Letter Q Toddler Activities


Lately we have been focusing on the Letter Q during Tot School; Q isn't the easiest letter to work with, ya know?!  

Hope you enjoy these fun, hands-on activities exposing your toddler to the Letter Q and the /kw/ sound.  

We had fun making patterns, counting queens, playing with quarters, and painting with q-tips!

Letter J Toddler Activities

Letter Q Toddler Activities

So here are Little Sis's Letter Q Tot Activities:

Counting Queens using Links

Someone had mentioned finding these links at The Dollar Store, so I had to get some, too!

Letter Q Toddler Activities

Pattern Block Play

I thought many of the Pattern Block "Quilt" templates were a bit too hard, so I used them to create patterns instead.  
Letter Q Toddler Activities

Quarters in Piggy Bank

Little Sis LOVES finding money around the house, but she was not so excited about this activity surprisingly.  

She must have known the quarters were not real ; )  

It was a great activity for fine motor skills, nonetheless!

Letter Q Toddler Activities

Q-tip Painting

I made her a personalized do a dot sheet with her name for her to use a Q-tip to paint inside the circles.  

Letter Q Toddler Activities

Almost through the alphabet!  Thanks for reading along! Hope you found some ideas to use during your Tot School time.

I'd love for you to follow along so you never miss out on one of our fun activities we share at School Time Snippets!
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Enjoy some of the printables we've been using!

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