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Printable Coin Value Money Game for Kids

After reviewing coin names and their value during President's Day, I was inspired to make my own money game to help Big Brother learn that 5 pennies = 1 nickel and so on.... 

I made a Money Tree Coin Value Game and found that although he knows the value of each coin, he would still insist that 6 cents (1 nickel and 1 penny) was actually 2 cents. 
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coin value money game

Fun Money Math Game for Kids

Big Brother received a Melissa and Doug Money Set a couple years ago, and it has finally come in handy! 

I made a printable of a tree with the tree trunk having four spaces for four quarters. 

When you collected 4 quarters to make a dollar, you win!  

Hence, you completed the dollar tree! 

We played this together; it took 20 minutes to 1/2 hr. to play... But I can say, that we've played two times and he knows that when he has 5 pennies, he can trade them in for a nickel! 

And when he has two nickels, he can trade them in for a dime. 

Eventually, I can show him that 10 pennies is 1 dime, etc. 

But for now we are working on making nickels from pennies, dimes from nickels, etc.

fun coin value math game

What you need:

How to play:
Spin the spinner and collect that amount of pennies (1, 2, 3, or 4). 

If you land on "Trade Up!" either you lose your turn or spin again.

 Continue to spin and collecting pennies onto your tree. 

coin value math game

When you land on "Trade Up!" begin with trading pennies for nickels first, then move onto nickels for dimes....etc. 

When you are able to make a quarter, place the quarter on the tree trunk. 

The first one to complete their Dollar Tree, wins! 

coin value math game make a dollar

I've since had to update our gameboard because of a computer crash. Sigh!  But here is another game board for you to use.

You will need to make your own spinner or dice though!  Enjoy!

Just click on the picture!

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