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Five Little Pumpkins Fingerplay for Toddlers

Have fun with your toddler and/or preschooler this fall season with this learning activity to go along with the lyrics to the Five Little Pumpkins poem.  It is such a fun way to practice counting to five with your little one!

Enjoy this fun way to learn and play today with your toddler!

fall  toddler learning activity
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As we near Halloween, set up this fun fingerplay activity to help your toddler learn to count to five.  It is a wonderful playful learning activity for the littles ones! 

To set up this simple fingerplay activity, you'll need:

Fall Toddler Learning Activity

I took an orange pipe cleaner and wound each one over one of my fingers.  I twisted a green "stem" to each pumpkin and my toddler and preschooler were ready to count to five with this sweet Halloween poem.

Place a pumpkin on each of your child's fingers and recite the poem together!

halloween toddler learning activity

As you read through the poem and one of the pumpkins runs off, take the a pipe cleaner pumpkin off your finger.  Continue until all the pumpkins have "rolled out of sight."

Or you could do this activity in reverse and add a pipe cleaner pumpkin to each finger as you recite the poem.  

Either way, this fingerplay is a great way to learn and play with your child today!!

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