Styrofoam Bat Craft for Kids


I shared several Storytime & Craft posts over the summer, and we went back at it when I picked up a book by Gail Gibbons titled, "Bats" a couple weeks ago.

In the book it mentioned that they are shy and nice creatures, but I am not fallin' for that; they creep. me. out.  Eek!

Although real bats creep me out, I find bat crafts super cute-- especially during this Fall season.

So anymore, where do I turn too to look for crafts.... I'll give you one guess ; )


And indeed, I found several cute batty crafts, like this:Toilet Roll bat & these Egg Carton bats and decided to come up with our own variation.

What you'll need:

T was a big help during the first part of the craft-- painting the styrofoam balls and picking googley eyes for each one.  

I was in charge of the tissue paper wings and ribbon-- your child/children could help during this part too, but it did involve the glue gun... so little hands need to be careful.
Bat Craft for Kids

We also painted several styrofoam balls orange and made pumpkins.

Bat Craft for Kids

 I didn't make the string long enough to hang from our chandelier that hangs by the front door, so I used some  blue sticky putty (don't know what it's called?!) and hung them from our stair rail.  

However, they all need to be hung up again, because a certain little 19 month old keeps pulling them down... I can only imagine what will happen to our Christmas tree ornaments!

Bat Craft for Kids

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