Fine Motor Skills Puzzle for Toddlers


Make your own DIY puzzle that is perfect for little hands.  This puzzle is a great activity to help your toddler work on fine motor skills!

toddler fine motor puzzle

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Puzzles are great for fine motor skills, as little ones work at manipulating the pieces to pick them up and put them in the correct spot.  

Our DIY Puzzle in a Box adds unique twist on a regular puzzle as what is holding them in place is a piece of velcro, which requires strength in fingers.  

And not only that, but the wooden pieces I used for our puzzle in a box are very thin, so they require  hand-eye coordination to pick up the puzzle and this activity can also reinforce crossing the midline.


Toddler Fine Motor Skills Activity

I decided to pretty up the plain ol' white mailing box I had for this activity with some washi-like tape I picked up at the Dollar Store.

The wooden cut-outs were from Big Brother's old name sign, but you can pick them up for pretty cheap at any craft store.

Toddler Fine Motor Puzzle

Simply, arrange your wooden cut-outs in the box and trace them with the permanent maker.

Add the velcro dots and play!

The velcro dots add an extra fun element to the puzzle; little hands will get a work out trying the pull them off and put them on properly!

Toddler Fine Motor Skills Puzzle

You can see that Baby Brother has already been in it!

Fine Motor Toddler

The puzzle in a box idea makes it a great quiet time activity and/or travel toy.

  Would also make for a great gift for some cute little small person in your life ; )

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