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Give Thanks Acrostic Poem Thanksgiving Printable

Teach your children gratitude and learn about poetry with this Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem.  

thanksgiving poem printable
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An acrostic poem is a form of poetry that uses a letter from a word to begin each line of the poem.  Acrostic poems can be written about any subject.  They are fun to write as they do not have to rhyme; each line can be written as a sentence, phrase, or simply use one word. 

Teaching Children Gratitude

To write your own acrostic poem you must first decide what you would like to write about.  In this Thanksgiving season, I chose to write an acrostic poem about gratitude using the word, THANKS.  I wrote THANKS vertically on a piece of paper and then we worked on filling in the acrostic poem using those letters.

My 8 year old and I brainstormed all the things he is thankful for:
  • activities that he enjoys doing
  • people he loves
  • favorite things

Then using our list we tried to fit those things within our acrostic poem.  Here's what we came up with.  I did help my 8 year old-- mostly with letter K, but otherwise he filled it out all on his own.

My 8 year old is thankful for:
Toys to play with
House to live in
All my friends
New baby Griffin
Kisses from mom and dad
Soccer and show(s)

Teaching children gratitude with poetry

Acrostic poems are fun to write and if you get stuck trying to think of a word to use, break out the dictionary!  Yes, we actually did that!!

However, this simple poem was a great way to reinforce all the wonderful things and people that we are thankful for in our life!  It is a wonderful way to teach gratitude!

Give thanks this Thanksgiving holiday by filling out an acrostic poem of your own.

Print it out as you get ready for Thanksgiving dinner!

Print a copy of your own poem: Give Thanks Acrostic Poem
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