All About Me Interview Art Project


We are kicking off the beginning of our homeschool year with an Back to School themed art project!

We decided to add a bit of artistic expression to this theme with this Personal Flag Art Project.

All About Me Theme
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This art project would be a fun "get to know you project" for your classroom and/or a fun twist on the typical first day interview activities.

It would also make a fun project to start your homeschool year and would make a great addition to your homeschool room!

What you'll need:

  • Marker Paper
  • Markers
  • Pencil
  • extra sheet of paper

All About Me Project

To begin, I talked about the flag of the United States of America and how the symbols on the flag represent something else, i.e. fifty stars represents the 50 States.

All About Me Flag Project

I told my son that he would be making a flag that would represent him; a flag that would describe who he is, what he likes, etc!

We drew out a tree map to help him sort out what kinds of things he could share on his flag, such as his age, likes, favorite food, favorite color, family members, etc.

Next, I tried to get him to think of ways he could represent those things by pictures or symbols.

I gave him a pennant shaped piece of heavy marker paper and colored makers and "let him do his thang!"  I decided to join in the art project, too and made my own flag!

All About Me Art Project

After we were all done creating our personal flag, I poked a skewer through each one.  Then we each took turns sharing what the pictures represented!

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