Dear Daughter, Now You Are 2


Dear Daughter, I began to write this just 10 days before you turn TWO... my word, how did time fly by so fast?!  I imagine I will feel this bittersweet shock each time this month comes and goes.  I don't even wanna imagine the emotional state I'll be when I turn around and all the sudden you are a grown up lady!  Father Time, please slooooooooooowwwwwww down!

Know that you are always loved-- inside and out, you have captivated our hearts with your silly, loveable, and sassy spirit.  I am not sure where the sass came from but oh. my. it is just seeping out of your two year old self!  Although, your birth story should have given me a big ol' heads up into your little personality!

Yes, I will always remember that you clearly had a mind of your own even before you emerged from my womb.  A day after your 'due date,' I went in for a check up only to find out then that you were breech.  Don't even get me started on how that happened... but it did!  Having a C-Section was just something I did, so for the next day or so I was crawling around, laying with my butt on the couch and my head to the ground with frozen peas on my tummy, scouring the Internet for ways to change your position.  But, your 8lb. 7oz. self was not budging!  In the end, I actually got to labor a little bit with you, and you ended up being born the day of your scheduled C-Section only on your timing ; )

So sweet. So beautiful. So YOU!

Dear Daughter, Now You Are 2 and You.....

Love to color-- yourself, mostly.  
Love to be read too.  
Love to cook us meals from your kitchen.  
Are your big brother's shadow and mommy's little helper.  
Are a sweet big sister.
Have begun to say the dreaded "no" word, but how you say it is pretty adorable.
Love making messes.
Talk with your eyes.
Love Nemo, your baby and blankie.
Love giving your big brother and daddy grief (your already playing 'hard to get!')

Dear Daughter, Now You Are 2!  Happy Birthday!!