Mirror Spelling


We are working through All About Spelling 2 with Big Brother.  

We typically work through some or all of the lesson one day and spend the rest of the week reviewing the spelling list.  

Every now and then I like to add in some fun into our spelling activities.  

Our latest was introducing Big Brother's new spelling list via Mirror Spelling.

fun spelling activity for kids

I'll admit up front that this Mirror Spelling activity was a bit tricky!

I had major problems writing my words backwards, which I suppose is a good thing?!

Fun Spelling Practice for Kids


  • mirror
  • pencil
  • paper
  • word list

fun spelling activity for kids

You will also want to give yourself time to set this activity up.

Set the mirror on the paper with your spelling word handy, and write it backwards so that in the mirror it shows the correct word.

Watch how you write your letters!

fun spelling activity for kids

When my son initially saw the activity he was a bit confused!

I told him to simply look in the mirror to reveal his spelling word!

It took him about half the list to get the hang of looking in the mirror to get the right word.

fun spelling activity for kids

Now that we both know what to do, we'll have to get the mirror out for our next group of spelling words!

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