Apple-less Apple Pie Kitchen Science Experiment for Kids


I apologize in advance-- I am not a food photographer, but here you will find a variety of learning and play activities for your kiddos of varying ages.  Our latest educational activity took us to the kitchen where we baked an Apple-less Apple Pie for our February Bookspiration Theme: cooking/ baking with kids.

Fun and easy kitchen science experiment for the kids! Read, How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, then make an apple-less apple pie!
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It was such a neat kitchen science experiment!  My son was quite baffled that we were not going to use apples to make an apple pie!  The two surprise ingredients we encountered were cream of tartar and graham crackers!

Three of my kiddos {ages 3, 4, 8} helped and it was a wonderful way for us to work together and for my 8 year old to practice some math skills with this kitchen science experiment!

Here's a picture of our apple-less apple pie just before heading into the oven. Looks just like an real apple pie doesn't it?!
Obviously there were differences, but the apple-less apple pie did taste like a real apple pie! And we had to have a real apple pie to compare it, of course! So, we bought one from the store.  The texture was quite a bit different but when paired with ice cream, it was pretty yummy!  To my surprise, my son actually preferred the apple-less apple pie.

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