Homeschool Day to Day Happenings!


This is the final week of the "Not Back to School Blog Hop" madness ; )  If you haven't already, take a peak at what we've shared during the month of August:

Day to Day Happenings (this is it!)

As you know (or may not), this is our second year of Five In A Row, so for detailed weekly posts check out my Five In A Row tab bar at the top and you'll be directed to a page listing all the rows we've done over the past two years.

We don't school under a strict time schedule-- *I* am just not capable of that... It would bother me too much if we were "off" even a little bit.  Therefore, I draft a general weekly plan and we go from there.  Our schedule is going to be a bit wacky the next couple weeks, but for the past four weeks it has gone something like this:

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7:00am: Wake up!  Although, I would gladly sleep in til 8!! : )  From 7ish- til Noon, we fit this stuff in (give or take):
School work
showers for the kids (typically, I don't de-stink myself until nap/ quiet time!)
outdoor play time

Quiet time and/or nap for Tyler & nap for Abby
Computer time and shower for me!

After 3:
Finish up schoolwork (if any)
play/ crafty project
get dinner cookin'

As for our daily happenings, it goes like this:

Math U See
All About Spelling
McRuffy Science
FIAR story

FIAR math
All About Spelling
FIAR art
FIAR story

FIAR Language Arts
Math U See
McRuffy Science
FIAR story

FIAR Social Studies
Math U See
All About Spelling
FIAR Story

FIAR Science
Math U See
All About Spelling
FIAR story

Thus far I am liking this arrangement!  I like reading the book the first day and then completing the rest of the activities throughout the week.  I typically plan a weekend or two ahead, so the extra reading day gives me a chance to find or think of any other activities to fit in our week.  There are a couple more things from my curriculum posts that I need to add/ rotate in, so we'll see how that all goes.  I also have Tyler read to me everyday and he'll do copy work once a week-- but not on any particular day, just when I see fit.  


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