Scissor Skills with Junk Mail: An Everyday Fine Motor Material


We are no strangers to fine motor activities around here and today I am sharing a fine motor activity to go along with Still Playing School's Everyday Fine Motor Materials A-Z Series!  Today we are sharing an activity for the Letter J....
fine motor activity using scissors

...J for Junk Mail!

Something we all get right?!  Nothing like walking out to the mailbox to get the mail only to find ads, mailers, application forms,... etc. But! Don't just toss it!  Start up a junk mail stash because it makes a great everyday fine motor material!

Creative Scissor Skills Fine Motor Activity

fine motor skills using scissors

Give your child a pair of scissors and have them practice their scissor/ cutting skills!

Alternatively, if they aren't at the cutting stage yet, it's never to soon to build those finger, hand, wrist, arm muscles needed for writing-- have him/her tear it up for you.

preschool scissor skills idea

This activity kept my 3 year old busy for nearly a half hour!

She was very content to just cut any way she wanted; however, you could suggest that your child try to cut out a letter and/or picture, make a shape, cut fringe, or draw lines for your child to cut over.

fine motor skills using scissors

Junk mail is a great and *free* way to work on those scissor skills!  

I especially loved that my daughter wasn't just cutting up our nice construction paper only to be thrown away later.

However, if your junk mail was especially colorful, you could bring out the glue and make a collage, too!

creative scissor skills activity

And if by some crazy chance you do not have any junk mail, but your child needs some scissor practice check out our other cutting activities:

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