10 Ways to Teach Math Skills Using Toy Cars


With three young boys in our house, I feel like cars are spilling out of the walls sometimes-- they are everywhere! 

If you have boys at home, you know it is easy to collect more than you need as they are usually under a dollar and at every checkout line!

However, they aren't just for driving them on the furniture or rolling them back and forth on the ground.... you can use them to sneak in some learning concepts, too!

Toy cars make great math manipulatives!

math concepts with toy cars
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When Big Brother was older, he could honestly sit and roll cars down our hallway all day long.  A good mama that I try to be, I would sit, make random car noises, and roll the cars back and forth with him.... but only for so long!

After a while it was time to move on, typically with some sort of learning activity to break up the monotony of rolling cars!

Hands-on math activities using toy cars

Here's a list of 10 math activities you can use with your toy cars today to teach colors, sorting, patterns, addition, subtraction and more!

Find the missing number by exploring Number Bonds with cars and tape | School Time Snippets

Create number tunnels and have a car or two drive through! | Kids Play Box

Talk about different attributes such as colors and then practice graphing skills | Dirt and Boogers

Practice counting, recognizing, and writing numbers 1-20 | Frugal Fun for Boys

Grab a few cars of the same colors and explore patterns | Mummy Mummy Mum!

Practice addition with this fun and simple parking lot game | What Do We Do All Day?

Set up a parking lot and solve subtraction equations | Hot Wheels

Count, work on colors, reinforce directional words in printable "Car'd" Game | Toddler Approved

Set up an educational Stop & Go Game for your Preschooler | Bomb Shell Bling

Make your toddler or preschooler his/her own Number Counting and Tracing Book | Playdough to Plato

For a list of math manipulatives and ways to play, check out the Math Made Fun with Manipulatives Series!

So, how will you use your child's stash of toy cars to work on some math skills?