usually flow nicely nonetheless.  Plus, Christmas is just 8 days away! 

I can hardly believe Christmas Day is almost here!  Where has the time gone?

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