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Color Matching Felt Button Board

Making a felt button board has been on my "To-Do" list for far too long, and I am happy to announce that I finally made one!   

You could easily switch this up to suit your needs, but I chose to make a felt button board inspired by Kandinsky's famous circle painting.  

I figured it would be a great way to work on color recognition with my toddler, as well as fine motor skills!

fine motor skills felt button board

I am thinking my fascination with Kandinsky's famous circle painting began when Big Brother completed 4 Days of Art projects two years ago; we explored Monet, Picasso, Pollack, and Kandinsky.  

Something about Kandinsky's Squares with Concentric Circles painting just makes me happy; I love the play of colors and the circular shapes.

Fine Motor Skills Button Board 

To make the board, you'll need: 
  • rectangular piece of cardboard (or something else sturdy enough.); 
  • several different colors of felt
  • buttons
  • needle and thread, 
  • hot glue

This could easily be adapted to suit your needs, but I'll tell you how I went about making it.  

color matching fine motor skills button board

How to Make A Felt Button Board

1. Cut 6 squares out of felt-- these will cover your piece of cardboard.

2. Using your sewing skills (and you don't need to be an expert!!), sew a button on each of the squares.  I chose to match the color of the button to the felt square so that this activity could also reinforce color matching skills.

3. Then, hot glue the squares onto the cardboard.

4. Next cut 6 (or more) felt circles.  I have managed to have quite a collection of felt, so I used the same colors of the squares, just a different shade, and made circles.

5. Cut slits in your circles

6. Finally, get those hands busy!  Button boards are fantastic for strengthening hand muscles!  

fine motor skills button board

Button Board for Fine Motor Skills

Buttoning is also an important skill in learning how to dress oneself!

Both my 2 year old and 6 year old enjoyed this activity.  They both decided to match the colored circles to the square background, but if you are feeling artsy... you can have fun with the colors just like Kandinsky!

Are you a fan of Kandinsky's Circles? Button boards?  I'd love to hear if you blend the two together, too!  Might make a great DIY gift!

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