Home Preschool Unit: Reindeer fun and... cookies!


Today we made these OH-SO cute Reindeer cookies to go along with our Reindeer Unit.  They were super simple to make too!  Just grab a bag of peanut butter cookie mix and bake as directed.  When you pull them out of the oven, push in brown m&m's for eyes, a red m&m for a nose and use broken pretzels for the antlers.

Here's some snippets of our learning fun....
I had planned on reading, The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett, but saw that it was on YouTube, so I had T listen to the read-aloud instead.  There is a mini-unit on the book on Homeschool Share; it explains that Norway was the probable scene for the book, so I showed T Norway on the map and he colored a flag.
He made a hand/foot print Reindeer.  Oh, how I wish someone had taken a picture of me trying to carry my 40lb. son down the hall way to wash off his foot in the bathtub.  Priceless, I am sure.  Right now, the Reindeer is blind-- I don't know where our googley-eyes are!

T made a Reindeer headband using his hands as antlers.  It is the most colorful Reindeer you will ever see : )

T also made a Reindeer paper plate Christmas card holder; I think he turned out pretty cute!
I used paper plates for the head and body and paper for the other body parts.  I found the idea here.

I saw that T LOVES to measure today when we did a "How Many Reindeer Tall" activity.  I used this cute Reindeer template and made a worksheet.  T also counted to 100 by 2's and did really well!
Label the Reindeer Worksheet
Worked on Reindeer color words and T only had trouble with Gray, as we haven't really went over that word.  He knows all the other ones, though!
Alphabetized Santa's Reindeer's Names:  We worked on this together, but then I noticed I forgot "Blitzen," and he needed my help adding him to our list.
We also read Imogene's Antler's (a personal fav!) and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  Another full day for us, but I find that if I don't keep him busy the house becomes a disaster zone! 

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