30 Storybook Inspired Fine Motor Activities


We love storybook inspired crafts and learning activities!

Today is an exciting day and to celebrate, we gathered a list of 30 Storybook Inspired Fine Motor Activities to get you excited about all the many ways you can encourage fine motor skills development in your children.

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What is so exciting you ask?!  Well, a year ago we launched into the exciting world of books with the release of 99 Fine Motor Ideas and today we are sharing the launch of a sequel to that collaborative venture with:
It is available in Paperback and Kindle Version.

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The book shares many new, not shared before, Fine Motor Ideas in many different categories-- DIY Toys, Sensory, Practical Life, Early Learning, Seasonal, etc.

Another fun way to work on fine motor skills is to set up an activity or two based on a popular storybook.  Enjoy reading a story with your child and then presenting a fine motor skills activity that is based on the book.  There are so many fabulous fine motor activities to go along with your child's favorite story.

Work on scrunching, pinching, rolling, cutting, pulling, threading, squishing, tying, wrapping, pouring, twisting and more with your favorite storybook!  

Just click on one of the 30 Storybook Inspired Fine Motor Activities below.

Fine Motor Activities Based on Children's Books

storybook fine motor ideas

storybook fine motor skills ideas

storybook fine motor ideas

storybook fine motor ideas

storybook fine motor ideas

More Fine Motor Round-ups to celebrate our new book release:

Buy your copy of 100 Fine Motor Ideas today for all new ideas strengthening fine motor skills!

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