Biography Book Report Printable for Kids


A great way for children to show what they know after reading is to write up a book report.  My son has taken a liking to the Who Was Series, which are biographies of famous and important people.

To summarize a recent biography about Neil Armstrong, I made up a simple biography book report for my son to fill out.

The Biography Book Report Printable can be used for any biography! Enjoy!

biography book report printable for kids
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The Biography Book Report summarizes the life of a famous/ important person in history by having your child answer the questions:

  • What was this person like when he/she was young?
  • What would you want to ask this person if he/she was alive today?
  • ... and since my son likes to draw, I added a box for him to draw what this person is known for.

Biography Book Report Printable

Just a simple and to the point worksheet printable that focuses on summarizing a biography your child just read.  

biography book report printable

As I mentioned, my son is enjoying the Who Was/ Is Series alot!

He was read, Who Was Julius Caesar and learned they share the same birth date, Who Was Neil Armstrong, Who Was Milton Hershey, and currently he is reading Who Was Elvis Presley.

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