Roll & Add Googly Eye Monster Math Game for Kids


Ever since sharing last weeks See & Spray Game with a monster twist, I've been on a monster kick.  

So today I am sharing another monster themed activity for you-- Googly Eye Monster Math Game and invitation to play.  It's a fun game for toddlers and preschoolers!  And working with googly eyes is a great way to sneak in fine motor skills for little hands, too!

googly eye monster math game

Initially I thought that Little Sis would like to simply add an assortment of googly eyes to the monsters.. and she did do that, but it also occurred to me that we could turn it into a game by rolling a die and seeing who could get to ten first.

The game was loved by my 3 year and 7 year old, and my 22 month old loved just adding googly eyes to the monsters!

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Preschool Monster Math Game


To prep the activity, I painted three monsters on the contact paper.  I tried using highlighter, but that didn't work.

And as we played and took off googly eyes, the paint did chip away a bit... but it worked for the time being.

{Obviously painting the contact paper isn't/ wasn't necessary, but I liked the colored monsters}.

preschool math game with googly eyes

To play the game with my 7 and 3 year old, we each chose a monster and then took turns rolling the die and added said number of googly eyes.

I had a mix of googly eyes, from large to very tiny-- so each monster had a look of his/her own ; )

fun googly eye math game

It was a fun game with a sneaky fine motor twist!

Manipulating the googly eyes can be a tricky task, especially the tiny ones.

And once the game was over, little brother sprawled himself out on the table and started adding even more googly eyes to each monster!

preschool monster math game

Hope you enjoy some monster fun!

googly eye monster math

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