A (short) List of First Readers


I have had a bit of a challenge finding books for my four year old to "read"-- they are either too easy or too difficult!  I have not found a middle road until.... NOW! 

I am sure many of you are familiar with BOB Books-- a great series meant "to facilitate that ah-ha moment, when letters first turn into words. By slowly introducing new letter sounds, using consistency, repetition and stories that fit short attention spans your child will quickly find his or her own ah-ha moment" (Amazon's Author's Note).

This first set uses only four letters: M, A, T, S and the sight word: on.  Your child can easily read his/ her first book! 

Another great find was the Usborne Very First Readers series.  The book links below will take you to Amazon, but it would be best to find a Usborne Consultant to purchase them and/or check them out at your local library.  These are very colorful and fun!  What I like best is that T and I are both engaged in the book-- I read a page, then he read's a page!  There are several more books in this series, but we have only read these two... and we just love them! 


Have a Lightning McQueen fan?  This is a great first reader!  T recieved this book (and another CARS2 book) for his birthday last year and it went EVERYWHERE with him for several weeks!  Fan, much?!  : ) 
T read it so much that he had the book memorized within a week! 

The Usborne Phonics Readers were the longest and a bit more difficult for T; he did enjoy reading a few pages so I thought I would include them in my post.  These require that your child is able to blend sounds, knows a variety of word families and sight words.  We both liked the fold-out flaps, rhyming text, and colorful images.  He was able to read "Fat Cat on a Mat" by himself, for the most part; but "Hen's Pen's" provided a challenge more than he was ready for.  I have only had him read a couple pages at a time, but this series would be great for  for the child that has moved past the other series I mentioned above.    

Have you come across any Early Reader's your child enjoys reading?  I'd love more ideas!
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