DIY Bird Feeders


Spring is coming!!  The birds are out and about, green is springing forth, and it has gotten a wee-bit warmer outside! Though, it's still pretty chilly around here if you ask me!

make your own bird feeders

To make friends with the birdies in our backyard the kiddos and I made some easy diy bird feeders.

Make Your Own Bird Feeders

Gather some supplies you probably have in the house somewhere:
  • toilet paper rolls
  • bird seed
  • peanut butter
  • string
  • golf tees

To prep the toilet paper roll, I punched two holes on opposites sides near the top.  

I put a generous layer of peanut butter on each roll.

The kiddos rolled the toilet paper rolls in the bird seed; well, T rolled it and A used a spoon.

make your own bird feeder

To give our bird friends another place to stand, I pushed two golf tees into the sides on the rolls.

Voila!  Easy DIY bird feeders!  

Welcome to our yard, little feathered friends!!

create your own birdfeeder

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