Elementary World History: You Report! Homeschool Curriculum Review


Of all our curriculum plans, history has me stumped.  We've tried a few different approaches tackling American History, but something is always missing.  In trying to sort out the next few years and making a very rough game plan of introducing world history, I was searching for a curriculum that would give a broad overview of world history-- nothing too in depth, but something that would introduce events in a simple and straightforward way.

My searches fell short, until I came upon Elementary World History-- You Report! by Master Books.

I was sponsored by Master Books to review their world history homeschool curriculum and am excited to share my experience as well as an awesome giveaway!  All opinions are mine alone.

Elementary World History Homeschool Curriculum Review

I bean searching for reviews on this curriculum, but again came up with nothing as it's fairly new.  However, when things are meant to be, everything falls in place and I was provided a copy of this world history curriculum set for free in exchange for an honest review.  I was so excited to get my hands on this homeschool history program-- You Report!  

Homeschool History Curriculum Review

What's Included?

  • Parent Lesson Plan {PLP} includes daily lesson schedule, activity worksheets, and answer sheets. 
  • Big Book of History: a colorful 15 foot timeline from a young earth creationists perspective; includes biblical and world events, inventions/ technology, and dates for civilizations/ empires.
  • Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box {the book}: details new ark design by naval expert and mechanical engineer, Tim Lovett.
  • Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box {the DVD}: 25 minute video based on the book.

You Report!, on the Master Books website, is intended for 5th-8th grade, but could work with a student in 4th grade as well.  I have been torn about using it this current year with my 3rd grader as I think much of the worksheets are doable for him-- I think I hesitate because of his maturity level and the Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box is geared towards upper elementary students.

The curriculum pack provides a full year of lessons.  This 36 week study is broken up into 4 sections.  Each week there are three lessons to complete- the days you choose are up to you! Choose a MWF schedule or whatever works best for you and your student.

Elementary World History Homeschool Curriculum Review

Homeschool History Curriculum Review

World History Homeschool Curriculum Review from School Time Snippets

How It Works:

Two days each week are devoted to working through the Big Book of History timeline.  The third day is used to work on a special assignment that goes along with the book, Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box.  Throughout the week, your student will be completing worksheets that may be focused on building time lines, drawing, completing copywork, crossword puzzles, etc.

World History Homeschool Curriculum Review

What I Love:
  • Begins with Creation; we are talking about world history here, so it should be a no-brainer!  It all begins with God and takes you to present day, the nation of Israel is re-born.  Students will gain understanding of who, what when, where, why of history through a  Biblical, Christian Worldview.
  • The assignments are a mix of simple and complex;  one day your student may be copying a verse from the bible, the next day he/she may be writing a summary, and another assignment may require creative thinking.  The readings and assignments also do not take up a lot of time, thus allowing you to follow students lead on learning more about topic or moving on to a different subject.
  • Built in Review; every sixth week is a review of the material learned the past five weeks.  I love when curriculum companies add a review week into the lessons, because I am awful at scheduling it in!  Review weeks help me stay accountable and helps make sure that material is being learned.
  • Provides introduction to world history: which is exactly what I was looking for!  Being that lessons are three day a week, it allow for more exploring on certain topics on other days if your student wants to learn more.  It provides a biblical foundation as your child dives further into history in the coming years.
  • Easy to Use; the Parent Lesson Plan {PLP} is very easy to use and is very open and go.  Nothing else is needed to make this curriculum complete unless you choose to add in further reading.
  • Emphasis on Noah's Ark; the book on Noah's Ark is fascinating and challenges old beliefs on what it looked like.  For the flood is the focal point in our understanding of biology, geology, and the history of civilizations.(...) The Bible gives the real history of the earth, and we should proclaim it more strongly than ever."  (Thinking Outside the Box, 13.)
Upon receiving this curriculum set, my son was super excited when he saw the book and DVD on Noah's Ark as he has been learning about Noah's Ark at church.  We watched the video and he exclaimed , It was real? Noah's Ark was really real?" Which tied in perfectly to the introduction of Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box and the premise that many children grow up in the church with these bible "stories" not believing that they were in fact true events.  I appreciate that this curriculum teaches both christian and secular history, and how they are and need to be woven together to understand "the big picture."

A peek at The Big Book of History

If you want history to come alive, your student will love this unique world history program.  In essence, your student becomes the reporter!  The work included in You Report! is intended to get your student gathering, organizing, and presenting information in a fun and unique way.  I think this approach is a great way to make history come "alive."