DIY Fabric Easter Egg Wreath


 A week-ish ago, I saw these Fabric Collage Easter Baskets, and I thought to myself... I have to do that!  

As you know I have been fabric scraps happy lately : )  

I've made a butterfly for my daughter's room and used the scraps to make her high-chair 'tutu' for her 1st Birthday.  

.....And I still have a bagful of scraps left!! 

I created my own fabric collage Easter eggs using left-over water balloons from last year.  

 So,... not knowing exactly what the end result would look like, I decided to turn what I had into a wreath for our door; I figured it was finally time to take down the Valentines wreath!

easter egg wreath

What you'll need:

easter egg craft

easter egg craft

After they dried, I cut the eggs in half and prayed that this would turn out!

Then I glued Easter grass all around to cover the styrofoam.

Add a bow....

DIY Easter Egg Wreath

...and hang it up!
DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Happy Easter!