Sparkly Paper Plate Fish Craft for Kids


The Rainbow Fish is a popular kids' book for the preschool and kindergarten crowd.  

A great book extension activity is to make a craft to go along with the book-- and that is just what we did! 

preschool fish craft
What you'll need:

Preschool Fish Craft

We received the storybook, The Rainbow Fish at my baby shower with my oldest.  

Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of the book-- BUT, Little Sis wants me to read it to her occasionally, so I do.  

After a recent reading, we were inspired to make our own rainbow fish!

With the materials all set to go, cut a fin and fish tail out of construction paper.

Add the googly eye and add a smile with a marker. 

preschool fish theme

Next begin adding the sequins to make a colorful rainbow fish.

preschool fish theme

Continue adding sequins to the paper plate fish til you are happy with your Rainbow Fish! 

Such an easy craft for the young kids! 
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