DIY Magnetic Tangrams Set


Tangram Puzzles are a great way to work on logic and problem solving.  They are made up of 7 peices called, "tans."  Make your own set of Tangrams- it's easy!

During our "row" of The Rag Coat, by Lauren Mills, the manuals math lesson was on geometric shapes and suggested creating shapes on a Geoboard and/or playing with tangrams.

With my stash of paint chips, I created our own magnetic tangram set.

magnetic tangrams DIY

It was an easy project to throw together and would make a great busy bag and/ or road trip activity.

DIY Tangrams Set

Supplies I used:

  • paint chips
  • magnet tape (cut into pieces)
  • tangram outline

Tangrams are typically all one color, but our set was quite colorful because I used I used paint chips.  You could easily use laminated construction paper or card stock, as well that way the pieces hold up longer.

How to Make DIY Tangrams

I printed a tangram outline from and cut out the individual pieces.  There will be 7 pieces:

  • Two large right triangles. 
  • One medium sized right triangle. 
  • Two small right triangles. 
  • One small square.

Next, I traced the shapes on the paint chips and cut the shapes again.

Finally, to make the tangrams magnetic, I attached magnetic tape around the edges to the back of each piece.

Now you are ready to play on a cookie sheet or the fridge!

DIY Tangram Magnet Set

I added a few circles, too from our leftover paint chips.  Now you have your own DIY Tangram Magnets! 

Tangrams are a great way to work on basic math skills and are fun to play around with.  There are many Tangram puzzle worksheets that provide an image for you child to make on his/her own.  You can find some at ABCTeach.

Hope you enjoy this creative DIY activity!  Enjoy your own set of magnetic tangrams!  Have fun building!

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