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A Journey Through Learning: The Earth Lapbook {Review}

Much of our learning comes from Unit Studies, but never have we taken what we were learning and made a lapbook out of it.  We would do pieces of lapbooks here and there, but I don't think I ever knew that Lapbooking could be so easy or else we would have done them sooner! I am so glad we had the opportunity to review a lapbook put together by A Journey Through Learning.

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A Journey Through Learning highlights that Lapbooking is "Scrapbooking with a Educational Twist."  Prior to my wonderful children, I loved scrapbooking and as a homeschooling momma, I love "educational" things, so this review sounded like a Win-Win!!  And it was; I loved the process.  

A Journey through learning has Lapbook templates for just about every subject!  My son chose to do The Earth Lapbook with Study Guide, which covered Layers of the Earth, Landforms, Atmosphere, Rocks, Seasons, Ocean Zones, etc.  You can purchase the 42 page Lapbook as an Instant Download for $13.00 or you can purchase a printed copy for $21.00.  It is geared towards Grades 1st- 4th.    

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The Earth Lapbook requires using two manila or colored file folders for the base, and thankfully it came with "How-To" instructions for how to put the folders together and then shows you how it will look in the end!  Each template page also told me how to assemble the piece and where to put it.  There was no guessing involved in putting this Lapbook together; A Journey Through Learning made the learning process enjoyable by giving me all the information I needed from assembling the lapbook to what to say/read.  The only "busy-work" involved was cutting, but that was great fine motor practice for my son!  The guide also gave a suggested book list, songs, poems, questions to ask, and a few craft ideas.

During the review period, I would read the study guide on a particular topic then had Tyler cut out the template pieces and he would narrate what he learned as I wrote in the space(s) provided.  I didn't want to overwhelm him with the process, and it worked for us this way.  Completing the Lapbook over several weeks also gave us a chance to review the pieces that we had already completed in the Lapbook every time we worked on it.

Although I loved the process and how easy A Journey Through Learning made this experience, my only concern was that this Lapbook was chock-full of vocabulary that was way over my son's head.  He is a young Kindergartner, so I thought it would be okay.... and some things were appropriate for him to be exposed to such as landforms and the seasons, but start talking about the spheres and his eyes glazed over.  I am not even sure I pronounced some of the words right!

It probably would have helped that I had age appropriate books on hand for the given topic, but I was not pleased with the selection at my library, so I pretty much just read off the study guide.  And thankfully, I was able to explain the Ocean Zones in a way that made sense to him thanks to watching "Finding Nemo" a trillion times!  

The Earth Lapbook was an easy "grab and go" activity, which is much needed in our lives right now with a toddler and baby on board.  I know I've already said it, but we really did enjoy our experience... so much so that I've already purchased an Express Lapbook to be used in a future study!    

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