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Toddler Time: Simple Shape Exploration on Window

Explore shapes and colors on the window!

Whether it is not yet warm enough to explore the outdoors for a long period of time or it is a rainy day or you just need something fun and simple to entertain the young kiddos, this Shape Play Activity will be a hit!

There are so many ways you could use this shape play on the window activity.

simple shape toddler activity

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All my kiddos enjoyed this activity to some degree; my 1 year old enjoyed pulling the shapes off the window.  

My 3 year old enjoyed "swiping" the shape or color I called off the window, inspired by the ninja swipe apps you can download on your mobile device.  

Fun Shape Play Activity for Toddlers

My 5 and 8 year old enjoyed making pictures using the foam shapes.  

To set up this simple invitation to explore shapes and colors on the window, you'll need:

simple toddler shape activity

 Begin prepping the activity by cutting out various shapes from each foam sheet.  I cut circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles... but you could add semi-circles, ovals, hearts, and stars, too!

Using a paintbrush and water, show your child that you can "paint" the window using the foam shapes.

Either "paint" water on the window, or apply it to the shape and then adhere the shape to the window.  Surprisingly, it should stick!

shapes and color activity for toddlers

Encourage your child to create a picture using the different foam shapes.

Or perhaps as I mentioned above, call out a color or shape and have your child find it and take it off the window.

For an older child, use this opportunity to practice some addition and subtraction!

Regardless of how you play, it is simple enough for kiddos of all ages to do!

fun toddler activity exploring shapes

Have fun with this simple shapes activity!

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