Yogurt Cup Thanksgiving Turkey Craft


Save those yogurt cups!  They can be upcycled into the cutest crafts, like these adorable Thanksgiving Turkeys! These Yogurt Cup Turkeys are the perfect decor to display all November long! 

yogurt cup turkey craft

Add these adorable yogurt cup turkey's to your Thanksgiving table this year!

I assure you they will be the cutest little turkey guests!

What you'll need:  

Yogurt Cup Craft

How to Make this Yogurt Cup Turkey Craft

1. Paint the yogurt cups and wooden disks brown; the wooden circles are probably not necessary since they are already a natural wood color, but I had them and wanted our turkeys to be all one color.  

** Alternatively, you could use card stock instead of wooden disks.

2.  After two coats of paint, glue eyes, nose, and the red thingy onto the wooden disk.  This will be the turkey's face.

3. Hot glue the feathers inside the yogurt cups.  If making these with little hands, please be watchful using a glue gun.  

** To prevent glue gun burns, it may be helpful to squirt a layer of hot glue on the inside of the yogurt cup and then use a pencil to push the feather into the hot glue.

4. Finally, hot glue on the wooden disk turkey faces onto the yogurt cup.

** If you are not a yogurt fan, you could probably make them using paper tubes.

Aren't they adorable?!  

yogurt cup craft

Ways to Use These Yogurt Cup Turkeys

  • as a Thanksgiving decoration.  Place your yogurt cup turkeys on the mantel, Thanksgiving table, etc.
  • as silverware holders.  These adorable yogurt cup turkeys can hold wrapped up eating utensils.
  • write the name of your Thanksgiving Day guest on each yogurt cup turkey as a place setting.
Can you think of another way to use this adorable turkey craft?  Please share!!  

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Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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