Easy Pencil Craft for Kids


Today's Fine Motor Fridays activity is a Back to School Craft using washi tape.  
Manipulating the tape onto the paper and ripping it, will work on those fine motor skills needed in many tasks- especially writing.  

After we made our Washi Tape Pencil Craft we headed down to our school room and added letter stickers to each pencil spelling out Big Brother's and Little Sis's name. 

Currently they are hanging up on display on our school room door!  

back to school pencil craft for kids
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Tape Craft for Kids

To make your own Washi Tape Pencil Craft gather rolls of yellow and pink tape.
Also, make a rough outline of a pencil for your child so he/she knows where to put the tape.

Back to School Pencil Craft for Kids

washi tape craft for kids

Fill the pencil outline with yellow tape on the bottom and pink tape on the top....

Washi Tape Craft for Kids

Washi Tape Craft for Kids
Once the kiddos are done, cut out the pencil outline....

washi tape pencil craft

And you have made a very simple back to school craft!  

Don't forget to personalize it with letter stickers!

Happy New School Year!

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