Edible Flag Cookies & More {Heart of Dakota Unit 24}


Unit 24 was full of fun experiments and activities.  The History readings introduced us to the time of the American Revolution; we read about George Washington and Betsy Ross, the lady who created and designed the American Flag.

For Art, we made edible flag cookies!  Oh yummy!!  Well, technically they aren't cookies as we used graham crackers for the base and simply spread white and blue frosting in their respective places and added red sprinkles for the red stripes.  It was a fun and yummy activity that helped reinforced the significance and meaning behind the colors of our American flag.
After our History reading one day, we did a little Science activity exploring what foods were mostly made of: Fat or Water?  Through this simple experiment we learned our apple is mostly made up of water because the liquid that was pressed onto the paper towel dried after so many minutes.  However, we noticed that our buttered toast, specifically the butter, was made up of mostly fat because the spot didn't evaporate.
Our Non-Fiction book for the past three weeks was, "If you Lived 100 Years Ago..."  And if just so happened to be a man, we read you would be sporting a fine looking mustache!  So we had some mustache fun! 
T has shown interest in learning cursive for quite a while, but it wasn't until having the chance to review The Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive by Logic of English that I took the time to teach him.  Here's a colorful cursive version of The Star Spangled Banner; he did such a great job!
 Found some colonial life coloring pages for his to color while I read.....
 And to end our week, we had some Geography fun after reading 1 Samuel 24:1-22.   We learned about the Crags of the Wild Goats and I pulled up a video online to actually "see" this place that was talked about in the Bible.  We built our own  "Crag"  and a cave using watered down oatmeal.  You may have to use your imagination a little bit... but they are there ; )
Of course we did all the "other" stuff, too but that isn't as much fun to share ; )  Thanks for tagging along with us on our Heart of Dakota {Beyond} journey!
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