Sticky Paper Pre-Writing Activity for Kids


Having finished up our first round of the alphabet in Tot School and not having planned any other themes at the moment, I have had to get a bit creative with coming up with some ideas for Little Sis to do during school time with Big Brother.  

It really is hit or miss with her, but one week I went wild with our roll of contact paper and this is one of the ideas I came up for her.  

She loves all things sparkly, so I put together this super simple Sparkly Prewritng Fine Motor Activity.

preschool pre-writing tray
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What you need:

Prewriting Fine Motor Activity

 For this task, I taped contact paper {sticky side up} onto a tray and drew different lines used in prewriting/ tracing activities.

I set out a bowl of spangles from to be used to follow the lines.

preschool pre-writing activity

Encourage your child to follow the lines with the spangles.

preschool pre writing fine motor skills activity

You could also set this activity up using beans, pom poms, gems, or some other small manipulative.

I just love the spangle mix and we've done a couple of other fun projects using them in the past, such as for our Art Wall in our school room and used them to jazz up some rocks in our garden.

If lines aren't very interesting to your child, draw a simple picture for them to trace.

This project does require some patience, since the spangles are so small-- but that is why it is perfect for fine motor skills strengthening!

After Big Brother was done with his work, he came over to help her out; I was impressed by his concentration and patience for this activity!

Alas, I forgot to snap a photo, but after a while Little Sis ended up dumping the rest of the spangles onto the picture! Sigh!  It was fun while it lasted ; )

Have fun working on fine motor skills.

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