Read Around the Room Scavenger Hunt for Beginning Readers


We jumped back into learning new sight words this week with You Can Read: Unit 16-- of, now, there, and say.  

To mix in our last day of reviewing the new words with reading CVC words, I made up this Read.Your.Way Scavenger Hunt.  

T knew *most* of the words and the ones he didn't, he really tried to sound them out!  I was so proud.  He LOVED this!!  

And I should have known he would like something like this because he loves to play hide n seek, and this is kinda sorta similar!  

I really want to encourage him to be confident in his abilities! 

fun reading game for kids

Fun Reading Game for Kids

  • marker
  • paper

On small pieces of paper, I wrote four "clues."  

He was able to read these all by himself!  And he just giggled when he read number 4, not believing I hid the last sight word in his car bin!

His scavenger hunt begins!  

He read the board with some help from me and was excited to be on his way!

Fun Reading Scavenger Hunt GAme

After finding each sight word, I stuck it on the board so we knew how many he still had to find.

He would find the clue and come running back to me ready to read and find out what the clue said!

Easy Reading Game for Kids

When he found the four sight words, he insisted it was my turn to find them all!  He hurried and hid them and said, "Ready!"  

I told T I didn't have a clue to read, and he ended up telling me where they all were-- and he followed me to make sure I got them all. 

Definitely will be doing this again!

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