Carrot Patch Literacy Activity for Beginning Readers


To practice blending letter sounds to make simple CVC words with my 5 year old, I brought out our ABC Carrots.

I first wrote about our ABC Carrots Printable to work on letter recognition in a fun magnetic sensory bin activity.

Our CVC Words Carrot Patch is a great way to re-use our abc carrots printable for those children ready to sound out simple cvc words!.

carrot patch reading activity

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ABC Carrots Printable
Paper Tube
Construction Paper

To begin, you'll need our ABC Carrots Printable.  After  you have printed out the carrots.  Laminate them for durability and cut out each carrot.

Next gather an empty paper towel tube, scissors, construction paper, and glue to make your "carrot patch".

Cut the paper tube in half and then again so that it will sit on the table.

I covered my paper tube with brown construction paper, but it's not necessary.

Next, cut three slits in the top of the paper tube-- big enough for the carrots to fit through.

reading words carrot patch

Prior to making CVC words, take this time to show your child the letter on each carrot and see if your child knows the sound the letter makes.

Tell your child that you will put three carrots in the paper tube "carrot patch."

Your child is to practice making words by pulling up a carrot and sounding out each letter to make a word.

CVC Words in the Garden

This simple activity is a great way to encourage your child to grow in his/her reading skills!  My daughter especially loved making words for me to read!  Have fun!