Get Ready for Back to School: Early Years Bundle SALE!


The countdown for another school year is on-- however, I feel like it just started!

Anyone else with me?!  

I've been having fun re-arranging our school room, wondering how to store our curriculum for next year, and trying not to stress out with all the activities I have in mind for us-- soccer, co-op, dance, another co-op, flag football, MOPS.

I think I may just go crazy.....

Early Years Printable Bundle Sale

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Actually, I am already there! LOL!

Part of my craziness (I think) is my constant worry about how I am going to manage school work with big brother with 3 littles underfoot.  I have ideas-- heck! I even posted 10 ways to keep the littles busy while homeschooling a while back.  However, now that Little Sis will be of Kindergarten age, I also feel a bit of pressure to make sure she is "learning", too.

That is where this Early Years Bundle comes in!

It is perfect for homeschoolers, teachers, parents and caregivers to use to help plan their activities and educational curriculum. Most of the ideas and printables in this collection also work great as an after school additional set.

Printables and activity ideas range from toddler, preschool, kindergarten and grades 1-3.

The Early Years Bundle includes Over 3800 pages of resources:
  • 13 ebooks - examples: 99 Fine Motor ideas, Learn with play: 150 activities for year-round fun and learning, 50 Alphabet Crafts for little kids, LEARN: Hands on Learning Plans for your preschooler & more!
  • 31 Educational Printable packs - examples: My first calendar, ABC workbook, Pom pom mats, Shapes games, Dinosaur unit syllabus, Ultimate preschool literacy bundle, Counting printable pack & more!
  • 10 additional resources - examples: Yoga for kids, Crunch! Put a stop to picky eating and help your kids love veggies, Homeschooling with ADHD, Family Systems, Potty train in a weekend & more!
It is an amazing bundle right at your fingertips!

It's the perfect time to build up your virtual library!

Includes our ebooks, 99 Fine Motor Ideas and Learn with Play!

The Early Years Bundle is offered from July 25 to September 10, 2016 for $29.95!

Yep, that is right--- over $400 worth of product for $29.95! {That is the cost of just one of our books in print!!}

Early Years Printable Bundle Sale

With so many amazing resources packed in this bundle, your printer might go a little crazy. But that is okay! It'll save your sanity spending too much time looking for activities and give you more time with your kiddos.

This Back to School Bundle is a great way to ensure that even your littles are "learning" throughout the day, too!

Back to School Bundle Sale-- Perfect for Early Years

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